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How to Write and Publish your book,
self help resource
by Helene Malmsio


There’s an e-book in everyone. And yours is based on what you already know.

After all, you’re unique, right?

You know stuff other people don’t… things people would pay to know.

So you’re already very close to profiting from your knowledge.

Now you just need to know…
• How to pull it out of your brain
• How to publish it
• How to sell it on the Net
In other words, how to make your knowledge sell!

By no small coincidence, Make Your Knowledge Sell! is the title of the book that is a proven system for creating, publishing and marketing your info-product, yourself.

You know that writing a profitable e-book is something you would like to do.

You are curious about How to and How much will it cost….

How long have you been in your business? 10, 20, 30 years? You’ve learned so much, so gradually, you don’t realize how much you know! It’s a lifetime of information that people will pay for! Get started writing now!!!!

Everybody has literally hundreds of starting points!

All you need is some guidance and a plan of action that you can follow.

And we’re not talking about just coming up with a few hopeful ideas. We’re talking about creating a fertile, fully developed idea farm!

What are the questions… … and the answers?

How do you brainstorm exciting ideas?… How to develop and publish it?… How do you promote it?… Who will read it?…Will it sell?… How should you process orders and “ship” your info-product over the Net?

The answers are what makes the difference between “wannabe” and “highly profitable author and Internet info-preneur.”

So, why not … Earn while you Learn. I like doing things that way.

Check it out for yourself…..

MYKS! is thecomplete package

I bought this amazing book and will be starting my writing as soon as I tidy up this website a little more.

Let me emphasize that MYKS! covers far more than finding your subject. It’s the entry point to a true info-publishing business. Our entire book supports you with a robust, step-by-step, “yes-we’ve-thought-of-everything” approach to publishing.

The Complete Info-preneur’s ToolKit.

All the tools you needto become a completely successful info-preneur.

Go on ….. JUST DO IT!

Go on…….. Use SITE BUILD IT to Make YOUR Knowledge Sell………


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