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Top Twenty Super Foods
and Supplements
for Great Health,
self help article
by Bob Calvert

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These are listed only in approximate order of priority.

There are many other good foods, but our lifestyles don’t allow us as much time to prepare food as we would like.

Why not get the best nutrition from the calories that you eat?

Drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of distilled or high-quality spring water from a quality producer.

Tap water is toxic, plain and simple!

Adequate water is needed for hydration and cleansing.

Some authorities say a gallon a day.

BarleyLife dried juice (from A.I.M.) mixes with distilled water.

This is a crucial “fast food” that supplies over 23 minerals and vitamins in a form, which is rapidly absorbed by our body cells.

These elements are lacking in many veggies and fruits because of the depleted soils.

Carrot Juice made fresh from organically grown carrots with a high-quality juicer that separates the pulp.

If you eat a raw or cooked carrot a lot of the beta-carotene (Vitamin A) antioxidant is bound in the fiber and not properly absorbed in the body.

This method of preparing carrot juice also unlocks all eight essential amino acid, which are the building blocks the body needs to make the proper protein.

Many times more absorbable in the body cells than any animal proteins. Lots of other vitamins and minerals as you are using several carrots to make one glass of delicious fresh juice. Consume immediately for best results.

Grape Seed Extract (100 mg) from Solgar or other quality vendor. This is a bioflavonoid, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Over 20 times more potent than Vitamin C or E and one of the few that helps the brain cells.

Pulse – from Brain Garden. This is a complete food which can also be eaten as a snack. It’s a special mix of grains, fruits and nuts, all organic with no high temperature processing. This is a tasty mix with abundant protein, vitamins and minerals.

Black beans – organically grown, presoaked and slow cooked. A super source of fiber, protein and many vitamins and minerals.

The fiber does not seriously lock up the nutrients as with carrots.

EZEKIEL bread from Food for Life Baking Company. This is a sprout-based bread not a flour-based one.

There are several flavors and varieties. These are the most nutritious breads made with lots of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin E (200 IU) from Carlson. It’s nearly impossible to get enough vitamin E from your food intake and this is a powerful antioxidant. Selenium is required to get vitamin E to work.

A well-rounded vegetarian diet may have enough. A quality 100 mcg Selenium supplement every other day will help.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin so it is best to consume just before meals that have some of those good fats or oils listed below.

UDO’s blended oil. This is liquid at room temperature and blends many of the best fats known, including the great ones found in fish. The healthiest way to eat is to choose foods with extremely low fat and add the proper oils and fats to them after cooking!

The ONLY good fats or oils should be liquid at room temperature and never processed with heat! Heating over 160 degrees F oxidizes the fats and they become toxic. That’s why the mass-produced corn oils are toxic, they use heat in the manufacturing.

Cooking with any oil or fat over 160 degrees F oxidizes the fat and it will turn toxic in the body! Add the oil after cooking when the food is just warm! The following are the other great ones:

Extra virgin olive oil. This must be cold pressed from a quality manufacturer.

Salmon oil capsules from Carlson. This and UDO’s let you get those great fish oils without the toxins and difficult to digest protein in the fish itself.

Brown rice – whole grain, slow cooked. A well-balanced nutritious grain.

Herbal Fiberblend from A.I.M. This is both a fiber supplement plus a colon cleaner.

Even a vegetarian diet may not have enough fiber or cleaning power these days.

This can counteract the constipation side effects of some common drugs.

In addition to some of the above listed foods, here are great sources of easily digestible amino acids and proteins, as well as many other nutrients.

Most adults only partially digest animal proteins and dairy products. The rest turn into fat or is stored within the body as toxins. Here are the good ones:

Bananas, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Okra, Peas, Sweet Potatoes (not yams), Summer Squash, Tomatoes (raw only – cooked tomatoes have their protein destroyed by heat and become acid), Beans – various natural kinds (especially black beans) with nothing added, presoaked and slow cooked.

In addition to some of the above listed foods, here are great sources of easily digestible Calcium, as well as many other nutrients. Most adults only partially digest the calcium in dairy products. The rest is eliminated or stored in the body as toxins, including kidney stones and clogged arteries. Here are the good ones:

Collard Greens, Kale, Mustard greens, Turnip greens, Broccoli, nuts, black beans (see above), oat bran, oatmeal (natural, no additives), sesame seeds.

“Rice Dream” milk substitutes. Sold in various flavors and enrichments. These are based on whole grain brown rice. The same is true for certain oat milk substitutes. Read labels carefully to avoid toxic additives.

Spinach – a great source of minerals and vitamins. However the calcium in spinach is not absorbed in the body because of the oxalic acid in the spinach. No not eat with calcium supplements or other major calcium sources at the same meal.

Oranges – fresh, organic only. Great source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. All of the juices sold in the stores are useless because they have been pasteurized (heated). It’s only good when freshly squeezed and drank soon.

Apples – a great source of cellulose-type fiber, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Various seeds and nuts – these can be a source of protein, but they can not be roasted. Get raw ones!

Well, actually, I cheated and included more than twenty, as some of the above twenty items have multiple items. Important – try to shop at a reputable health food store for your vegetables and fruits – fresh and organically grown wherever possible.

I shop at “Whole Foods” in Wheaton, IL. This is a chain and I know there are others depending on your location.


Article sourced from a great site for health information. This Top Twenty list is the culmination of a lot of research including papers and books from Natural Hygiene, medical, holistic and university research. The fun part of research is when you start to see a clear pattern of what is best! A long bibliography is available on request; a third of the references are on this web site! There are still differences of opinion on cooked vs. raw.

Copyright (C) 1999 Background of Bob Calvert

Robert T. Calvert (Bob) earned Bachelor and Master degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has been doing research on technical subjects for thirty years since graduating. Although most of these years were devoted to high technology, recently Bob has turned his number one priority to nutritional research. This was prompted by several health disorders.

This was further reinforced by experiencing most doctors of medicine (M.D.s) concentrating on treating symptoms only with drugs and ignoring causes. It appeared to Bob that most of these doctors were either ignorant of the importance of nutrition or they wanted plenty of return business!

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