Couples self help Appearance and Presentation self help article.

Couples self help for
Appearance, grooming & presentation

Self help self image, appearance and personal presentation resources for couples. Couples self help Appearance and Presentation self help article.

Did your fashion sense change when you became part of a twosome? Some self help strategies for maintaining your own image and style, even on a shared budget.

What were you wearing the last time you felt happy, and the time before that?

What was your partner wearing last time you thought s/he was a knock-out and a “joy to behold”?

By the way, there is no need for couples to do a Jen-Ben and appear everywhere in co-ordinated clothes.

You are not joined at the hip. As long as the clothes are appropriate for the occasion in both your eyes – you match perfectly well.

If your man decides to grow a beard and you develop a beard rash, you need to talk about it. If your girl decides to cut off her long hair and wear a crew cut, she needs to mention it to you first, as a pure courtesy if nothing else.

Be very, very gentle if you really feel the need to give your partner grooming and image tips. Common courtesy and consideration goes a long way even in secure couples.

And if they decide that body piercing is their thing, let them try – just as long as you are not expected or forced to join them in the experiment. Peer pressure can be very powerful in a relationship. And tattoos don’t wash off if the relationship is a wipe out.

When you first set up house together, a couple’s budgets for new clothing can be very tight. If you are close to the same body size, try getting ‘unisex’ style Tshirt, tracksuits or PJs, And we all know that sometimes His shirt looks fantastic on Her, and can be worn in a loose shirt jacket style over leggings or jeans and plain T-shirt.

Also letting your families know that certain clothing would be appreciated at gift time can be helpful. Even if it is just the usual socks and jocks.

“Learn to be happy with what you have got, while in pursuit of what you want”

Even if on a budget you still need an annual fashion ‘treat’ such as special tie or scarf or jacket that will add long term value to a classic wardrobe, while making you feel great right now.

If you are still working out your ‘fashion styles’ or feeling you want to try some radical mix and match combos, try out the second hand clothing outlets. I know this can sound shocking, but if you want ten outfits each and you really don’t know how your looks will end up, experiment with clothes that only cost two to five dollars each, please.

Also as a couple if you may be considering adding to your family, it might be time to invest in a sewing machine and start trying out some simple sewing patterns. The money to be saved is astronomical, and the satisfaction of being able to create a perfectly fitting garment, especially if you are petite or large, is a pure joy.

We will be researching some site links for clothing and image consultants, so keep your eye on this spot.

Large sized clothing – coming soonPetite sized clothing – coming soonFashion sites for men and women of all ages and lifestyles – coming soonDress for success sites – coming soon


Above all remember to smile. It is always the most beautiful part of your overall appearance and presentation.

Self help self image, appearance and personal presentation resources for couples.


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