Self Help Solutions for Softer Skin

Self Help Solutions for Softer Skin

Fresh-looking, spotless, and satin-smooth skin are the benefits of exfoliating regularly. The question now is, do you really know what you need?

Here’s a simple guide to help you should you decide to either do it yourself or pay your dermatologist a visit.

For oily skin:

You need to use peels twice a week and exfoliating cleansers every other day. Frequent scrubbing can increase oil production, which in turn, increases breakouts.

Look for products that have salicylic and glycolic acid, which slough off the upper layer of your skin cells, dislodge acne-causing grime, and dry up oil.

Your doctor should also make use of a cocktail of exfoliators that help boost skin’s natural turnover process, making it appear more relaxed and radiant.

For normal or combination skin:

You need to exfoliate two or three times a week, and don’t go over that. Daily scrubbing can turn your calm complexion into a raging mess.

As for the products that you get, look for naturally derived acids like alpha hydroxyl which is from sugar cane, lactic from milk, malic from apples, citric from oranges, or tartaric from grapes. These gently dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells so they can easily come off.

Cleansers with natural ingredients make gentle exfoliants that help even skin out and give you a healthy glow. These also should renew and revitalize dull and dry skin making it smoother, firmer, and brighter.

For dry skin:

You can only pick one flake-removing option. You either scrub or mask, and you should only do this once a week. If you do it more often, you run the risk of sending precious oils down the drain.

Use products with micro-beads made of wax or jojoba. Avoid, at all costs, almond shells and apricot kernels because these may irritate and scrape your skin.

If you use the ones with ultra gentle oxygenated derma beads and those with water-retaining ingredients, you reenergize and rejuvenate your dry skin. It helps to throw vitamin E into the equation because this has moisturizing properties.

For sensitive skin:

By nature, exfoliators cause irritation, so it’s best that you use a night treatment once a week and scrub only every other week so you can avoid increasing your skin’s sensitivity.

Look for mild products like gentle chemical peels containing retinol, salicylic acid, or soft scrubbing beads coupled with a soothing hydrating ingredient like allantoin.

These should gently slough away pallid skin to allow a luminous one to resurface. Plus, if it contains retinoic acid, you’ll be able to lessen the appearance of fine lines and visible signs of sun damage.

Your skin sheds dead skin cells on its own. In fact, you can shed about 600,000 skin cells in just an hour’s time.

If you add that up, that’s a whopping 1.5 pounds on a yearly basis. Of course, you can still need the help of an expert so you can enjoy best results.

There’s nothing like the help of someone who truly knows what your skin needs.

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