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Inside Secrets to Building More Will Power,
self help article
by Dr. Vetter

Self Help article:

My Grandmother used to say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

My Grandpa Vetter said his definition of ‘Will Power’ was, “Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.”

As you sit there reading these words, letting your eyes move from word to word, thinking your next thought you may be wondering is my ‘will’ strong enough or how can I build more ‘will power’?

I guess the first place to start is why would I want to build my will power? What would be important about building my will power?

Like me, you’ve probably thought or heard, “I can’t do that, I just don’t have the will power.”

I find it interesting when working with clients who want to stop smoking or losing weight or changing a bad habit or making more money or have more control over themselves, one of the main complaints are, “I don’t have enough will power”.

I’ve even had people say they don’t have any will power. Of course this comes out of much frustration of attempting to do or have something and not getting it.

Temporarily, people may lose sight of the fact that we all use will power all the time.

‘Will Power’ is the moving force behind our intention or the force that carries us to our outcome or destination.

Getting up, going to work, going to the store all involve the use of the power of will.

The difficulty that people sometimes face is continually applying their force of will over an extended period of time, in the same direction, to get a desired result such as weight loss, stop smoking, stress reduction or the changing of any unwanted habit.

Will Power is not the only tool that can be applied to accomplish what we want, yet here we have chosen to improve our ability to use our will.

I had one teacher who called ‘will power’ the junk candy of the mind because they didn’t recognize that what they were explaining (imagination) was a builder of ‘will power’ not a substitute.

There are many ways to build ‘will power’ and we are going to discover a really fast one here.

Again, please realize you already have more than enough ‘will power’ and as with anything else, once you learn or remember how to direct the ‘will power’ you have the more you seem to have and the more you get your desires.

The first thing to understand in building more ‘will power’ is that ‘will power’ is not a thing unto itself.

The strength of your ‘will power’ is in direct correlation to the intensity of your intention. Naturally, the intensity of you intention is increased by considering as many of the aspects of the outcome of your intention as possible.

In other words, What do you want?

How can you get what you want?

What would you have to change get what you want?

How will you know you have what you want?

What will it look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, smell like, etc.?

A well defined outcome and intention naturally builds strong personal ‘will power’.

Outcome is where you want to end up.

Intention is where you want to start.

You may notice they are pretty much the same. One of my teachers always said, “Start with the end in mind”.

If my intention is to go to Hawaii, when I define the outcome of when, where, what, how more fully my intention becomes fuller and naturally ‘will power’ is stronger.

‘Will Power’ is always strong, it is just sometimes it goes against the direction we have chosen.

So here is a way, one of many, to build control over your ‘will power’. This is a part of my POWER THINKING PROCESS, it is call the Power-Yes/Power-No Strategy and it comes from Nuero-Sementics.

To learn about more tools go to www.secretsuccess.com.

To gain more power over our will it is necessary to gain more power and control over our thinking.

BTW, the Power-Yes/Power-No Strategy will work with out a strong intention or well defined outcome. It just works better with them.

Let’s use weight for an example. We could just as easily use making lots of money or anything else but let’s start with weight.

Someone wants to lose weight and we haven’t formed a strong intention or well defined outcome but they want to practice building ‘will power’.

What’s important about a strong ‘will power’ to you?

What will having a strong ‘will power do for you?

The Strategy

Power-Yes: Think about a time when you saw a new born baby, yours or someone close to you.

Or think of a time when your favourite team won the championship or your favourite singing group sang that song that make you feel YES!

Think of an experience that makes you feel and say “YES” all over and all the way down to your very bones.

Something that makes you say “YES” with every fibre of your being, where you feel it deep down in your soul.

It’s that “YES” that makes you stand up and shout. Practice saying the “YES” three times or until there is no holding back when you say it.

Now you know how that feels and you have the power to use it anytime, so let’s set that aside for now.

We’ll come back to it in a minute. Feels good doesn’t it. Cause it’s supposed too.

Power-No: If you’ve ever had a pet this is an easy one. Remember an incident where a pet or a child were doing something they weren’t supposed to do or about to do.

You know that feeling that came up from your toes and came out your mouth in the form of the word “NO”.

Our when your favourite team loss or your favourite show got cancelled. We want to get that “NO” where every fibre of your being is involved with it.

Now, practice saying this “NO” three times or until there is no holding back when you say it.

Now you know how that feels and you have the power to use it anytime.

Now relax and take three slow deep breaths.

Step 1) Set aside a time of day to take 5 minutes to practice. Early morning is usually a good time before you get busy.
Step 2) Think of that eating behaviour that you don’t want and think about the behaviour you would like to have instead. Picture a time in the future when you will feel the urge to do the eating behaviour you don’t want. Notice what your thinking just before you get that feeling.
Step 3) However you think that thought in a picture or sound or feeling. Right as you begin to think that thought, the picture starts to come up in your mind, the words start to form in your mind, the feeling begins. Right there say the POWER-NO with all your might. Then say it two more time with as much power as you can muster.
Step 4) As you notice naturally that thought, picture, sound and feeling stop allow that new behaviour the way that it feels, sounds and look gets bigger, stronger, brighter and louder. As that is happening, say the POWER-YES with all your might three times.
Step 5) Think about the old unwanted behaviour and notice that you no longer have the will power to do it. You have ‘will power’ to do the wanted behaviour. Continue each day with a different eating behaviour until you are eating the way you feel is healthiest for you.


Dr. Houston Vetter is a Peak Performance Expert dealing with Power Thinking for Business and Individuals.

His Company Accelerated Success Strategies, Inc. 713-934-8131 Go to www.secretsuccess.com. or www.acceleratedmind.com to subscribe to The Power Thinking Newsletter and get a FREE 6 Lesson series on ‘The Power of 3, How the Mind Works.” Or simply send an email to subscribe@secretsuccess.com

Copyright ©2002 Accelerated Success Strategies, Inc. All Rights Reserved in all media. Feel free to forward this tip, in it’s entirety to anyone you think may benefit by it.


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