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So you have a desire to change, I think that’s great! No matter what level we are at, change for the better is always good for our self-esteem. If we stop progressing mentally or physically, we will often become bored and unhappy with ourselves.

In this free ebook you will learn what to do and what not to do regarding fitness and weight loss programs. It is divided into five chapters and is easy reading. All the major aspects of a weight loss program are covered and maybe even some things you haven’t considered.

The pages are designed for easy printing or saving to your computer. Share it with anyone you like. I would like to say that in fitness, especially weight loss in particular, that almost nothing is written in stone. In other words, if you find something that works, stick with it! No one can tell you otherwise. In the end I wish you the best of luck and feel welcome to share your story, thoughts, tips and experiences with the Fitness-Tricks community through our newsletter.

Sincerely, Randy Mclean “Don’t be afraid to learn. Knowledge is weightless, a treasure you can always carry…”

Chapter 1

Dealing With Failure

For this first and very important chapter we will discuss a few key things in order for you to really succeed at what you’re doing. With these essentials cleared up you will have a clearer vision of where you are going and most importantly, how to get there. These things are:

1. How Do I Know I am Ready?

2. When Do I Start?

3. What Will Happen If I Don’t Succeed?

Let’s start off with the first issue. You should only start when you are absolutely convinced that you are doing this for yourself. Don’t do it because someone close to you is pushing you. You will be a lot less motivated this way and also a lot more frustrated. When you are doing this for yourself you will be more inclined to do the proper research and will also be more likely to put all of your heart and resources into it, whether it be emotional, physical or financial.

While it is important to care about what others think it shouldn’t be your primary objective. You must do this out of respect for yourself and then for others. When it boils down to it, you are the one who has to see yourself everyday. In other words, as long as you are happy with your appearance that is all that should matter.

Secondly, when do you start? Again, start when you are ready. You must be in the proper frame of mind in order to begin this process, as it demands a clear head. If you have failed at another approach, take awhile off and wait until you think you can handle it. There is no point running from one program to another, this only leads to confusion and burnout.

And last but not least, what if you fail? The key idea is to learn from your mistakes. Remember where you think you went wrong and do your best to avoid repeating it. Everyone is different and through trial and error you will find what works the best for you.

I am not saying that everything you try won’t work. That would be silly!

You can think positive and be assured that any sincere efforts you put into this endeavor will not be in vain. There will always be valuable life lessons you can grab when attempting to do something. In reality, anything you try to improve yourself will be met with results of some kind. You just want to find that perfect fitness target that’s all!

Key points:-

* Do this for yourself and not others. It will be easier on you.

* Your primary objective should be what you think of yourself and not what others think

* Start when you are ready in order to be in the proper frame of mind

* Learn from your mistakes, don’t be discouraged, and start over

* All sincere efforts will be rewarded

Chapter 2

How to Eat…Without Losing the Will to Live!

No fitness book would be complete without a chapter on positive eating habits. You not only want to enjoy what foods you are eating but you also want to be fulfilled after you have eaten them. This chapter will briefly outline steps you can take to achieve this goal.

A lot of people quit dieting because they think they have to partake in things like rice cakes and broccoli! This is simply not the case! Never mind quit, some won’t even start a weight loss program because of this. They are discouraged…

Another reason is that people become discouraged because they become hungry. And that is surely not good. While it is realistic to become moderately hungry you don’t want to be starving. You are not a robot but a human being. Don’t torture yourself. No one continues to do anything they don’t like. The few that do are often miserable.

Below are some steps you can study and follow to get your eating habits together.

• Eat the foods you like. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about hot dogs and chocolate cake. At least not all the time. But just eat what you usually do on a regular basis, you know things like sandwiches for example while decreasing your portions a little.

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• Eat enough. Most people are too much in a hurry to lose weight quickly. If they don’t see 6 pounds come off in the first week they start panicking. Don’t! Remember that most people who are overweight eat for other reasons. Habit, boredom, depression, control etc. Only eat when you are hungry. Ask yourself this question, it is important. When you feel that you have had enough to hold out until another meal just stop. Drink a few glasses of water and 20 minutes later you won’t even think about it for awhile until you are.

• Stick to how many meals you would normally eat. At first you want to try and mimic your old habits as close as possible. This way it won’t be so much of a shock. If you eat 2 meals, eat two meals. To keep your metabolism running better just introduce 1 or 2 meal replacements like a homemade shake or food supplements making sure they are over 200 calories each.

• Take in the smallest quantity before bed. For example, eat your regular meals first and take your supplemental meals at night. You’d be surprised how well this will work. You don’t want to have to burn as many calories while you are sleeping because obviously you aren’t as active. This is an area where a lot of people fail.

I hope you find these ideas practical and easy to apply. The main point I want to stress is that you should feel as comfortable and happy as possible while going through this initial phase. The next step after losing the weight is maintaining it, which is no where near as difficult as losing it. Once you have laid down a foundation and you get used to the minor adjustments in your lifestyle it should be a piece of cake!

Key points:-

– Avoid unnecessary hunger or foods that you really dislike

– Consume less quantities near bedtime

– Eat normally at first while decreasing portions a little at a time

– Only eat when hungry, examine your reasons before eating

– Keep meal times the same while adding supplemental meals to avoid

Chapter 3

Don’t Cheat But Treat!

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Big surprises come in small packages,” but have you ever heard the saying “Even bigger surprises come in bigger packages?” Well, while not true in all cases, it will usually hold true for eating while you are dieting.

A treat is just that, a treat. Therefore you should treat it, as a treat…am I confusing you? Hold on. A treat is great as long as it’s planned. That’s the key word friend. If it’s planned smartly, then it’s not cheating, but treating. Cheating is where it is not planned. If hunger gets the best of you for example, or someone offers you something sweet to eat and you just don’t have the tact or will to refuse it. Cheating is also characterized by a feeling of guilt afterwards.

Are there any reasons for treating? You bet! The first reason being it keeps you from uncontrolled bingeing. If you go too long without the real foods you like, no matter how strong your will power is you will eventually break. And that’s not the best thing for your head.

Second, it helps to keep your metabolism up. Let me explain. If you keep eating the same amount of restricted calories day in and day out your body will become used to it therefore regulating itself. But if you introduce a higher amount of calories, say once a week, your body will then be given a higher number to work with and the end result will be an increased metabolic rate. The body will think, “Whoa, what’s going on here! I better shape up!”

How do you regulate this? Just pick one day in seven like a Saturday and just eat normal foods while not counting calories. Also, throw in some junk foods for good measure. As mentioned above this will cure those cravings! Thirdly, this is great if you know you have to go to a social or something like a wedding where food will constantly be around you. You won’t have to worry for that day and you also won’t have to worry about blowing your diet.

Many times people get discouraged because they feel ‘forced’ to cheat because of the pressure and they also don’t want to come across as rude. This is true, a lot of people don’t understand what you’re going through but this little tidbit of information will fix the problem.

Once a person gets stuck in this rut it is very hard for some to get out. They often think that because they let this happen that they will never achieve their goals. Well, this isn’t the case! They also feel depressed because they feel they have lost their direction and they have to start over. “Well, back to the old drawing board!”

But! If you know something like your treat day is logically planned and has scientific backing to it you will not feel guilty but good! You will also feel good knowing that you didn’t cheat and that you deserve it! And once you start losing the weight, people might wonder how you do it!

With a bit of common sense you can work with this idea. If your junk day is on Friday for example and you have that party on Saturday just improvise! Switch your days and be flexible. Remember that with fitness, nothing is written in stone.

Key points :-

– Using these techniques you can be flexible and guilt free

– Treats are planned while cheating is not

– Treating keeps you from uncontrolled bingeing and will cure

– Treating helps to increase your metabolism therefore burning

– With treating you never have to worry about being forced into unwanted cheating

Chapter 4

Sudden Change-Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Are you surprised, discouraged or perhaps even amused by those before and after diet ads that show people miraculously transformed in a matter of months? Well, while some of them are legitimate some are often not. I say they are not legitimate not in the sense that they didn’t work but rather how they go about it.

What they fail to mention is that often the models are tanned, pulling in their stomachs more than they were at first, and have their wardrobes slightly adjusted. That’s what gives them that ‘polished’ look. Even if these things were not done there would be noticeable results I’m sure. My point? It is possible!

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Then you often have the crash diet pictures where the models are often clothed. While harder to tell, probably most of these people have tried to lose the weight without any kind of physical activity whatsoever. If you could see them unclothed they generally would look like a smaller version of what they were before.

Most of the cases that I just mentioned in the second example are the ones who are more likely to put the weight back on than the ones who exercise. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. The less you change your lifestyle, the less you get out of it…

While I’m not saying you’ll always have to exercise as much or even at all, it will help tremendously when starting out. What you want is the fastest, safest changes you can manage so you can get on enjoying life! Not too fast though, as with your eating program you want to be comfortable and enjoying what you’re doing.

First you want to get into some kind of cardiovascular activity. This will help the greatest in burning fat. Here’s a sample beginner program that you can try:

Week 1
Day 1- walking-20 minutes
Day 3- walking-25 minutes
Day 5- walking-20 minutes
Week 2
Day 1- walking-25 minutes
Day 3- walking-20 minutes
Day 5- walking-25 minutes and so on…

Keep this up until you are satisfied with yourself and/or your time constraints. You don’t have to necessarily walk either. If you have or prefer a stationary bike for example you could use that.

Second, you need some type of resistance training. This will help you burn more calories at rest and will also help to shape your body so that you will create the illusion of a slimmer person by widening your shoulders and your outer thighs. This will help make your waist appear smaller. Again, here is a sample program:

Monday – Pushups, as many as you can for 3 sets. Side laterals, 3 sets of 15 repetitions

Wednesday – Lunges, 15-20 for 3 sets. Rowing, 3 sets of 15 repetitions

Friday – Bicep Curls and Tricep Presses, 3 Sets of 15 repetitions

You can do abdominal crunches as well after each workout. Try three sets of 20 but do not use any resistance. You don’t want your waist any thicker! Incase you don’t know, a repetition or rep for short is one performance of an exercise and a set is a group of repetitions. You can rest a minute or so between sets, usually when your breathing returns to normal.

To warm up before your exercises just stretch whatever muscle groups you are working and/or do some light cardiovascular activity for 5 minutes. This will get your blood flowing and your muscles warm. Since you are not training heavy or for really big muscles there is less risk of injury.

Any kind of resistance will do. You can use free weights, machines, soup cans, or rubber bands. Whatever is available to you and most convenient. Remember that pretty well anything will work if you use it!

There! Doing this program will ensure you greater success than if you didn’t exercise at all. Since I mentioned some of the benefits elsewhere in the book I won’t go through them again.

* It is possible to change your appearance in a relatively short period * Those who exercise tend to keep the weight off longer than those who * Cardiovascular activity is the most effective for immediate fat * Resistance training is the most effective for long term weight loss * Almost any exercise will produce results if you are consistent

Chapter 5

Avoid the Pain…Maintain!

Most people who do manage to lose weight will gain it back again. A lot of crash diets fail in this area. While this fact might seem obvious it bears repeating. Don’t let this happen to you! Don’t be another statistic! There are a few simple steps you can use to avoid letting this happen to you. There are also warning signs to watch for, let’s look at them:

1. Speed. Avoid any kind of program or diet that either promises rapid weight loss or makes you lose weight too fast. This is a definite warning sign. The longer it takes you to get the weight off the longer you will keep it off, period. The idea of losing weight fast might be tempting and can be done but why take the chance? Why risk something you don’t need to? Usually losing weight too quickly means starving yourself and when it’s over you will start to eat more again to compensate. Your body will be craving food and you’ll have to give in.

2. Monitor. When you first lose the weight and especially if you are inexperienced you need to frequently monitor your weight before it is too late. Once you get used to your habits a little more and experiment you will be able to go longer periods of time between weigh-ins. The key here is to catch the weight before it becomes noticeable to you and to others. When the scale says you’re over by two pounds it won’t show, you still have time. If the scale says you’re over by seven…chances are you waited too long and by this point you will see it.

3. Don’t push it too far. Sure you can eat more and for longer periods of time now that you are thin but don’t get carried away! You could even binge for a week if your metabolism is cranked enough but watch one week doesn’t become two and so on. The thing with food is that’s it’s very addicting. It doesn’t take long if you are not careful to get back fully into your old habits. Save your bingeing for when you really need it like the Christmas holidays or vacations!

4. Boredom or depression. Sometimes you can just say ‘you’ve had it’ because you’re tired of constantly thinking of the timing of meals and when to exercise etc. This is very understandable. In this case you want to just drop everything. Take a week or two off and do things you like. Read, watch movies, or anything to get your mind off of it all. Before you know it, you will miss these things and be craving to get back into the swing of things like your exercise or making a delicious chocolate shake. Whatever your routine is.

If you keep these steps in mind after you have lost the weight it will become very difficult to put it back on. Don’t get stuck in a rut. You’ll be where you want to be and looking the way you want. The world is yours! Climb the next mountain and tackle the next barrier in your life! Good luck!

Key points

* Avoid losing weight too fast, you will be starving your body of vital nutrients

* Implement frequent weigh-ins at first to avoid noticeable weight gain

* You can eat more after it is off but watch you don’t take it too far

* If you grow tired of everything just drop it all and take a week or two off

Stay focused and aware of what you are doing


– Author’s Disclaimer-The information contained in this book is strictly for informational purposes. You should consult a physician before beginning any new nutrition, exercise, or dietary supplementation program. The information contained in this book is not intended to provide medical advice. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health-care practitioner.

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