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Holidays and solo Recreation ‘time off’
self help for singles.

Self help resource for Singles planning their holidays alone.

“There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second” Logan Pearsall Smith

Traveling alone may not be your thing. Check out the cruises and resorts that cater for singles, so that you will not be the only person at the table every night without a partner joined at the hip.

Travel with friends that have similar interests. Get creative. Swap houses or apartments with friends in different climates or regions.

Some travel agencies specialize in arranging holidays for singles who like to mix with other singles.

Also checkout the Hobbies and Adventure club trips that are available. Cruise while you scrapbook or embroider. Or share an adventure tour with whitewater rafting or mountaineering or sailing.

It really is up to you how you like to take your holidays. If you don’t like eating alone, make arrangements, otherwise simply plan the holiday of a lifetime where you get to do all the things and travel to all the places that YOU LIKE. No compromises.

Write down a list of the things you find most-





Re energizing:

Whatever makes you happy:

Look at the environment and locations you feel happiest in:




City scrapers:

Whatever makes you happy:

Put the two favourite things together and you are off to a good start. If you can only be at home for your holiday, then build in the components you want, even if it’s a day trip to a special location, or hire a video that incorporates the things you enjoy.

“There’s sand in the porridge and sand in the bed, And if this is pleasure we’d rather be dead” Noel Coward.

If your idea of a dream holiday is to book into a city hotel for a weekend and shop til you drop, going to shows or dinner with friends every night, then so be it. If you want to camp in the country and water ski or fish, then so be it. Live and let live.

Some sites to look at for your holiday research: coming soon……..

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Creativity & hobbies:

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort” Franklin D Roosevelt.

Your hobbies are important for your happiness and wellbeing.

The pride of creating things with your own hands is never to be underestimated. It provides a sense of accomplishment and pride in your skill that only you can create for yourself.

You don’t need to be an artist or master craftsman to develop your own skills or collections. There are many self help ideas for getting satisfaction without needing to spend a fortune or taking over the house with equipment and materials.

Create a corner for yourself, even if only a couple of shelves in a bookcase that can hold your patterns, journals or collections.

‘It doesn’t matter what is happening to the economy, government or your industry; it matters what is going on in your imagination. If you’ve got a rich imagination you’re going to have a rich experience” Mark Victor Hansen

Some ideas for creative development:

Scrap books: Take some favorite photos, get some coloured papers and cardboard, scraps of lace, ribbon, buttons, glue, stamps, cut out letters, type and print a brief story about the photo or photos, and start cutting and gluing. Put together in a one or two fold presentation format. There are examples on the internet and in magazines of this popular and inexpensive way to tell the story of important events in your life. My favourite scrapbook is still to have a big bound scrapbook that I get from the supermarket stationery department, that I fill with photos, ticket stubbs, birthday cards, notes and mementos that I collect. I decorate the pages with interesting photos from magazines that attracted me, and quotes or articles that I have collected. It just becomes a visual diary for me of events and people. Much more interesting than just a photo album.

Journals: keep a daily written journal of your experiences and lessons as you hurtle through life. Makes fascinating reading in future years, and can become your legacy for your children in the future. Research and write your Family History. Publish it yourself on your computer and distribute it to family members at gift giving times.

“To be able to enjoy one’s past life is to live twice” Martial

cooking, If you love to cook, then enjoy to your hearts content. Pack and give as gifts some of your masterpieces. Bake birthday cakes or biscuits for all occasions. Bottle and preserve this seasons fruit and veggies, presented with your personalized labels. Freeze extras and treat yourself to some for later. Hold dinner parties when you need to cook up a storm and impress friends with your skill. Even if you live on take aways and frozen dinners – Master at least two dishes in your lifetime, just to show you can.

decorating, A change is as good as a holiday. Don’t need to buy anything new. Just take out all the knick knacks and decorating accessories, including lamps, cushions, mats, pictures, maybe even some of the non-essential furniture. Then re-arrange the furniture and start to re-introduce the accessories. Swap accessories between rooms. Create changes for the seasons. Bring out the pinecones you found while walking – for a winter theme, along with a clutch of candles on a plate. Bring a potted plant with bright flowers inside for a few days for a summer or spring fee. Collect some spectacular autumn leaves and place in a bowl, stir in some pot pourri or a few drops of scented oil. Get a bag of light clean sand and pour on a tray, arrange some sea shells from the store or the shore. Buy a small ‘sample’ tin of paint and re colour a small piece of furniture or section of a wall. Fiddle about with what you have in hand, or stored away that you didn’t have room for when you first set up house. OK then, go buy yourself a poster print, or couple of new cushion covers, or a pot plant, or a simple throw over for the couch. Or raid your parents attic and find some new booty to play with.
Have fun, and do it at least four times a year.

crafts & gift making: there is an incredible list of things that will have its own page and instructions for some simple gifts to make and give, that we will keep adding to every week. But start with ideas for things you can cook, preserve, bake, dry, or sew, assemble and glue, pressed flowers to glue on cards and mount for pictures, painting with oils or water colours, knit, crochet, embroider, calligraphy,

collecting stuff – stamps, records, books, figurines, oddities, old photos, china, watches, postcards, spoons or key rings from your travels, – these are only some of the small things, Obviously, if you like something, just start to collect more of them.

Then your friends will catch on very quickly, and before you know it, your collectables will be flowing in to you from everyone you know. Unless, of course, you decide to collect very large diamonds.

photography, Get your old camera out and have fun. Now-days with digital cameras and computer programs – anything goes. Take some photography classes. Just get a new perspective on your world and the people in it. Will not cost a lot, but get you totally engrossed, so – aim and fire at will.

art and painting, Make sure you get your hands on the book “Drawing on the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards – Fontana or Collins publishing. I guarantee that you CAN draw and paint what you see.

Then also go to the library and get a book on “how to” paint in oils, water colour, acrylics, or how to draw in pencil or charcoal. Also try books that specialize on one subject matter like cats, dogs, horses, landscapes, ocean scenes, etc. Get a block of good sketching of painting paper from the supermarket or an art supplier. And just have fun learning as you go.

If you find you really enjoy this, look for a local art teacher. Many hold classes in their homes or at community or civic centres, for very low fees. This can be more fun than you can possibly imagine. Join local art groups, show your work. Give as gifts. Sell at markets. Who knows what might happen, except that you will have many hours of pleasure.

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play a musical instrument, If the thought terrifies you, or you don’t want to invest in an instrument yet, try the computer software that allows you to learn on a keyboard that plugs into your computer. Or ask a relative who has a piano, guitar or whatever, to give you lessons. They will be delighted that you are interested, and that they have a skill to share with you. Musicians advertise in the local paper for students. If they have the equipment, you only need to pay for lessons and see how you go. Learn to sing – no layout for a musical instrument there. Join you local drama group, learn to act, be a stage hand. Your contribution will be appreciated.

learn a language. Again, teachers advertise their services everywhere. You can also get some excellent language programs on audio to learn by. Check out if your library has any audio language programs you can borrow. New computer programs are also being created to make the learning process even more interactive. Hire foreign language videos to hear the language in a more natural environment, and get into the culture behind the language. Plan a trip to visit that country. Join the Associations of that country eg: Australia Japan Association or Society for social interaction and to hear the language, or get a partner to practice speaking the language with. Contact that country consulate or embassy for listings of clubs and associations nearest to your home.

Have fun, mind puzzles, Stimulate your brain cells or your laughing bone with games, mind puzzles and similar low cost challenges. Join a community centre that has games nights for scrabble, trivial pursuit etc. Buy some inexpensive crossword puzzle books or mind teaser books. Have a games night once a month for friends to drop in and share the fun with you. Collect Jokes to cheer yourself and your loved ones. Keep a file, scrapbook or computer file. Print your own joke book or quotes collection to distribute to friends for gifts. Try out your IQ levels with tests for yourself and friends.

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click here for free IQ and other fun tests.

handwriting analysis, This can be a fascinating art, and it has been said that if you modify your own handwriting you modify aspects about yourself too, Learn about your own handwriting characteristics and what they say about you. Do the same for your all your friends who have ever written to you.

Check out Amazon for ideas on books, CD, videos or computer tutorial programs they may have on sale, or even second hand books. Explore you area of interest.

check out the – Music, videos, books – Amazon link below

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your recreation and holiday time. Be creative in your ‘playtime’ and you will soon get creative in your approach to everything else in your life – and be Happy doing it.

Check out these links below for some “recreational shopping”