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Most people take better care of their pet’s health than they take care of their own health.

Yet without good health and energy, nothing else in our life matters very much. All the love and money in the world will not make you happy without freedom from pain, exhaustion and illness.

Fitness and stamina may be optional for most of us, but basic good health is what gives us an optimistic outlook and ability to get the most out of what life offers us. But if you really want to get the most out of the Happy, Healthy and Prosperous life ahead of you – stamina for all the good times ahead is pretty darned important.

While “laughter” may be “the best medicine”, we also need to apply good old fashioned, commonsense, self help strategies toward achieving better health.

Your lifestyle, nature of your work, maturity levels, and even whether you are part of a family relationship or flying solo through life – all affect what and when you cook, how and when you exercise, how much restful sleep you get, and how much priority you give to your health at any given time or stage of your life.

So to simplify the search process and speed up the download times for the volume of self help material we have available, we have created self help health categories loosely based on personal “lifestyles” that may be most affecting your health at the moment.

You may well be a stressed out single person, who is also a parent or prime caregiver, who also has a career or enterprise to manage – but TODAY your question is how to improve your heath and fitness when you are too stressed out and tired supporting your family as a parent to be able to build in any self help strategies that you already have in mind.

We will offer as many self help strategies as possible to make it possible for you to design the nutrition, recreation, fitness, and other support plans that best suit your current lifestyle and life roles.

Content outline for resources:

Some of the topics covered in each category page include the following self help health resources for each lifestyle :

Healthy Diet and nutrition
Healthy activities
Stress Management
Healthy Self Image
Meals and recipes for energy and fitness
Health and Nutrition supplements
Coping with Dis-ease
Pets for your health
Holiday and recreation time
Rest and recovery: Lack of sleep = Depression!
Mental illness and mental health
Health coaches and gyms
Sports and recreation for fitness and energy
NLP – change your “state” and your beliefs about your health
Addictions – self help recovery strategies
Healthy appearance and presentation
Affirmation & Visualization tools for a healthy attitude and state of mind
Weight loss Health programs
Sports stamina Health programs
Weight gain Health programs
Breathing and the lymphatic system
Fresh foods and water content
Water, water, water.
Drink your veges.
Teeth and dental issues for your health
Laughter is the best medicine
Goal setting
Action plans
Articles on the above subjects
Health books and articles to download

So start clicking on the Navbar categories and feel free to check out as many categories as you want until you get the mix of self help strategies and resources that you want to use to start on the road to lifelong Health and energy.

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