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Power Thinking Concept,
self help article
by Dr. Houston Vetter

Self Help article:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had control over how happy, healthy, wealthy and wise you are?

Power Thinking is the difference that makes the difference in all of these areas. This article is a sample of how you can use Power Thinking and our newsletter keeps you updated on all the information located at www.secretsuccess.com.

My Logic teacher in College used to remind us, “Thinking is simply the process of asking ourselves a question and then answering it with our own voice of authority”.

We do all this internally and quickly.

We ask the question from our conscious mind and the answer and voice of authority comes from our unconscious mind.

For each of us that voice may come from different directions, left, right, top, bottom or even surround sound but it is said inside our head with authority and finality.

Another variation on this theme of thinking is we make statements about external reality with the different tonal voices inside (authority, doubt, worry, fear, etc.) Naturally because of the way our conscious-unconscious processes are set up all it takes to improve our Power Thinking is to ask ourselves better quality questions.

Do I hear a question of doubt of why this is so?

What if I let you in on a secret?

The Unconscious does not operate out of value judgments right/wrong, good/bad, true/false, that is what the conscious mind does.

The unconscious operates in an away from pain and toward pleasure strategy.

It is a goal seeking mechanism.

It moves in only one direction-forward.

Let’s list the functions of each part of our mind:

The “Conscious” Mind Parameters:

1) It focuses

2) It makes value judgments

(understands right/wrong- good/evil)

3) Creates its own logic.

4) Analytical

5) Evaluates

6) It is the captain

7) Has little power to accomplish things

The “Sub-unconscious” Mind Parameters:

1) Goal seeking mechanism

2) Takes everything literal

3) Motivated by pain/pleasure

4) Unable to comprehend right/wrong

5) Processes language

6) Looks for patterns

7) Unable to process negation

8) Likes to play and please

If we ask, “Why am I so inadequate?”

Our conscious mind is focusing on inadequacy and since our unconscious mind is a goal seeking mechanism and it doesn’t understand logic.

It looks for patterns that fill the inadequate category, while disregarding anything to the contrary.

Our Unconscious will give us an answer.

The answer is not true; it is simply said in that voice of authority inside our head so that we will agree which, moves us toward pleasure.

To learn more about how to use this and the Secret of the Forgotten Fundamentals check out www.secretsuccess.com.

It is usually short term, so we keep giving ourselves more reasons to back up the first answer we accepted.

How fast can we recognize this and start asking ourselves better quality questions?

It would serve us well to study and learn both the conscious and unconscious parameters.

This would give us great clues as to the behaviours we are using and how to change them.

From this model, it may become apparent, communication between the conscious and sub-unconscious is the real key to getting anything done.

It also makes it obvious why so many people have problems or think they are broken.

When in reality they aren’t broken, they have simply failed to learn how to communicate with themselves.

Because the truth is you, work perfectly. Everything that we get in our lives is because we have programmed or allowed to be programmed into us.

That is why some people seem to get what they want and others never do. Now we at least have a model we can use to even the playing field.

Is how we are communicating to ourselves helping us get what we want or is it holding us back?

Is it moving us in the direction where we want to go or is it allowing us to blame something or someone else for what is going on?

Is how we are communicating empowering us or dis-empowering us?

When we feel inadequate, how would we like to feel instead? (Confident, happy, adequate)

We can easily play by asking ourselves, “How quickly will I discover I am being ________? ” (Confident, happy, adequate)

PLAY WORK : Play with this Power Thinking Thought

I want to use a subject that some people love to hate, MONEY!

Consciously a lot of people have the value judgment that money is bad or the love of money is bad or that it is a necessary evil. Words like “filthy rich”, etc.

While every experience you have ever had when you had money and money to spare was a good one.

You felt empowered, safe, secure and happy.

What would happen if you were to relax for about 5 minutes in the morning, also at night and ask yourself in a wondering, reminiscing way the following Power Thinking Question?

How would life be easier if I realize giving and receiving money is humanities powerful thank you?

(When you get paid (money) they are saying thank you.

When you pay bills (money) you are saying thank you.)



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Dr. Houston Vetter athe author and a Peak Performance Expert specializing in Power Business Coaching for Executives, Employees and Individuals Dr. Vetter reminds us, “The Inside Secret of Success in any area is how well you control your thoughts and emotions, Power Thinking teaches you how.”!


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I am really grateful to you for what you have been doing for me and my growth. I know that I am not alone and hundreds of thousands of people would be feeling the same.

Your Newsletter are always a help. Thanks a tonne.

You are doing so much for the whole mankind and as a matter of fact sometimes even a small thought delivered at the right time can do miracles in someone's life and his whole life can take a turn around.

When the positive seeds through your news letter are falling all over the world, then I am sure some would become tree and bear fruits.
I love you for this...
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Vikas B
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