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101 Internet Business Ideas,
e-book by Terry Dean

Business and Enterprise ebook:

If you have ever wanted to own your own profitable, low maintenance business, but just couldn’t seem to figure out how to start one from scratch, then this product was created for you.

We have come up with 101 of the best Internet Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Suggestions and put them all together in this one package…Read through this electronic book…Study it…Pick out businesses you could create online for high profits.

This product isn’t just for beginners. We are also including ideas which you can use even if you already have a very successful business or web site. We are going to include profit models you can learn from.

Every web site owner should find ways of bringing in multiple streams of income into their business…Use the ideas you find in here to do just that: create multiple streams of income from every web site you own or are involved with.

Throughout this course, we have added little golden nuggets of internet profits and information that will work in any business. So make sure to read through every section…even the ones who don’t focus on businesses that you consider especially interesting to you. One of the ideas in that section just may be the key to doubling or tripling the profits of your business.

NOTE: Make sure to connect to the internet when reading through this course, as all links (Denoted by Blue Text) are Active and do connect to specific web sites for more information or tools.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Choose An Online Business
Business 1 – 10: Building Your Own Online Community
Business 11 – 20: Creating a Free Service
Business 21 – 30: Provide Services To Others
Business 31 – 40: Create Automated Traffic Tools for Web Sites
Business 41 – 50: Build Your Own Information Empire
Business 51 – 60: Be The Next Bill Gates with Your Own Software
Business 61 – 70: Create Videos for Niche Markets
Business 71 – 80: Join a Dealer Network
Business 81 – 90: Create Your Own Opt-In Email List
Business 91 – 100: Create a Residual Income Through Subscriptions
Business 101: Joint Venture Marketing

Personal Letter From Terry Dean

NOTE: If you Would like to Offer this Package to Your Web Site Visitors as a FREE Download, then please do so. You can post this ebook to your web site, offer it in your newsletter, print it out as a book, give it to your friends, etc. No royalties are necessary. Give it away or offer it as a bonus with your products. You are not allowed to make any changes to it without permission. Copyright © 2001 Terry Dean, All Rights Reserved

Choose An Online Business

If you have ever wanted to own your own profitable, low maintenance business, but just couldn’t seem to figure out how to start one from scratch, then this product was created for you. We have come up with 101 of the best Internet Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Suggestions and put them all together in this one package…Read through this electronic book…Study it…Pick out businesses you could create online for high profits.

This product isn’t just for beginners. We are also including ideas which you can use even if you already have a very successful business or web site. We are going to include profit models you can learn from. Every web site owner should find ways of bringing in multiple streams of income into their business…Use the ideas you find in here to do just that: create multiple streams of income from every web site you own or are involved with.

Throughout this course, we have added little golden nuggets of Internet profits and information that will work in any business. So make sure to read through every section…even the ones who don’t focus on businesses that you consider especially interesting to you. One of the ideas in that section just may be the key to doubling or tripling the profits of your business.

NOTE: Make sure to connect to the internet when reading through this course, as all links (Denoted by Blue Text) are Active and do connect to specific web sites for more information or tools.

The key to being successful in your own business is to pick a business that you will really enjoy doing. If you hate doing something no matter how much potential it has for profit, then you just won’t be able to dedicate yourself to it enough to be successful in your business. Besides, who would want to spend the rest of their life doing something they hate.

That is what we are trying to get away from. We now live in the Internet Age and there are tens of thousands of opportunities waiting for you out there. The key is to pick the one you will love doing…no matter how silly or weird it may sound at first.

Your friends may tell you are crazy for having this Internet dream. They might even make fun of your “weird” idea, but you will be the one laughing when you have a full-time Internet income coming in from what you love…and they are stuck at their go-nowhere 9 to 5 job for the rest of their lives.

Let me tell you a story…

In Indiana, there lives a woman who works 8 hour days 6 days a week at a local computer company. We will call her “Barbara” for the sake of this article.

Barbara dreads getting up in the morning. She dreads getting ready for work. She dreads driving to work. She dreads clocking in. She absolutely hates her job.

She has a degree in computer science, but she can barely stand the sight of a computer anymore. Everything in her miserable life has become a drudgery to her. She can barely stand herself. The most important thing to her is that wonderful clock that chimes 5 p.m. when it is time for her to go home.

She rushes to her car…Drives as fast as the law allows home…and then immediately rushes into her house as fast as she can to the noise of overexcited door greeters. Both them and her have waited all day for this moment. Now, she can relax.

She sits down on the couch…collects up her pets (2 dogs and a cat) and gives each of them the attention she knows that they crave. She turns on “Animal Planet” on the television set and sits back breathing a sigh of relief that she lived through another day.

Every day this same process occurs. Sometimes she makes a stop by the library and gets a collection of books on “Dog Care” and on “Dog Training.” On her day off (that wonderful day), her and her dogs go and spend the entire day at the local park. All of them wait all week for that wonderful event.

Because of the drudgery of her job and the desire she has to be constantly free from it, she decided to check into starting her own home business. Her friends sell Avon. As a matter of fact, one of them even makes enough money to do it full-time.

Barbara envies this woman…She gets up and works when she wants at her own business which she loves. She always seems to have a spring in her step and a smile on her face.

Then, one day her friend invites Barbara to join her. Excitement overflows inside of Barbara…She will be able to be in control of her own destiny. She can be in business for herself.

Barbara jumps at the chance…besides it is only $25 she says to herself…”What do I have to lose?” She is absolutely on fire with this new possibility…She can work for herself and make her own life.

She quickly begins to do everything her sponsor told her to do…She makes up lists of contacts. She begins contacting them all one by one. She does everything necessary to get started as fast as possible.

Barbara begins making a little money…(It always starts out small in your own home business), but something is missing. She stills has her job…She has her new home business and is beginning to make a little income doing it…BUT she has even less time than before to do the things she loves.

Her day off came and went…She had meetings to attend in her new business. Her dogs stayed home staring longingly at their leashes wondering what was wrong. Barbara is making more money now, but is no more free time than ever before.

Now, after the excitement of her new business has worn off, that telephone is getting pretty heavy to use. It is getting pretty tiring to come home from work every day and have to work this second job…even though it is hers.

One day, her sponsor quits and she has no one to help her stay motivated anymore. That was the final straw. She can’t do it any more. She goes back to the old routine feeling guilty that she “failed” in her home business venture.

Later on down the road, this same process occurs. She joins another home business “opportunity” only to later give up and quit because she just can’t take it anymore. Dozens of times this happens. Every time she feels more guilty that she just doesn’t have what it takes to make it in her own home business.

Every time this occurs she ends up exhausted on her couch. The funny thing is that the answer to her problem has been right under her nose all of the time. It happens to be staring up at her lovingly right this moment holding it’s leash.

Her problem has been that she works a job she hates. She wants a way out and others are promising her a solution that just isn’t suited to her. They make money doing it because they love it. She makes a little at it and quits because she can’t stand that JOB either.

For them, it is a way of life and a passion. For her, it is just another JOB, yet with less starting salary. Her passion is for her pets, but she spends time trying to work up passion for other people’s desires.

I will let you off the hook and tell you…Barbara’s problem is that she is trying the WRONG home business for her. She should be starting a business where her passion is at. Instead, she just trys to imitate others who have completely different desires.

I wonder if that is your problem? If you can’t wait to get off your job and get out to the golf course, but you are trying to sell health products, it won’t work. If you only want to garden all of the time, but sell make-up, you are dead in the water before you ever start.


Take off the blinders…Take off the limitations. What do you love doing? What are your hobbies? What is it that you think about every time you get a spare moment?

That is the BUSINESS for you to be in…Don’t tell me it can’t be done. I will just tell you to figure out how to do it.

Let’s go back to Barbara…What should she be doing? How about being a pet sitter, dog walker, pet day care, pet groomer, or dog trainer? She could write books on pet training, animal grooming, etc. That could be an information business. It could be a service business. Don’t put limitations on yourself or others.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done! On TV, I just heard about a DOG BAKERY which only sells gourmet dog treats. They have over a million in sales and 20,000 mail order clients besides what they have in their little shop. If you love it, you will find a way once you make up your mind!

For many of you reading this, you may be in the wrong business. You are making money (Or you aren’t making money it doesn’t matter), but you just aren’t happy. Well, now you have it. Somebody was finally willing to tell you the truth of the matter.

Find your LOVE and you will find success. Yes, it will be hard starting out. It is in any business you get started in. If your business is also your passion and your hobby though, YOU WILL make it through and won’t quit when it gets hard, because you LOVE it.

Take my quick test below and let me know how it turns out for you…

1) Do You Dread Getting Out of Bed Every Morning?
2) Do you constantly wish you could obtain freedom in your life somehow?
3) Have you tried a home business before and failed?
4) Do you wonder if there is any purpose to your life?
5) Do you wish you could spend more time at your hobby than at your job?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, you have some thinking ahead of you. If you answered “YES” to all of them, you better do something in a hurry!

This book can be the key that helps you open the door for the next step of your life

Business 1-10: Building Your Own Online Community

Too many people have just bought some web space, put up a sales letter for this or that product, and sat back waiting for millions to come in. I am going to tell you right up front in this course….that tactic won’t work, ever!

If you want to succeed online, you have to put together a strategy for your website. Whether you call it a strategy, a theme, a world center, or an online community, it doesn’t matter. It is still the same thing. You have to build a site that has a central focus on a specific WANT that your prospects have. Then, you find products which follow along the theme.

Free bonuses are then added to your site. Following the theme you developed, you could create a report on it, start a message board, or run an ezine. Some type of software program could be added to your site which helps people in this theme. If search engines were your theme, you could have a software program on your site which submits web sites to the search engines and visitors could use it for free. I have a sample of this type of program on my site at

So, the three keys to creating income from ANY web site and ANY theme are:

1. Have a lead product that people WANT.
2. Have freebies at your site that follow the theme.
3. Have multiple backend or supporting products for the theme.

I know some people who are brilliant strategists about online marketing who achieve amazing success even though their actual tactical skills are only so-so. They hire out the web site design, the search engine registrations, the linking campaigns, and the copywriting. As a matter of fact, one of these brilliant minds once mentioned to me that, “The concept is greater than the copy.”

In other words, the right marketing strategy can overcome slight problems in the copywriting or even the carrying out of the plans. Even the best copywriting on the planet won’t make a success out of a poor business strategy or concept.

No contractor would ever consider starting work on a project without having a detailed blueprint already done and in their hands. It also doesn’t matter how good they are at following the blueprints if the blueprints are all wrong. For many people, their internet businesses are in this exact state. They have many of the internet tactics ready, but they have yet to develop a powerful strategy to empower the whole process.

So exactly how do you choose the strategy for your Internet Marketing Empire? Below you will find a three step process in helping you develop your overall strategy. I don’t want to over-complicate the process by any means, but I do want to help you create ideas through this. Your actual day to day internet marketing tactics will then flow out of your overall marketing strategy.

STEP ONE: Create Your Overall Theme to Your Online Business

You can’t develop a business around a single product. Even if you are promoting a single product upfront, it is not the product that people want. They want the BENEFITS they receive out of the product. When designing your site, think about an “Ultimate Benefit” to build your site around.

I first heard the phrase “The Ultimate Benefit” through Dr. Jeffrey Lant and it has stuck with me ever since. It is that ever abiding “WANT” or “GOALS” that your prospects have with them continually. Ultimate Benefits are things such as: more money, weight loss, online success, being sexually attractive, self-defense, etc.

Ultimate benefits are what your prospects are really seeking after. So, don’t base your business just on products. Base your business on this Ultimate Benefit. This will be the theme that binds everything else you do at your site together. It is what you want your site to become known for. It is why people will return to your site over and over again forever.

What is it that your prospects ultimately want?
More Money
Better Health
Weight Loss

Once you have defined your “Ultimate Benefit,” that’s where the products can come in. You will want to provide multiple products that all fall under the same Ultimate Benefit. This will help you to create “Multiple Streams of Income” all generated from one web site.

What mail order or internet company do you know of that only has one product? There aren’t any really successful ones. Even the sites which seem only to have one main product still have dozens of different profit streams which all originate from the main product. Your mission online is to help people reach their ultimate goals, and that cannot be done with just one product. It takes a variety of products to accomplish this goal.

One warning I do want to mention here though is that your site will be more successful if you have one LEAD product. By testing both multiple product sites and sites which focus on one lead product, I have found that the lead product sites will outsell the multiple product sites by a long shot in most cases.

So, the absolute best set-up is to focus on a main product, and then have many different backends or supporting products which will help your customers to further their goals. This type of system is often referred to as a marketing funnel. You may be selling a book about Ad Copy on your site, but you will also have consultations, seminars, audio tapes, and ad writing services which all support your theme.

If you are selling web sites as a primary lead product, you could also sell books on internet marketing, web design services, CGI programming, etc. If your theme is weight loss, your primary product may be a nutritional product.

You could also sell weight loss and exercise books. A newsletter could be started. You could also do personal one-on-one consultations for specific individuals.

You also don’t need to come up with all of these products yourself. Many of them can be found through Joint Ventures with other companies which have products you know your customers want.

STEP TWO: Develop A Unique Aspect to Your Business…Your USP

Your business cannot just be a me-too business online. You need to develop some type of uniqueness to it…something that sets you apart from all of the rest of your competition online. You need to create a “Unique Selling Position” which makes you stand out from the crowd online.

For example, everyone is selling books online. How did become the most well known bookstore on the interne? They developed a USP which basically states, “The World’s Largest Bookstore” which is exactly what they are. They have stated in one phrase exactly what makes them unique from the rest of the bookstores in the world.

How can you develop your own USP? You probably aren’t going to own the largest selection of anything in your business since most of us have started out bootstrapping at home or in our small business. Let me give you a simple little formula you can use which will help you immensely in the creation of a USP for your business.

To find your USP, pull out a blank sheet of paper. At the top of the paper, write “You know how most __________…” Then, halfway down the page, write “Well, What I do is…”

I want you to write how most of the businesses in your market are in the first section. Then, I want you to write what sets you apart from them. Avoid using words such as quality or better service, because those types of things don’t really mean anything UNLESS you are more specific in your description. This may take you a while to do. You probably will have to study your competition online for a while. Give yourself a few days to think it over. Then, write it down.

Next, I want you to boil down that entire sheet of paper to a single phrase or sentence. This takes some work. Write it out in a sentence or phrase as many times as you need to until you get just the right words. Again, if this takes you a few days, let it. Think about it when you are driving, eating, etc. Mull it over. Then, once you have just the right wording, that is your NEW USP which you will use to separate you from all of the competition.

Use it on your signature file online…use it on your website…use it in your ad copy. Let it become a guiding force to your online business that sets you apart and defines you as the person to deal with in this area.

STEP THREE: Concentrate on Building Relationships with Your Prospects

To fully develop an online business, you need to maximize your relationships with people. Although your goal in your internet business may be to set it up on auto-pilot, you have to remember at all times that you are dealing with real people. Credibility online is a major issue because there are many fly-by-night get-rich-quick operators on the internet.

To help you develop this credibility with your prospects, your overall strategy has to include such tools as ezines, message boards, chats, conference calls, dealer programs, etc. Many people keep asking exactly why does it seem ezines are popping up everywhere…it is simply because they work. They help you to develop the relationships you need with your prospects. You are able to contact your prospects over and over again providing them with good useful information.

The same thing is true of the message boards. Once you have worked them up to a certain level of traffic, the same people will keep coming back day after day learning from you and the other experts you may have brought to your board.

Use your imagination and develop other free services such as these to help you develop your web site and relationships online. How about doing JV’s with other businesses? How about running a monthly conference call on your subject? Your business online is only limited by your imagination!

A Internet Community Could Be Built Around ANY Product or Service You Could Imagine!

Below we are going to give you 10 examples of communities you could build, but they are only examples. You could build an internet community around ANYTHING! What interests you? What do you like to research and learn about? What do you like to do for hobbies? Everyone of your answers to those questions will be another THEME you could follow on your site.

Go to any local magazine stand and look through the magazines. Every one of those magazines is built around a targeted market of consumers and is based on a specific theme. Products will be sold in the magazine that focus on that theme. Free articles are throughout the magazine which focus on the theme.

You could easily compare the design of successful web site to these magazines.

Pick up a magazine and you will be holding in your hands a complete idea for your entire web site. The articles will show you the kinds of free information the market is seeking. The ads which run month after month will show you the products they are buying. That is how simple it can be to figure out what kind of theme interests you…what magazines are in your house?

Ten Communities You Could Build Are:

1. Internet Marketing

This market is still HOT…and will continue to be for years to come as more and more businesses are moving to the web every day. The biggest problem with building a community in this area will be in creating a Unique Selling Position to it. There are thousands of sites out there selling internet marketing products, services, or information. So if you go in this area, you have to find a very targeted niche market and/or provide a lot of free information or services to break away from the mold of the rest of the sites.

2. Copywriting

Every business needs to learn more about copywriting…and we never stop learning. For this area, you would need to come up with all kinds of free reports plus possibly find programs that would compliment ad writing or make doing it easier. Again, just like #1 above, you would find yourself in a very competitive market with thousands of competitors. This is not saying that you can’t develop a uniqueness to your business. It is just saying you will have to work harder at it. For example, I know of one copywriter online who separated himself from the rest of the pack by calling himself the “World’s First Cybercopywriter” showing that he writes specifically for the internet.

3. Fitness

To see just how hot this market is, just turn on your TV set and watch the infomercials for a few minutes. More infomercials are becoming successful through nutritional products or exercise equipment than anything else. You could build an entire community around a specific diet program, exercise program, or nutritional program. Message boards, ezines, chats, and more would all be exciting to your prospects in any of these areas. Plus, there is NO lack of companies which you can find online which would allow you to be a dealer for their products for you to sell on your site.

4. Buying and Selling At Online Auctions

This is another business opportunity which really gets people excited. You could create a community that focuses on a specific type of buying (online auctions, local auctions, garage sales, government auctions, etc.) or on a specific type of products (collectibles, beanie babies, tools, furniture, property, etc.). Then, you could have online forums, a training course, classifieds (to sell these products) which you give some ads away for free (the best ads at top or through searches would be paid ads). You could easily target a specific type of buying or selling and end up becoming the Main Web Site in a specific niche market.

5. Press Releases

You could build a community around press releases for other businesses online. Include informational reports for free which help people design their own press releases. Have a message board and ezine with tips. Then, sell a press release course, service, or lists of publishers to contact.

6. Beauty Products

Go to your local magazine rack and look at the number of magazines which fall under this category. There are dozens of them (or hundreds depending on the store). You could find a specific niche market and focus your site on that. You would have a primary product and then could find hundreds of supporting products to go with it!

7. Kitchen Aids

How about new kitchen appliances or cookbooks. The biggest challenge in this area will be making sure you are selling products which CANNOT be found at the local store. New products or cookbooks can be extremely HOT, but there are a lot of similar products being sold at stores for less than what it would cost to sell them through mail order. For ideas in this area, watch some of the infomercials that sell products of this nature. You could start a “Recipe of the Day” newsletter or a message board to trade recipes…both items which will quickly gain popularity in this market.

8. Automobiles

I hate lumping all of the ideas which you could come up with on automobiles in just one category here, but I don’t want this course to be called 1001 internet businesses. You could do collector cars (having cars sold on your site for a commission or with paid ads), models, books on automobiles, etc. Gas treatment products and various other things would make very good supporting products.

9. Golf

Any other sport could also become a good theme, but let’s focus on one idea at a time. With so many golf enthusiasts out there, all just hoping to improve their game by any means necessary, this is a ripe market. So, if you are a golf lover yourself, consider setting up a site on how to lower your score. It could sell clubs, books, videos…discussions could be held with a golf pro invited to help out. Even Real Video could be placed online showing the right golf swings.

10. Self-Defense

How about a self-defense site? It could be self-defense for kids, women, professional women, men, professional men, etc. You get the idea. Pick out a targeted niche market in this area and sell books, videos, and equipment all meant to help people to defend themselves better. With increasing violence worldwide, this is a market that will never disappear. Ezine ideas could be a Self-Defense tip of the week (or day) Showing how to avoid deadly confrontations…a message board could be started on the same subject. Web Site Marketing is Community Building

I could list just about any and every possible business in this section, because internet marketing is simply community building. Build a community around a specific theme or niche market. Use some of the above ideas in your business to help build relationships with your prospects and watch your sales soar!

Business 11-20: Creating a Free Service

Which comes first…the product or the web site?

A lot of people have the cart before the horse. They have a product they want to sell and they are looking for people to buy it. Do you know how easy it is if you start with the people who want to buy something first…and then offer them a product they WANT?

Just because you don’t have a product doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a web site. Pick a targeted niche market first…build a site…build Traffic…and then you can either find a product they already want or you can sell advertising space. I would pick a web site with traffic any day over a person with a hot product. “Hot” products are everywhere. Web sites which already have traffic in a specific market are GUARANTEED winners when the right product is introduced to them.

As a matter of fact, I know a lot of success web site models who are earning thousands or tens of thousands of dollars monthly and they don’t even have a product to sell. They sell advertising space or banners. They do endorsements of other people’s products. Once you have the market, there are dozens of people ready and willing to let you sell their products to your customers.

You could also design a web site giving everything away absolutely FREE with one purpose in mind…build a large community of people who continually visit over and over again. Many people have found this to be true and are creating sites which give away free information, link to all kinds of resources in a certain area, have free downloads, or have software you can use on their site for free.

Build a tool that helps everyone in your market and they will come. Think about some ideas you could come up with in this area. It could be as simple as creating a page that links to major resources in a certain area. Find the best resources in an area and then ask to trade links with them (many of them will gladly trade links with your site). Build up a database of these links to hundreds of different useful sites online and watch your traffic soar.

Look at what did. (You can look at their site at ). This site gave away free forms for people to use on their site. Many web hosts don’t allow CGI to run on their site, and freedback filled a need for all of these people being hosted.

Through their service, people could have forms for free on their site to collect information from their visitors. Over time, Freedback has given away over 50,000 of these types of forms and is receiving over 300,000 hits a day on their response page.

They can sell advertising all day long to this traffic. All they have is a FREE service and it has built them a long term residual income of monthly advertising. The same type of thing was done by CGI Resource Index, except they did it by offering links to other sites and free downloads. Take a look at them at as they are considered the number one authority on CGI programming on the web. The majority of their income comes from advertising.

All you have to do is target a niche market with a specific subject. We often try to make things so complicated and I want to cut through all of the junk and give you the simple truth of just how simple it is to make money on the web. Here it is in one short sentence:

”Build a Site Which Gives People What They Want!”

You cannot just put up a sales letter and expect to profit. You Have to:

1. Find a market. Look at your local magazine rack to help you choose one if you are having trouble. I guarantee that wherever your hobbies or interests are, there are going to be others with similar interests.

2. Find out what they want. You do this by asking them. Look for message boards or newsgroups which already cover your subject or similar subjects. Do a search for your subject at which lists most of the forums around the world. Then, simply go and read the posts and ask what people want or what they think is lacking in your market online.

3. Give it to them. Once you figure out what people want, give it to them. Design a site which is exactly what they are looking for. Send out press releases, mention it in the newsgroups, trade links with other sites, and start growing.

I don’t want to completely oversimplify the process, but in many cases, it is almost that simple. The hard part is in giving them “what they want” part. You may need to find a programmer to create it or someone to write it, but if it is exactly what people want and gives you traffic forever, then it is worth it.

To get you started on this road…here are 10 businesses you could start in this area:

11. Host a Free CGI Program on your site

Be like Find a CGI program everyone needs or wants and start giving it to them. I know of sites now which are giving away Free Classified Sites or Free-For-All Links sites so that they can keep their advertising banner on them. Freedback came up with an original idea. Can you? Go to and look at all the programs there and see what you can come up with.

12. Banner Exchange

I know what you may be thinking on this one…there are hundreds of banner exchanges out there. And you know what, you would be right. The internet does not need just another banner exchange, but it does need target banner exchanges for specific areas. You could target all internet marketing sites or all kids sites. Then you give them a 2:1 ratio or higher on banner advertising.

Then your banner exchange has the other 50% of the ads to use for yourself or to sell for advertising (banner exchanges are based on this principle).

13. Download Site

You could create a download site for some type of targeted market. It could be for CGI programs, business software, game demos, etc. The major key in this area like many of the others is that you have to develop a unique selling point for your site. Why should they visit your site over the others? It could be that you review each program or that you have a better organization…or that you only include the best. It could also be that you include the most of something. Become unique in this area and watch the traffic soar (another caution though…watch to make sure your web host doesn’t charge extra for too much transfer daily or monthly – A download site eats up MB).

14. Games Site

You could do an entire site devoted to codes, tips, and tricks with games. Most of the work would be done for you once you let everyone know you were collecting together all of the codes and tricks for different games. Send out press releases and get listed in magazines and your traffic would fly off the roof. The income for this site would come from game companies advertising on your site. The message board would also become extremely popular and would need separate sections for all of the different games.

15. Business Software Site

Create a Site that lists all of the business software…downloads of demos could be offered along with reviews and a New Product of the month newsletter. Businesses are always seeking that new program to take them to the next level or to do something easier. Plus, you could also do a message board that specifically helps with certain programs such as FrontPage, etc.

16. Resource Site for ANYTHING

You could create a list of resources for ANYTHING. Find a listing of all of the top sites in certain areas full of useful information. The plan for this type of site is to become the starting point for people searching for Collies, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Dolls, etc. You could also turn it into a specific targeted search engine for your niche market. You only list __________. This is an idea that would also combine well with any of the other ideas in this course as an additional profit stream.

17. Award Site

Decide on an award in a targeted niche market: Maybe “5 star fitness” site given to top fitness sites or “Elite Internet Sites” for internet marketing, or whatever is your specific interest. Design a really well done graphic for your logo. Set up a submission database for people to send in submissions. Then, go off searching for sites who deserve your award. Once you have given away your award and have enough sites linking to you…you can also begin to send out press releases and start getting known in that area. The key to this program is to pick a very interesting title for your award and correctly move in the right market.

18. Consumer Reports

Become a watchdog of the industry…any industry. Do reports on automobiles or money making programs. Review personal care items or exercise equipment. Become a consumer expert in any area protecting and enlightening the consumers in your expertise. The key is to get enough good quality information and reviews to make your site interesting. Then, your revenues will come through advertising or other incomes you may add as you go along.

19. News

You would think that this area would be impossible to get into with all of the news giants out there. Well, it would be…if you were trying to cover everything. You, as a small business, would want to cover one area of interest and collect all of the news that has to do with that area. Think about it. The Drudge report went after gossip online and build message boards and chat rooms around it…becoming one of the top sites on the internet and producing a TV show for the owner.

20. Travel

Exotic destinations…cruises for the millionaires…etc. This is a fun one. You could stay reviewing travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, etc. Find one of the packages where you can become a travel agent and sell tickets (with the actual travel agency handling the actual bookings and money) for different destinations. Actually take the tours and review them. Combine this one with the Watchdog idea above and warn people about deceptive travel agencies and places. Have fun doing your business.

Business 21 – 30: Provide Services To Others

I know hundreds of people who right this minute are making a full-time income online through providing services that other Internet Marketers desperately want and need like: Web Design, Web Promotion, Search Engine Submission, and more.

This business will only expand as time goes on. Every business on the planet is being told that the next generation in commerce is on the web…and they are all heeding this advice. If you start learning and providing services in this area today, your market is bound to grow in the coming months and years as all of the businesses expand onto the web. Don’t be trapped in a declining market…move over to the wave of the future in providing Internet services.

Although the information product business can be extremely lucrative (this business along with software probably make up the two Hottest Businesses on the Internet), you can actually make more money in many cases by providing the actual service along with having a product about it.

For example, although a product that teaches people how to get traffic to their site can sell 100s or 1,000s of copies easily on the net, there still would be 1,000s of people who would prefer that you do the work for them. As a matter of fact, using a report/book/audio as a front-end sale about the subject of web promotion can be an awesome way of making dozens of backend sales for your much higher priced “Full Service” web promotion services.

The big disadvantage to offering services on the net instead of some type of product is simply that you only have so much time available to you. Your income is limited to your ability to work more hours. You are still trading hours for dollars.

You could sell hundreds of books this week without that much effort, but you could NOT provide 100s of extra services to different customers without a major shift in your time management. Eventually, if your site and business continues to grow, you will hit a barrier for your time and your income.

The two major advantages of doing a “Full Service” business online are:

1. You will be able to charge a premium price for people to actually have you do the work for them. Many people will have a smaller front-end product such as a $29.95 report or a $97 report and then have their full services at $1,000 or more. For example: You may write a report on “Search Engine Positioning” and sell it for $97. Then, your “Full Service” price may be $150 per month or more.

2. You will continually learn more about your service and be able to create an information product out of your experience. As you can see, information product sellers and service providers need to both see the other side of the coin. If you are currently providing a service now, think about how you can create an information product out of your knowledge to increase your profits in this area and possibly provide even more leads for your service.

What do you do if you don’t know how to do any of these services, but you want to start a service business? Start learning. For most of these subjects, you can’t just go to a college class and have everything taught to you…you will have to search it out on your own. You need to do five things especially to start the learning process:

1. Find any models of that business online. Do some searches on the search engines and find out if anyone is currently offering that service and start taking notice of what they are doing, what can you learn from them? Some of them even offer “Mentor” programs to teach others. If either one is available, you should take advantage of it!

2. Find information products that deal with the subject. What books, audio’s, videos, and software can you find that deals with that subject? You will find most of the successful people online are avid learners…constantly expanding what they know about their subject.

3. Go to and find message boards which discuss your subject. There are thousands of discussion boards online about every subject you can imagine. Find some that apply to your site and get involved in the discussions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4. Practice on Yourself. One of the funniest things you can see is when a “Web Promotion” expert is going around begging everyone to show them how to get traffic to their site. If you can’t promote your own site, don’t try to do everybody else’s. Start practicing on yourself first!

5. Do your first services for other for free or for a reduced price. Get more experience and some testimonials under your belt before you really go into this business. Remember, these markets aren’t declining. They are only growing, so you don’t have to be in a hurry to get involved in them.

21. Web Design

Designing web sites is a skill that can actually be learned extremely quickly, but most people just aren’t willing to do it. Find a web design program which you really understand well (Go to and do a search for web design). Purchase books to increase your knowledge of the program. Then, start studying what type of web pages make sales and what kind doesn’t.

The easiest way for you to do this business is for you to design a few templates which you use for the majority of your work. In other words, put together some basic designs which seem to work for many sites and then basically fill the blanks on them and put in pictures and colors. This will greatly speed up your work and help you to provide a good service for all of your clients.

22. Search Engine Positioning

The best traffic you could receive would be from endorsements and referrals from satisfied customers. The close second is from the search engines. When a site learns how to get Top 20 positions under targeted keywords on the search engines, they can be assured of receiving targeted traffic to their site day after day. Combine it with good web design and good copywriting and watch your income soar.

Everybody wants that coveted Top 20 position, because if you don’t have it, you may as well not be listed. So, the biggest disadvantage to this service is your competition from other search engine submitters. The second disadvantage is that the search engines themselves don’t like people who try to get these top positions so you will always have to stay on your toes and keep learning to stay ahead of whatever advancements they put in place. Do your work though, and you could be the person who can guarantee traffic to any site.

23. CyberCopywriting

Did you know a different subject line on your emails or web site could mean 18 – 50 times as many more readers of your ad? Many web site owners concentrate completely on traffic, but never stop to spend some time with their copywriting on their site…they don’t even know if it is convincing. Don’t let that be you!

Start learning everything you can about writing ad copy. Study from the masters such as Brian Keith Voilles and Ted Nicholas. Purchase products that teach you how to write your own ads. Collect every piece of junk mail you get. Start paying attention to good copy. Start practicing writing headlines. Find a “Mentor” (this is one of the areas you can find some good ones out there). Once you learn how to write good copy, you could charge by the page, by the job, or by commission (5% – 15% of sales volume).

24. Web Promotion

This is what every web site wants…web promotion. Become an expert on it. In this area, I specifically want to mention how important it is to learn how to design sites which people want to link to and to do an effective linking campaign. You can set up scripts which automatically track links from other sites (check our traffic generator section in this book) and then go to work for your client.

Find other high traffic web sites in the targeted market and offer to trade links with them. Look for them in the Top 20 of the search engines, in magazines, or from other sites which have their own link pages.

A good strategy when you find a site which has high traffic is to go to one of the search engines and do a search for all of the sites which are linking to them. Then, send an email and suggest to trade links with your site as well. Use competitive research to your advantage to leverage your efforts.

Although creating links with other sites doesn’t create as much traffic quickly as some other methods, it is one of the most consistent traffic generators as your site grows.

25. Banner Designer

Design banner ads. Banner advertising is probably the most popular form of advertising on the web and the average banner being used in a search engine keyword is only useful for 2 – 8 weeks before it’s click thru ratio starts to decline. Everyone always seems to need new banner ads…so you create long term incomes from the same clients coming back to you time and time again.

The key to doing banners is to find the right tools (I recommend you start out with Fireworks which you can find at ) and that you learn as much as you can about which banners have the highest click thru ratios (check for free information on this). Then, go to work practicing and testing different designs on the free link exchanges.

26. Internet Press Releases

An overlooked aspect of advertising online by the majority of web sites is using press releases. One article in a magazine or major newspaper will do more for your traffic than advertising online for a year. The key to this though is to become a web site that is newsworthy. It cannot just be a sales letter. It has to provide some unique benefit to the readers of that publication.

As an Internet press release agent, you could become the person who writes these releases and sends them out via email to the publishers of targeted industry publications. To start this business, you should learn everything you can about doing press releases and then start collecting the names and email addresses of the media (you should personalize emails to the publication’s editors and writers for best results).

27. Classified Submissions

Classified ads can work, but they require a ton of effort to place enough of them online. You could purchase some of the programs which submit to search engines, free-for-all links pages, and classified ads. Then, start selling your submission services.

This is a quick business to get into, but it doesn’t hold nearly the value of learning how to get high positions on the search engines. In spite of this, I have seen prices between $10 and $97 for this type of service and monthly plans for submissions done every 30 days. So, it could be a quick service business you could start which will earn a little extra income for your site along with whatever else you are doing..

28. Multimedia

Technology is advancing! The Internet is advancing with it. In the future, I can see a day when the web will be interconnected with TV and video will be delivered effortless across the online world. That day isn’t quite here yet, but every day we are taking another step into that future. You could become a Multimedia consultant who helps people deliver audio or video over the web.

RealNetworks at is the company which is leading in this area at the moment and you should start yourself off by learning everything about their products. Then, your business could be as simple as taking video and changing it into RealVideo for the web and placing it on people’s servers.

Or you could decide to train small businesses how to create and use video for their online presence. Audio and Video are going to continue to advance online so this may be a growing market for the future of internet commerce.

29. Website Overhauls

This would combine the skills of many of the services mentioned above, but it is also a badly desired WANT of many of the online marketers. They have a web site online, but they want to know how to refine it for more sales. They want to get more traffic to it. They would like to add audio or video to their presentation.

Once you start learning many of the other skills above, you could begin offering overhauls to other people’s sites or to their marketing plans. Many of them might just be missing the theme that we spoke of in the first chapter. They might need to combine their marketing efforts into one whole purposeful and targeted business. Help them target their online marketing!

30. Domain Name Gold Mining

I know some major courses and seminars which are teaching this a major business online…and it is a very simple one actually. Domain Name Gold Mining is simply referred to as going to and reserving the domain names which other businesses would want. For example, if you were able to have reserved, I am sure you would have been able to sell it for a very hefty price.

Domain name gold mining is built on coming up with domain names that you know people will want, buying them from for $12, and then selling them for a higher price (determined by how badly people will want to use it). I know some people personally who have done well doing this, but I don’t see this business as such an exciting business that many of the seminar sellers are making it out to be.

Business 31 – 40: Create Automated Traffic Tools for Web Sites

The name of the game in Internet marketing is traffic. Everybody wants it and everybody wants to know how to get it to their site. If you can create a good theme for your site and can get targeted to your web site, it will start making money. It really can be seen as being that simple.

The key is the traffic…

You may have tried the old and dried out method of posting in newsgroups, free classifieds, or free-for-all links pages around the internet. Although this can be profitable, it is a continual chore that has to be done over and over again with only very small results coming back from it.

Some people have turned to “Spamming” the Internet with their advertising messages. Spamming is simply defined as sending unsolicited bulk email to thousands of people without it being requested or posting advertising messages in newsgroups and forums without consideration of the readers (providing content is the key to posting).

Although “Spamming” can make you some profits, it will also make you thousands of enemies AND it will get your accounts canceled off of the Internet. Some people have made money from “Spamming,” but you CANNOT build a long term business online through it.

You may ask, “Why do people use it then?” It is simply because they haven’t been able to find any other way to consistently drive thousands of visitors to their sites day after day and month after month. They feel that is their only choice to making money online.

If the key is traffic, and free classifieds and Spamming aren’t the solution…what is it then?

The key to continual and consistent daily traffic at your site can be summed up in 4 words:

“Free Automated Traffic Generators.”

People aren’t looking for sales letters online. They aren’t looking to know more about your company. They are looking for Free information and tools to benefit themselves. Your visitors are only thinking one thing, “What’s In It For Me?” What is in it for me to visit your web site?
What do I get out of it…for Free?
Why should I come back?

If your web site isn’t answering those questions, then you will never reach the traffic goals you dream of. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to come back to your site, to refer others, or to buy your products and services.

The web sites that everyone visits (the ones that receive 1,000s of hits daily) are giving their visitors what they want…free information and tools to benefit and help them in their interests. Are you? Why should anyone want to come to your site? What do they get there?

The first and foremost thing that your visitors are looking for is Free Information…but that isn’t all they want. That isn’t enough with the competition on the Internet. Now, you also have to provide tools to help them in their lives. Every web site needs “Automatic Traffic Generators” to stay competitive in today’s Internet environment.

CGI comes to the rescue…

Common Gateway Interface is a programming language used on the Internet more commonly known as CGI.

I want to avoid being technical in describing it here so some of the more experienced internet marketers may laugh at this description.

When you look at a regular web site, it is done in html format…(which you can create in the html language or by using an editing program such as FrontPage). Html can be used to create beautiful sites with color, graphics inserted using images, and more. It has one weakness though for marketing purposes. It is static. It stays in one constant state. It doesn’t change. What you see is what you get.

What CGI does is make the html alive. It can be used to create forms which collect information from visitors. It can be used to set up message boards so you and your visitors can interact. It can be used so people can place classified ads on your site.

There are other programming languages which can be used to do some of these same features online, but CGI is the most common one and the one which can be used on the majority of web hosts out there. As a matter of fact, whenever I look at web hosts one of the first things I look for is for them to have a CGI-BIN for me to use (this is where you store your CGI scripts).

The ten ideas or businesses I am going to show to you below all involve and use CGI in one way or another. Only one of them actually deals with creating CGI programs (a difficult process in most cases)…the rest deal with learning and installing them. The best place to look for more information on CGI programming and files is at All of the programs listed below can be found through their site as they link to just about every major CGI resource available.

31. CGI Programming

If you were looking for a technical business which is in HIGH demand constantly online…CGI programming is definitely it. People who develop unique CGI programs that build traffic for others are guaranteed to be able to make hundreds of sales of programs they develop (as long as they market them effectively).

The need for traffic to web sites will never end. Tools which help to create that traffic will always be in need as well. This isn’t a simple job though. Even small CGI programs such as forms or guest books require quite a bit of effort to learn, and designing the complex CGI programs desired by the majority of web site owners can be a daunting task. If you are up for this mission though, I would start off with and devour every shred of information listed there.

32. Simple Forms or Guest Books

From here on out we are going to be discussing installing CGI programs for other web site owners. Installing CGI programs can be an easy or difficult task, based mostly on the instructions written by the creator of the programs. Most web site owners will never want to mess with the hassle though of installing their own programs as they do rely on you developing a working knowledge of your web server and be able to edit the programs to work on your server.

Every web site really should have forms or guest books to help them capture information about their visitors, and you can be the one to make that happen.

For a small fee you could set-up or install simple forms or guest books to people’s sites or host their CGI programs on your site. Take a look at what has done by providing forms to be used on webmaster’s sites…they have over 50,000 sites using their forms.

33. Classifieds

A good little tool to get people to keep coming back to your site is to open a classified ad section for them to use for free (this is also a good way to collect more information about your visitors as well). It is probably one of the first Automated Traffic Generators webmasters were using, but it still can do the trick today for that extra boost in traffic.

These sites have been sold for as much as $700 apiece…and you could easily charge $200 – $400 for installing them on people’s sites. The best of these programs will collect information on your visitors so you will be able to follow up on them later.

34. Free-For-All Link Pages

How would you like to be able to send out 100s of advertising messages daily for your site for FREE and never once Spam anyone? Now, you can with your own Free-For-All Links Pages. Set up a simple Free-For-All Links site which automatically sends out email to everyone who posts there and then submit the site to the major automated submitting programs and companies such as and you will have 100s of messages going out daily for you automatically.

As an installer, you could put together a complete package where you install the CGI, help them design a quick email message to go out, and submit their site to the different submission programs out there. Such a package would sell in the $250 – $500 range and be well worth the price.

35. Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards are quickly becoming the BEST way to get traffic to keep coming back to your site and to build relationships with your prospects. I know of some message boards who receive 500,000 or more hits monthly without spending a penny in advertising. People just keep coming back time after time to receive the valuable information that is being shared there for free.

Combine a message board and an ezine along with a well thought out strategy for your web site and you have the “Recipe” for Internet success all cooked up. Discussion boards are actually one of the easiest programs to install and bring a price of $200 – $400 for installs.

36. Link Traders

Find the web sites which have the most consistent traffic, and you will find the the web sites which have hundreds of other sites linked to them constantly driving traffic their way. There are currently several CGI programs available which can help you to run a linking campaign online. They will track all of the sites which link to you and provide them with links in return on your site. This is done automatically for you with the program continually checking to see if all of your link partners are still linking to your site.

One of these programs can be combined along with an email letter to send to other web sites you find with similar themes to ask for links into an effective business plan. Teach and show other online businesses how they can trade for traffic using these Linking tools.

37. Personalized Ezines

Ezines are a great way to stay in contact with your prospects week after week. They will help you to build a relationship with your prospects AND to make sales to them constantly. The newest feature though in this area are the ezines which can also send out personalized messages to your subscribers. Instead of just starting out like a general message to all of your subscribers, they can start out Dear Tom, or Dear Susan.

Some of these are produced by CGI programs which you can learn to install on your site and others. Look them up in the CGI Resource page given to you above and pick out the one which is right for you.

38. Postcards

These are becoming very common online, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t working anymore. They definitely are. One person can come to your site and send a postcard to their friends. Then, their friends visit to pick up their postcard and send a postcard to someone else. Every time a postcard goes out, a new person ends up at your site.

There are currently postcard programs available which can be designed with your own graphics, your own music files, and more. They can be personalized for any site, theme, or holiday. Although they are being used everywhere it seems now, they are still bringing in traffic.

39. Search Engine Submitters or Position Checkers

Any program that has to do with search engines is guaranteed to bring in interest. A couple of the popular ones available in this area are programs which can submit to the search engines for you and ones which can check the position of anyone’s sites on the search engines.

We have a couple of examples of these programs which you can see on our site at These tools or anything else you find which somehow involves the search engines (including programs which set up your own search engine) will continue to be popular traffic builders for any site. 40. Unique Programs to Build Traffic

Everyday new programs are being invented which can help you to automatically generate traffic to your sites. Dealer programs, automated autoresponder follow-ups, simple games, and more are all programs I have taken a look at lately which will end up being big traffic tools. There really aren’t any limits in this area, and CGI systems will continue to grow and produce even greater results online.

Find a unique program to install or invent your own. It will be a good secondary income for any webmaster (especially web designers or promoters) to add to their multiple income streams online.

Business 41 – 50: Build Your Own Information Empire

Information products are the ideal business to start if you are looking for an online business. They are easy to produce, simple to ship, and can enjoy high markups because people are not paying for the physical form the product is delivered in. They are paying for the valuable information contained within.

Although most people only see reports and books when we speak of information products, I want you to see just how versatile this market can be. You could produce software, videos, audio’s, newsletters, secret sites, and more. The only limitations in this business are the ones you create yourself.

Below I am going to give you a quick system of producing audio tapes (one of the easiest ways of getting into this business). Don’t just limit your potential informational empire to just these techniques though. All types of information products can be created out of your hobbies, your interests, or your experience. What have you learned to do that someone may want to learn about?

You may say to me, “But Terry, I just don’t know how to do anything that people want!” Well, I have a solution for that problem. If you have found a market that wants a product of a certain nature, contact an expert and do an interview with them…then sell that tape! (Most experts will do the tape with you right over the phone for just the cost of consulting – Usually $100 – $1000).

If you do have knowledge that people want (which I highly expect is true even if you won’t admit it to me)…then you can do your own audio tape course.

Below I am going to give you a quick 6 step system for creating your own tapes…and then we will do a short overview on how to contact an expert and get them to do a tape with you.

Step 1 – Make a list of your hobbies, interests, and problems which you can solve.

Do people come to you often and ask for your advice on certain things? If so…there is a product idea! Design a product that solves their problems. Find a problem or a desire people have that you have overcome, and then the system you followed is the basis for your product.

Do you train dogs? There’s a product.
Do you build model airplanes? There’s a product.
Do you save money through auctions? There’s a product.
Did you figure out how to set up a web site? There’s a product.
Do you get Top 10 rankings on search engines? There’s a product.
Do you write killer sales letters? There’s a product.

Product ideas are all around you. There are probably at least half a dozen products inside you waiting for the chance to come out!

Step 2 – Research your targeted market to find out what they are interested in.

If you plan to sell your product online, make sure there is a market for it first before you ever create the product. Visit forums and newsgroups using and and do some research. Prepare a short Questionnaire and give something away free to people who answer it for you.

Corporations spend millions of dollars a year in research, but as a small home business you can do your research for free online through contacting and networking through newsgroups, forums, and mailing lists.

Step 3 – Purchase the necessary equipment.

You don’t have to go to a studio to record your tape unless you have an unlimited budget. If you can afford a studio, it will produce a little better tape, but for most people starting out that is just another undue expense.

Go down to your local Radio Shack and purchase high quality audio tapes and a dynamic microphone. A good one will probably cost you between $40 and $100. Ask one of the sales representatives to recommend a good one. If you need an adapter for your tape recorder, get one of those as well.

If you don’t own a double cassette deck, you will probably want to get one of those. Why? You can also dub your first couple of tape sales right there in your home and wait to send it out to a duplicator until you know for sure it is a real hot seller.

Notice that you don’t need expensive equipment to get started in this business, although you may upgrade later as you go on.

Step 4 – Make an outline.

When you did your research in step 2, what were your potential customers interested in most? Now, create a product that gives a step-by-step training on how to overcome that problem or achieve that objective.

Rack your brain and come up with steps that will take your customers to their desired solution. You have to make it simple. This is probably the most difficult part of your product. You have to boil down all of your research, your experience, and come up with a simple system people can follow to achieve their objective.

Step 5 – Record your tapes.

Now, shut off the phones…and set-up your little recording studio. Make a time on your schedule to do your tape or your series and stick to it…because you will probably want to procrastinate the process into oblivion.

Sit down and record under 60 minutes for the tape (Note most tapes actually have 62 – 64 minutes on them). You have to be careful to stop way before the end of the tape so that there is room to record an intro or a “Please turn the tape over” message.

Step 6 – Start marketing today.

How much is your tape worth? You can sell an individual audio tape for $9.95 – $29.95 depending on the subject OR you can produce a series of tapes. I have seen these sell for as much as $495 if they were on the right topic. You really have to test your price.

Any secretarial service can transcribe your tapes for you if you want to produce a higher priced product out of them. You do a little bit of editing to them, combine your new manual to the tapes, and you have a higher valued product to sell.

How to get an expert to do the work for you!

If you just can’t come up with an idea of a decent product for yourself, find an expert to do one for you.

You would still have to do step one, two, and three yourself coming up with the product idea, researching, and purchasing the equipment. Note that when you purchase the equipment for this you may need to buy a microphone which hooks into your telephone (ask the friendly sales people at Radio Shack and they will have just what you need).

Then, contact the right experts for the mission. Find people who are experts in the areas you want to present to your customers and send them a letter telling them exactly what you want to do. Most experts will agree to this if you approach them correctly.

Show them the benefits they get out of this…

1. You are doing the market research to find a hot product.

2. You are paying them their regular consulting rate for the tape.

3. You will prepare the questions for them to answer and give them ahead of time unless they already have something ready.

4. You will give them Full Reprint rights to the tape so both you and them can sell it.

5. They will be able to present other products and services they have for sale on the backend of the tape.

It is definitely a Win-Win situation. They get all of those benefits and you have a new product to sell in your business.

It’s Not the Only Way – But It is a Good Start for You

This is not the only way to create information products by any means, but it is enough to get you started. Are you going to make some mistakes…YES….but you will have started in the right direction. If you follow this process, you will have your own hot product to sell online for years to come. All you have left to do is write the ad, but that is a subject for another day.

Ten Types of Information Products You Could Create or Be Involved with…

41. Books

This is the most commonly known information product. So many people just limit their potential businesses to just this one avenue. They see how long it takes to create a full book and they just can’t imagine how they could ever get involved in the information business. The big disadvantage to books is the time it takes from creation to completion and the pains associated with getting it published. The advantage of books over some of the other methods though are a possible increased circulation with all of the avenues of distribution that print books have over the other forms of information.

A newer version of books are the electronic kind like you are reading now. Publishing time is only a few minutes using many of the software programs available out there. The only time involved is the time it takes to create the product. If left in it’s electronic format, there is a $0 fulfillment cost for the book and it can be easily downloaded off of the web by any of your customers.

42. Reports

Shorter than full length books. Reports are great for subjects which constantly change (such as internet marketing, etc.) or are a shorter discussion of the subject. Reports are also perfect for a Free or low cost bonus to go along with other product you sell or to a be lead-in to your higher priced products or services.

Reports can also be in a printed format or in an electronic format just the same as books can.

43. Courses

If you come up with an information product that gives step-by-step directions on how to reach certain results, you may want to consider packaging it as a training course. (Course could be books, videos, manuals, reports, audio’s, etc. all separately or together in one package).

Training courses in general will contain very specific information and step-by-step directions (including worksheets, samples, etc.). They are also priced higher than some of the other methods and are sold for between $97 and $997 in most cases. Videotaping a seminar often can make a good course as well.

44. Seminars

If your presentation really works well with hands-on training, then you may want to consider doing a seminar or workshop as your product or as a backend to other products you may be selling. They carry a premium price on them (generally $199 – $15,000) and are usually the best training people could possibly find on the subject.

If you are going to do seminars, you should spend quite a bit of time learning how to do public speaking (joining Toastmasters wouldn’t hurt) and preparing workbooks and presentations for your audience. Also keep in mind that most seminar presenters were first speakers at other people’s conferences before they started running their own. Seminars are not for beginning infoproducers.

45. Videos

Videos are best if you want your customers to actually see how to do something. They are most often used in the information business for How-To products and for demonstrations of a backend product. The biggest problem with videos though are the technical skills required to produce them.

If you are planning for your first video, you are better off hiring a cameraperson and professional editor to do the actual technical work for you. Then, you concentrate on the content. The price of the video equipment needed to produce your videos will be much higher than the cost of hiring these individuals to help you with your first few productions.

46. Audio’s

Audio’s were discussed in length above but they bare repeating again. They are an easy way to get started in the information business and the spoken word can often carry a lot more weight and value to the hearers than what is received through the written word in many cases.

The other major advantage to audio tapes to some of the other formats available for your information products is the fact that they are easy to listen to.

To read a book or watch a video, your customers have to sit down and take time out of their hectic days to learn. Audio tapes can simply be placed in a tape player on the way to work, when you are out for a stroll, or anytime they want.

47. Secret Sites

As I travel the Internet, I am noticing more and more “Secret Sites” are developing in all different industries. They basically charge a one-time fee or a monthly fee to have access to constantly updated web pages full of specific targeted information for that market.

Secret sites appear to work best when you need to constantly update your customers on new information. Successful models of secret sites I have seen include Internet Marketing, Commodities, Stock Trading, and News. I expect we will see an increase in these types of sites as time progresses and you could be one of the owners. Check out for more information on starting your own paid member site.

48. Newsletters

Just because the Internet “Information Superhighway” is growing at an unequaled rate doesn’t mean that print media has disappeared. Specialized print newsletters are still flourishing and present a good opportunity for would-be publishers.

Newsletter subscription rates run between $30 and $300 per year in general (although I have seen newsletters as high as $4,500 in very specialized areas). If you build a list of 1,000 subscribers, you will be making a very nice income and will have the potential of doing Joint Ventures with other products in your market to your subscribers with awesome results in many cases.

49. Dealer Programs

For those of you who would like to start out with a proven information product, there are dealer programs. This is how 98% of us get started in the information business and it gives you the easiest time getting started. You can take someone else’s proven product and proven sales letters and start making money immediately. The disadvantage to these programs is that you have to share the money that comes in with the product owner.

Something to watch out for in dealer programs though are the high prices some companies are trying to charge just for a right to sell their products. 90% of dealer programs on the web are free to start off and the ones which cost should just be charging a small fee for dealer materials and training. Watch out for HIGH prices on dealer programs!

50. Reprint Rights

The next step up from dealer programs are purchasing reprint rights to proven products. Many information producers are now selling reprint rights to many of their products in all different formats. The advantage to this is that you get to keep ALL of the money that comes in. The problem with it is that reprint rights carry a premium price: often $1,000 – $10,000 for each product.

If I were to get started for the first time ever in an information business today, I would choose to find reprint rights to a product that I was most interested in. It costs more, but it will also give you the best chance of success starting out.

For information on reprint rights products and producers who sell reprint rights to proven products, email me at with reprint rights in the subject.

Business 51 – 60: Be The Next Bill Gates with Your Own Software

What does the richest man in the world do for a living?

He sells software…not just any software though. He sells the software absolutely everyone needs to use if they want to use a computer. If you are able to open this book, then your computer has to be running a copy of his software – Windows.

Why software for a product?

First of all, all buying decisions are based on one of two different reasons:

1. To Gain Pleasure

2. To End Pain

Look at any buying decision you have made recently…and it will be based on one of those two reasons. You either wanted to achieve pleasure out of the product you bought or you want to end the pain that some problem has been causing you.

Every day, computers are making another inroad into our lives. They are controlling another aspect of it. Along with this progress though also comes the frustration of learning to deal with them. I don’t think anything causes more frustrations in users than trying to learn how to deal with their computer.

The most popular video on the Internet has been of an individual taking his computer out and destroying it. It is a thought that has ran through the minds of every person reading this.

I know I have been so frustrated at times with mine that taking a sledgehammer to it seemed like a good idea at the time (I never acted on those instincts though which I am very happy to report).

You can use these frustrations to your advantage though. Remember, one of the major reasons people buy is the desire to END PAIN. That is the goal of much of the software out there. It can help you to end your pain.

What does a word processing program do for you? It helps you to do your writing much quicker and to easily edit or change it. It makes your work much easier than using an old fashioned typewriter. To create this book I am using a program called InfoCourier because it takes away the pain of delivering this information to you in an easy to read format.

Guess what? People will quickly purchase anything that can end the pain in their lives and they will do so without you having to convince them to buy it. If they can see that it is a solution to their problems, the sale can be made easily and without any fuss.

Software sales makes a good primary business and it can also be used as a secondary income stream from most web sites as anyone visiting a web site is interested in some type of software. They had to be or they wouldn’t have been able to get to your web site.

To help you get started in this business, I have included 10 businesses below which somehow relate to selling software. Nine of them deal with being a dealer for a software program because let’s face it…creating software is not an easy job. It isn’t something you can learn to do this weekend.

Take a look at each of these ideas below and also check out the Associate Programs involving software which you can find at

51. Become a Software Developer

The best option of course would be to produce software solutions customers need themselves. This isn’t an easy business to start though. Hiring programmers is not an option for most small businesses and learning the necessary skills to create your own programs will take years to accomplish. If this was a practical business for you though, it would be one of the best choices you could make for your internet marketing business.

52. Personalized Email Software

Online Automation sells some of the best email software on the planet. It is called Postmaster and it is able to send out personalized emails, handle your undeliverables, and keep track of all your leads. Plus, they will pay you to sell it for them.

53. Search Engine Submission and Position Rankings

Web Position Gold is a great program which can track your search engine rankings and even help you create high ranking pages. We currently promote it as one of our top selling software programs.

54. Search Engine Commando

This new software program will submit your pages for you with the exact frequency required by the major search engines. It puts your web site submissions on auto-pilot.

55. Autoresponders which Automatically Follow-up

Postmaster Online has created revolutionary autoresponders which do automatic follow-up for you. Not only that, but they can also help you run your own mailing list and more.

56. Easy Java Programming

Riada has created the solution to Java programming on the web with headline, button, animation and billboard software. Java programming is something that most will not ever want to attempt on their own, but it can be made easy through Riada’s various software solutions.

57. Discount Shopping

This isn’t as much as dealer ship program as it is another way to get traffic to keep coming back to your site. The Roboshopper searches through 1,000s of online stores and helps you to find the best prices for products you are looking for.

58. Wide Selection of Software and Hardware Options

(Over 50,000) Own your own complete software and hardware store. This affiliate program includes some fees, but also includes a lot of products for you to sell and profit from.

59. Web Graphics Software

Animated Title Graphics are made easy with “Xara3D.” You can also refer others to this low cost graphics solution for use on their web sites.

60. Instant Web Site Cure

Host4Profit gives you the ability to have your own web host, domain name, and sell online products. Not only that, but they also give you digital products you can sell and keep ALL the money at one low price.

Business 61 – 70: Create Your Own Videos

Although we covered videos very quickly in the section on doing your own information products, I wanted to do an entire section just to show you a few more ideas in this direction. Videos are an extremely popular format to use in information publishing and that is due to a few reasons:

1. Most customers want information in a video format (they are used to it from watching TV all of their lives).

2. They don’t have time or the desire to read books.

3. Video on the Internet is not very practical yet…except for short video clips.

All of this adds up to opportunities for smart entrepreneurs to create videos in small niche markets. Understand that when I speak of niche videos, I am talking about producing low budget videos targeted to a very specific group of people. This is not a Hollywood production nor a subject that TV will take on.

Those are two competitors that are way out of your league.

You want to pick a market that neither one of those video giants is willing to go for. You are not going for the masses. You are going to go where there wouldn’t be a big enough market for Hollywood, but there is a big enough market for you to make a good profit from.

Let’s not go into a full production of how to do the videos, but I would like to mention that you don’t need to go out and buy all of the video equipment yourself or that you have to learn all of it before you start. If you were to choose that direction, it could be years and tens of thousands of dollars before you will ever be able to do your first video.

The easiest way to do your own video is to come up with the idea, a step-by-step outline for it, and then hire the technical staff you need for the operation. Videographers can be hired. Studios can be rented. Professional editors can do your editing for you. This way you won’t have to learn the equipment nor will you have to buy any equipment.

Hiring a cameraperson for a day and then having the video tape edited will probably only cost you $500 – $1,500. This is only a small portion of what it would cost you to just purchase just a little bit of the equipment you would need.

Once your video was produced, you could send it off for duplication (there are hundreds of video duplicators which you can contact online by using one of the search engines) and begin preparing what you need to start making sales immediately. The three things you would need to do to get ready are:

1. Design a web site or have one done for you.

2. Prepare a Press Release for all targeted magazines and newsletters.

3. Then, set up a way to take orders…secure ordering pages or an order taking service.

One video like this isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but it will get you started on your way to your own information publishing business in a very short time. Once you have good concept and script created, it will probably take you less than 2 weeks to get this project up and running.

Once you have this one making a good profit and running on auto-pilot, then you can go out and do the same thing with another idea. After a while, you could be creating new videos every month or every couple of months once you have the system down (then you may think about your own equipment).

I am not going to tell you exactly what videos you should do, but I want to “turn the light on” for you so to speak. I want to give you a few ideas to get your brain cranking and coming up constantly with ideas that you could do.

This is true of this entire electronic book. I am not giving you detailed instructions or telling you exactly what business you should do or to use as an extra income stream. I have one goal in mind through this: I want to help you come up with ideas for your own business. I want to show you how many options are out there. Then, you can figure out exactly what it is that you want to do!

61. How-To

Is there something you know how to do? I sure hope so! Well, the most common type of niche video is simply a video that shows how to do something. You may show how to create a web site or how to fix an engine. It can be on how to sew or how to play paintball. It can be How To Do Anything you know how to do (or that you can find someone else who can do). Just be sure it isn’t something that is readily available on TV somewhere. It needs to be Unique.

62. Events

The quickest video would be to go to an event such as a trade show or a product expo. If you received permission beforehand to tape the event (this is as simple as sending a letter and calling the event promoters), then you can go through taping and interviewing the people at the different booths. There are thousands of these events held every year across the country, so you will be able to find something near you which would make for an interesting and exciting video.

63. Software

Remember the frustration of trying to learn how to use a new program. It is such a pain in many cases. This means one thing for entrepreneurs: opportunity. Videos could be done on a number of different software programs, especially Internet related programs (programs which can help to increase someone’s business income or drop their work time).

64. Technology

New technology always comes with new problems, mostly in the frustration factor. Any type of new technology can come with videos. You can show how to use the technology with the most leverage and how to avoid problems with it. Think about new tools that this can be done with and keep your eyes open. There are new opportunities showing up every day.

65. Demos

Many companies are now turning to video catalogues or video demos of their products. This especially works well with high ticket items. It is difficult to sell above a certain price level online, but that can be overcome by producing a video on the product and subject. You price the video at a low level: Free, $5, $10, or $20. Then, let it do the presentation for you.

66. Seminars

There are hundreds of seminars being done every week. You can present to the even promoter that you will video tape the event for free and give them the full reprint rights to all of the videos as long as you own the rights as well. This can be an easy way to get your own video set done on a popular subject (it was popular enough to do a seminar on).

67. Hobbies

I tell this to people all the time when they ask me what they should do for their own home business, “Do something that you enjoy!” What hobbies do you have? Any of your hobbies could easily present a video opportunity. Whether you train dogs, paint pictures, or design cartoons, you will be able to find a market for a video. Look through magazines that apply to your subject and think up ideas by reading both the articles and the ads.

68. Pains

People buy for two reasons: to gain pleasure or to relieve pain. Find a problem that people are having and create a video information product that is the solution to it. To the budding entrepreneur, problems are not problems. They are opportunities for new products. Start looking for problems. Once you find some (that should take about 5 seconds), start searching for solutions.

69. Dreams

Do a video on people’s dreams…How to travel the world, the best Bed and Breakfasts, How to take a Cruise, Local Romantic Restaurants or Hotels, etc. Fulfill people’s dreams for pleasure. Give them that “Dream” they are constantly thinking about and have fun doing it.

70. For Hire

Do videos for other companies. This one requires you to learn how to do camera work or editing, but it can provide a good source of extra income for any video business. There are many businesses out there that would love for an outside company to do the entire job for them and take a portion of the profits in a Joint Venture arrangement.

Business 71 – 80: Join a Dealer Network

Dealer networks or associate programs are one of the best ways of adding multiple income streams to any web site. Although I don’t usually recommend someone use an associate program for their primary product, they make great secondary products on the way to your multiple profits from any web site.

You are better off having some type of unique product, service, or item that you own reprint rights to as your main product so that you can earn the majority of the profits on the first sale to your customers (this first sale is also the most expensive one to make to them). Associate programs on average only let you keep 10% to 40% of the money off of your sales so you are better off with a higher percentage item on your front end.

With reprint rights to products at a $1,000 or less in many cases, that is where I would look first for my primary product to start off in business. Then, I would find associate programs to help me create extra incomes that all support my primary theme.

Choosing the Right Associate Program for your Site

There are three major questions you should ask yourself when looking for an associate program to join:

1. Does it fit into your overall theme?

Stay with a theme. We discussed this in the first chapter. You have to develop a theme and then stay with it. Way too many web sites have become just a place to list a bunch of associate programs. Don’t let that happen. Make sure to have one theme and strategy flowing throughout your entire site. Don’t sell nutrition products and software on the same site. It doesn’t work and will only confuse your prospects. Everything on your site has to have one consistent flow and feel to it.

2. Is it a good product or service?

Make sure you can recommend enthusiastically. Do you love the product or are you just trying to make some money? People will be able to tell when they take a look at your presentation. Make sure that it is a product you would recommend to your family (if it applied to them).

3. Does it pay well?

You can’t make money if the program doesn’t pay. Take a look at the pay plan ONLY after you have answered the first two questions. Don’t jump on a program just because it seems to pay well. If it doesn’t fit your site or doesn’t have a killer product, you will have to pass on it anyway!

Below are a few samples of affiliate programs for your to take a look at (all chosen from completely different industries to give you an idea of what is out there). We are not specifically recommending any individual program:

71. Automobiles

At you can be paid a commission for referring potential car buyers or for individuals who place ads selling their used cars.

72. Books is the most well known web site for selling books online and currently has over 300,000 affiliates.

73.Nutrition Products

iHerb will pay you a commission from sales of their herbal products and from their books on nutrition.

74. Magazines

ENews has one of the largest selections of magazines available and now you can make money through referring others.

75. Information Products

One of the best dealerships for information products was create by Mark Joyner and Foreverweb. They have over a dozen different products available and are a great affiliate network to deal with.

76. Perfume

Fragrancenet has over a 1,000 different fragrances for you to profit from if it goes along with your web site theme.

77. Golf

Golf is a passion for millions and now you can make extra profit from any golf related site by partnering with Clip Shot Golf.

78. Sporting Goods

FogDog is a source for sporting goods online and you can make a profit from your own sports store.

79. Travel

Inntopia allows you to make a commission off of luxury travel that your web site visitors take.

80. Instant Internet Cashflow System

Become a dealer with us for the Instant Internet Cashflow System. This is one of the most popular Internet marketing training courses online and we pay 50% on all of your sales.

Business 81 – 90: Create Your Own Opt-In Email List

Let me reveal to you exactly what I do step-by-step to make money online. If you pay careful attention, this could quite easily be the most important book that you will ever read in your online career.

I could go into a complicated discussion of what this person does or what that person does. There are a lot of little twists people do in the marketing to make it more effective. You should never stop learning…BUT what I am going to show you today is a SIMPLE system everybody who I know that is making money online is following!

If you would like to learn my simple 3 step formula for creating wealth online…Keep Reading:

1. Generate Traffic for Your Business

You have to get your business exposed first. This is also the biggest question I am constantly asked by people, “How do I get more traffic to my site?”

The secret to getting traffic is actually so simple most people miss it. If you want traffic at your web site, give people a reason to come to your website! What do you give to them once they get there?

The best thing of all is give them FREE CONTENT. I am not talking about just free reports either, though that is a very good start. Find something in your industry that everyone needs online (Free SE submissions, FREE Listing of Ezines, FREE Training Course Online, etc.). Pick a HOT idea that is going to get people to link to you.

If you spend enough time at forums and talking with people in your industry, you will find a HOT need everyone has that you can offer to them for free at your site. Once you have something like this, your traffic counter will go through the roof!

Plus, you can use other Traffic Plug-ins such as:
Free Classified Sites
Free-For-All Link Sites
Postcard Sites
Magazine Sites
Message Boards
Chat Rooms

2. Start Your Own Opt-In Mailing List.

Start your own Opt-In Mailing List, But do Not SPAM. For those who don’t know what “Spam” is, it is the practice of sending email to thousands or millions of people who have not requested it or have never contacted your company before.

I know you get “Spammed”….everyone does. Personally, I receive around 50 or so a day of these emails selling whatever product or service they have to offer. I delete most of them with barely a glance, yet they keep on coming.

They are usually (though not all of the time) poorly written and full of extremely hyped messages. One will be for bulk email products. The next might be for search engine submissions (I wonder why they have to bulk for it if they are so good at search engine submissions?).

The list goes on and on. I get ads for dolls, cars, credit cards, merchant accounts, and more. We won’t even talk about the worst stuff which is sent out. One piece after another has to be deleted…and it just keeps coming.

Why So Much Bulk “Spam” Email?

If everyone is deleting it, then why do they keep sending it? It’s simple. Although the response rates are extremely low, they still do get orders for their product or service. Their financial cost in sending it is almost nothing, so it is looked upon as a good advertising vehicle. Some sales are better than nothing…Right?

Wrong…In all of the offers about bulk emailing, notice that you never seem to receive the other side of the story. What happens after you send bulk email?

You could lose your local Internet Service Provider, your web sites, your email addresses, and more. Just a few complaints (which you will get even if you try to hide) and your server will cancel your account.

This doesn’t even cover your reputation or the legal ramifications of sending unsolicited bulk email. Currently, several states have laws on the books or in the works which can fine you $500 or more for each piece of bulk email you send without a prior business relationship.

Bulk email just isn’t worth the ramifications. If you have considered bulk email, don’t do it. There are SO many other more effective ways to market your product or service on the net that it is not necessary to take the risks that go with bulk email.

“What Should You Do?”

I can tell you in one sentence what you should do instead of bulk email… “You should start building Your Own Opt-In Email List TODAY!”

Email Marketing is effective. That is why so many people are using it in the “Spam” arena. It can produce sales constantly in your business!

Anytime I see someone trying to build a business online without developing any type of Opt-In list I know they are shooting themselves in the foot. It is possible to build a business online without a list, but WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?

Email is free to send out. Even if you have to purchase a listserver or some other type of application to do your email, we are talking about only a couple hundred dollars a year to send out UNLIMITED communications to your prospects and customers. Go to your local post office and ask them if you can send out as much mail as you want whenever you want for one low lump sum. I guarantee you will be laughed at!

Opt-In email is the wave of the future online. The easiest way to do that is through your own ezine. If you don’t have one now, YOU are going to have an ezine in the future of Internet marketing if you want to stay competitive. The easiest way to set one up is to use Listbot at who will give you one absolutely free!

You can offer your ezine monthly, weekly, or even daily, whichever one is best for you. If you can’t write your own articles, there are dozens of people who will let you use theirs for free. Just ask! It is so simple to run your ezine, and so profitable, you have NO excuse for not doing so if you are a serious Internet businessperson.

3. Use the Seven Profit Streams of Every Opt-In List.

Your Opt-In Mailing list have 7 Profit streams. In this short space I am going to mention just 2 of them which can produce a GUARANTEED residual monthly income for you no matter what type of business you are in.

The first monthly profit stream from your ezine is your own products or services. Every month you can offer a special offer on a NEW product or service OR offer a special bonus to go along with the product. Whereas bulk email has horrible response rates, Opt-In email with your subscribers has been known to produce response rates of 1% to 10%! Think about it.

If you have a $97 product which you offering to a list of only 2,000 people, and pull in a response rate of 1%, you would have a gross income of $1940! If you received a 2% response rate, you would have made $3880! PLUS, You can do this every MONTH or even every week!

What if your list had 50,000 members on it? I know of mailing lists online that have 600,000 or more members on them. Only having 2,000 subscribers is honestly a pretty small list and can be built in around 2 – 3 months even without much of an advertising budget.

The second profit stream from your ezine is classified advertising. As your list grows, you are going to want to give people the opportunity to purchase classified advertising space. If you are selling ads for $20 a week and sell 10 ads per week, you would be making $800 a month in classified advertising. This isn’t a big sum of money, BUT it is a nice residual income to have coming in every month.

Now, think about when you put the other profit streams to work for you in your Opt-In list…what will happen then?

NO Excuses Allowed…

Usually when I tell people to start their Own Opt-In List, they give me one of three excuses about why they can’t do it:

1. They don’t know how.

I usually am the least patient with this excuse, because everyone of us had to learn at some point in time what to do. I don’t think anyone jumped on the Internet and all of a sudden knew exactly what to do every step of the way. As a matter of fact, I know they haven’t.

There are many resources online to learn how to start your own ezine. Dozens of ezines come out every week talking about the subject…not the least of which is the one we publish called “Web Gold.”

Ignorance is no excuse. You can learn how to do your own Opt-In list and you can learn how to profit from it. Don’t let me hear you use that excuse!

2. They can’t come up with that much content.

Maybe, you don’t believe you can come up with that much content, because you aren’t a writer. First of all, I hope you know a lot about whatever subject it is that you deal with in your business. Whatever you are selling…whatever problems you are solving…can be the basis for much of your content.

The second thing you can do is use other people’s content. Hundreds of ezine publishers will allow you to use their articles in your ezine as long as you leave their contact information attached to the bottom of all of the articles. All you have to do is ask and most of them will give you their articles free to use. I know I will!

3. There are already too many ezines and newsletters out there.

Who said your Opt-In Email List had to be an ezine? When I speak of Opt-In Email, it doesn’t have to just mean ezine, although this is the most popular application. I am going to give you 10 different Opt-In List ideas that you can get started using right this minute.

One admonition I want to leave you with though is to get started TODAY! If you don’t get started in one way or another today in either the development of an idea or in the actual set-up of your idea, you by odds will NEVER do it.

Owning your own Opt-In list is so important to the effectiveness of your business online that I have to stress you need to get started today if you want to succeed in your online business.

81. Ezine

This is the basis of most Opt-In lists. You can start an ezine on any subject (an ezine is simply an online newsletter which is sent out by email). In your ezine, you will be providing free information about whatever your specific subject is.

For samples of ezines, go to (there are over 3,000 here). Subscribe to a few of these and start thinking of ideas of what you can do in your ezine.

82. Tip of the Day

Samples of this type of Opt-In list include “Joke of the Day” or “Recipe of the Day.” Create any subject and put it in this blank: “_______ Tip of the Day.” Then, go around and find a specific tip for each day to send to your list. Build a daily relationship with your prospects with this simple idea.

83. Updates

If you can’t come up with another idea for an ezine list or you just don’t want to take time for a weekly or monthly mailing, send out update notices whenever your site is redone. Whenever you add new products or new services, send out a short notice to all of your subscribers.

NOTE: For this type of list, you will definitely have to include a Free bonus for people who subscribe and make sure to mention the bonus whenever you send out your updates so people can remember subscribing.

84. Resource Lists

This is another simple idea to use for an Opt-In list. Send out lists of resources to use in your industry to all of your subscribers. What makes it so simple is that you can save sites you visit in your favorite places as you are studying your market online. Then, use your favorite places resource as the basis for the lists you send out to everyone.

85. Diaries

I have noticed this format being used more and more often lately. Basically, all you do is send out a daily business diary of what went on in your business that day. You may say how you find a new supplier, made so many sales in this market, gave out free information on a certain subject, etc.

The people who use diaries of their businesses can often build a strong bond and relationship with their readers if they are high quality publications full of good information.

86. Friendly Letters

If used appropriately, this may be the best format of all. You send out your weekly or monthly letter to your subscribers in a personal format (it is best if you use a CGI program or listserver which personalizes the emails). They write good information their readers can use and then use P.S. for sales tools, endorsements, etc. Ads are rarely used in a friendly letter format, because you want to keep the personal touch like it was a letter written just for them.

87. Online Class

Create a 6 week, 12 week, 24 week, etc. class which is sent out by email every week. On this one, you would want to make sure you use some type of automated follow-up autoresponder such as AWeber to do the actual work. Then, you save the email addresses once they have went through the entire class and send them out updates on the information or further training along with advertising for your business or joint ventures deals you have set-up. 88. Magazine Site

Many webmasters are beginning to move over to ezines which are published on a web site in a magazine format. This way they can include pictures, formatted text, anything else you can have on a web site. The advantage of this method is that you can include more information on topics in an easier to read format. The disadvantage is that not as many people will read it, because they have to go to the site every month instead of just getting it in their mailbox. If you use this method, make sure to still keep a list of email subscribers so that you can tell them when the new issue is ready.

89. Monthly Audio

If you would prefer to do an audio presentation every month instead of writing, then you may want to think about using Real Audio to create web site audio which can be updated every month. Then, send out an email to your list and let them know when the new monthly message is up and what benefits are in it for them.

90. Monthly Video

The same idea can be followed using video as using audio. The major problem with both of these methods though is the slowness of many people’s connections and the fact that they will have to install additional software, even though it is free. As time progresses though, you can expect that both Audio and Video are going to become much more prevalent throughout the net.

Business 91 – 100: Create a Residual Income

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more in MONTHLY income which comes in consistently month after month without ever selling another product or service?

And don’t worry…I am not talking about network marketing or trying to recruit you into any opportunity.

Through the internet and the use of what is called a “Subscription Site,” you can do this very feat. You can create a web site, sell subscriptions to it, and bring in money for it every single month for the rest of your life.

Although subscription sites used to be only for the adult sites out there, it is quickly becoming a much more commonplace occurrence in every online industry. As a matter of fact, I know of a site in the stock market which sells subscriptions for $300 a month and has a few thousand subscribers. Do the math and figure out the income on that one.

I have seen successful models of subscription sites for not only the adult industry, but also for news, stocks, commodities, internet marketing, web site promotion, newsletters, and industry specific resources. Just about any market has room for subscription sites.

To be a successful one though, you are definitely going to have to come up with unique information or tools that everyone in your market needs. For example, if you were going to do a paid subscription newsletter, it definitely will have to have unique information which can’t be found anywhere else AND bonuses to go with it which are at least worth the value of the price of the subscription itself.

Remember, most of the information and many of the tools you will be selling on your site can be found for free if your visitors were to search the net hard enough. The key is that you will have to present it or organize it in a manner that is much easier to use and simpler to understand than can be found anywhere else.

C-Net reports that only 10% of internet users are willing to pay for access to a web site, BUT that number is growing every day. People are becoming frustrated with having to search a million sites to find what they want. If you can provide it in an easy to use format, then you can profit from helping people relieve their internet frustrations.

For a few quick ideas in this arena, check out these ten businesses you could start with web site subscriptions.

For even more information on the subject, I highly recommend Monique Harris’ ebook, “The Paperless Newsletter Publisher’s Guide,” available through our company at

91. The Total Source

This type of subscription service is when you can collect together in one place the information that everyone needs to get started today in a specific business and provide support to it. For example, a very successful internet marketing subscription site I know gives you internet marketing information, software downloads, products to sell, discussion boards to meet other marketers, and more. They become a one stop shop for the internet marketing tools business people need. You could do the same in your chosen business.

92. Resource Lists

If you can collect the complete list of resources some one needs in an industry and keep it continually updated every week, then you have a potential subscription site. This has been done with lists of classified ad sites, employment resources, wholesale sources, money saving sites, and more.

Come up with a unique idea of a list that everyone is looking for and you might have found your residual income.

93. Promotion Tools

Linkomatic, AWeber, Submit It, and more have all found an edge. They created a tool that helps people to promote their online businesses, and people pay them month after to month to use it. If you can find or create a unique web promotion tool that brings traffic to people’s sites, you may just have a guaranteed winner of a subscription site.

94. Lead Generation

Generate leads for a specific type of business online and you have the subscription site that PEOPLE online are dreaming of. If you can generate lead after lead of people looking for specific products, businesses in that category will beat a path to your web site. Here is another frustration point for internet users. They can’t create the leads they need to profit online. If you can, watch the income stream in.

95. Audio Bank

Do an audio seminar online. Record interviews with industry leaders and make a complete audio bank online with new interviews and information being added monthly to your site. The $0 cost of delivering audio online can help you to build a profitable “Tape of the Month” club in your industry without the duplication and postage costs.

96. Video Bank

Do the above with videos. Recording a new video every month or every week contains good hard hitting information. As access speeds grow for the average user, this type of site will become more and more popular every year.

97. Web Cams

Unique and interesting web cam sites have been profiting from subscription sites for the past year. The key to provide enough content for free while making the paid subscription site attractive to order and good enough to keep renewing every month.

98. Newsletters

How can you do a newsletter for money online when 1,000s of people are doing it for FREE. Being unique wins again. Not only must your information be the best out there, but you will also have to provide FREE bonuses along with the subscription which are worth the money people are paying for the newsletter. Let them know they get more VALUE than what they are paying for.

99. Web Services

Selling web services is probably the most popular subscription item you can sell online. Every business must have a web site, and you can profit from it in practically any industry. There are a lot of web services out there which pay dealer commissions, but in my opinion Virtualis offers the best program because of their high commissions and unmatched customer service. They are available at:

100. Up-To-The-Minute

By far, the most exciting and profitable subscription sites are those which offer continuous up to the minute information. Sites such as stock market sites, commodities, and news which are updated constantly are the subscriptions which bring in the highest revenues (sometimes as much as $2,000 per month) and keep the most subscribers. If you are involved in an industry that HAS to have constant information, then you might just find this is the most successful business you could be involved in online.

Business 101: Joint Venture Marketing

The most expensive marketing consultant in the world, Jay Abraham, was quoted as saying “the fastest, easiest way on earth to make a fortune…and if I had to choose from one single way to make money, this is it.”

Joint Venture marketing made him and the companies he works with millionaires…what can it do for you?

To put it simply, joint ventures are when one company who has developed a list of customers makes an endorsement of another company’s products or services to their list sharing in the profits.

It is based on one business rule, “People prefer to buy from someone they know and trust.” The most precious asset you have in your business is the relationship you have built with your customers. It is an asset that isn’t measured in dollar signs, but that doesn’t make it worth one penny less. If you learn how to leverage your business, this asset is worth pure gold.

Let’s say for a moment that you rent a list of names and addresses from a list broker. You carefully plan your offer and prepare a killer sales letter. Your campaign becomes a winner and pulls in a 1 to 3 percent response on the offer. That is a very effective direct mail project, but with those numbers, you may or may not make money.

In many cases, you don’t make very much profit on the first sale to the customer. It is on the backend sales later on down the road that you make your profits. As a matter of fact, many of the Infomercials actually lose money on every sale they make. They are willing to lose money on 10,000 customers a month so that they can make money on the backend.

Using endorsement offers though can change those numbers completely. A joint venture can take place in this instance by the owner of the list making a deal with the product company to endorse the product to their list. All that the list owner has to do is write about the product owner’s greatness, his unmatched service, his high quality product, and how valuable he considers this deal to be. It only needs to be one page written by the owner of the list and inserted with the exact same sales letter as the one we showed before.

Now, this same offer (only a one page sheet of endorsement by the owner of the list) has been known to sell 10 TIMES as many products with the same mailing to the same list. That means it is possible for this offer which pulled only a 1% – 3% response rate a moment to now pull a response rate of 10% to 30%!!! WHY? The mailing list trusts the list owner because they have done business with them in the past and are willing to do it again based on their recommendation.

Let’s run the numbers for a moment. If you were selling a $197 product to a list of 10,000 people by direct mail, and received a 1% response rate, you would make 100 sales. That would be a gross income of $ 19,700. If your mailing costs totaled $10,000 (which is quite possible) and your expense of your order line plus product were another $5,000, you would have made a profit of $4,700 before the cost of list rental. In other words, your profits would have been decent, but nothing to write home about.

Now, let’s take the same direct mail campaign and make it a Joint Venture.

The list owner endorses your offer and you achieve a 10% response rate on the mailings. You made 1,000 sales. That would be a gross income of $197,000. The cost of mailing stays the same and the cost of your product and order line is now $50,000. You have made a $147,000 profit. You have to split this 50/50 with the list owner and you both make out with $73,500.

Is this a better deal?

Both you and the list owner make thousands more than you could have considered ever making without this partnership. Plus, more customers get to take advantage of your wonderful products (I am assuming they are wonderful or you should go find new ones). It is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved in the process.

Would you like to know how we could have leveraged your sales even further and removed ALL RISK from the process. If the list owner had a newsletter which they sent out to their customers regularly, he could have included your product offer as a ride-along and had NO additional postage costs to include it. The entire offer would have had NO risk to you or the list owner and the potential for over a hundred thousand dollars in profits.

What does this have to do with your business?


If You Are a Product Owner: There are thousands of web sites out there which have already built relationships with their customers. They have Opt-In Email Lists, discussion boards, or regular visitors to their sites. They have the targeted consumers you need and are looking for in your business. If you will LEVERAGE their customer asset and share the profits of your product with them, you can build an online business almost instantly.

If You Are a List Owner: If you find the right product offer and send it out to the 10,000 subscribers of your newsletter along with the right Joint Venture elements, you can instantly earn tens of thousands of dollars in new found wealth for your business. This can occur while helping your subscribers and without having to spend a minute on developing a new product.

If You Don’t Have A Product Or a List: Even if you are starting at ground zero, you can take advantage of Joint Venture Marketing Principles. You can become a deal maker who finds the product owners and list owners and sets up the opportunity. If you were working on a profit split, you could easily earn 10% – 30% of the profits on the deal!

How do you find these deals?

There are infinite numbers of ways to find these deals and set them up, but I want to help you get started and generate some ideas for you with these three techniques:

1. Look for deals with Ezine publishers. Many of them have 10,000 or more subscribers and send out emails to their lists every single week (some daily). Over 3,000 of them organized by industry and market can be found at

2. Start participating in discussion groups. You can actually network your way to wealth by participating in the networking method of the next century. The most extensive list of these groups can be found at

3. Do a search on one of the search engines such as Finding dozens of potential partners in any business will be snap using the online tools we have available to us.

How to contact them:

Once you find your potential partners, prepare a letter and send it by courier to the decision making person in the company. Tell them that you have a way to leverage the assets in their business for immediate profits. There is no cost to them whatsoever. Then, call them. Introduce yourself and start interviewing them. Ask about their company, their sales, their business, etc.

Share the information you have learned here with them and get the deal going for maximum profits for both of you.


This ebook brought to you by:

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You can’t afford to waste money on ineffective or nonproductive advertising. Every dollar you spend has to do the work of ten. Every visitor to your site has to be productive and profit producing.

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Forget the HYPE…Internet marketing isn’t as easy as some people claim it to be. If you have been online for any time at all, you already know this. You can’t just put up a $10 web site and wait for millions of people to show up and buy from you.

Most Internet marketing courses tell you what to do, but they never reveal to you how to do it profitably without wasting thousands of dollars in unnecessary and expensive experimentation.

You don’t need Internet marketing theories…You need concrete steps and specific directions to take to build and market your business for maximum profits with minimum time and money.

You need to know what is working online in the year 2001, not what worked last year or the year before. Forget free classified ads, Free-For-All Links pages, and spamming the Search Engines. This crap may have worked three years ago, but all you will get for your trouble today is an email box full of spam.

The Internet grows and changes so fast most industry insiders consider every two months to be a full Internet year…the book you just bought on Internet marketing went out-of-date one month before it hit the bookshelves!

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