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HOW TO DISCOVER AND USE THE POWER OF “YOU!” self help article by Lee Wise

Self Help article:

I’ve mentioned it time and time again in class.

“You have incredible potential. Potential you don’t even know about. I believe in your potential. Do you?”

And I say it more than once. Why? Because we all need to hear it. Students need to hear it. I need to hear it. And you need to hear it!

I trust that after reading this short article you will begin to see once again, or even in a new way, the incredible power of “You!”

I will share with you a simple “formula” for discovering your potential. I’m absolutely convinced that most of us have a “hidden” wealth of information at our fingertips.

And where is this hidden wealth of information? It is inside.


My “formula” is based on three simple principles.

*Principle Number One: The power of a good question.

*Principle Number Two: The power of “grids.”

*Principle Number Three: The power of compressed time.


Asking *yourself* a simple question to answer can be a very powerful tool in terms of uncovering the insights you already have within.

Hold on! I will explain in just a moment. Why? Because I need to share the next two points first. Then we will bring everything together in a way that *will* help you discover the power of “You!”


I tell my students that a “grid” is a “way of seeing.” With the use of a “grid” I can focus on any number of things in my world.

For instance, let’s suppose I decide I want to gain insights for an article I plan to write in the future. And, let’s suppose my article will deal with the subject of how fathers relate to their children.

To gain information for my article I could do any amount standard research. Books, other articles, newspapers – you name it!

That’s one way — and a good one I might add!

But I also could do something else. I could set up a ”grid” — a life filter if you please — and say to myself, “For the next three days I’m going to observe how fathers relate to their children. I’ll note the good, the bad and the ugly.”

What have I done? Answer: I’ve created my own “grid” to view life through. I have defined exactly what I want to “see.”

Here’s the point: simply creating this mental “grid” helps me to gain insights regarding specific, isolated information I want to discover. My mind enters the ”search mode” and looks at life just a bit different. It goes on its own discovery quest!!

You’re getting the picture now, aren’t you?

This is extremely simple, and I would love to “carry on” for a while about this principle, but I can’t do that now. Maybe another time!

Now on to principle number three.


Did you catch it? I snuck something very important into my last example. A small … but VERY important … little phrase. “For the next three days.”

A specific time frame. It could have been for the next hour, day or even a week. The idea is viewing life a certain way within the context of a very defined period of time. “Compressing” time if you please.


So how does this relate to discovering the power of “Me?

It’s simple.

I pretend someone walks up to me and says: “Lee, if you had to give me the top three things to remember about raising children, what would they be? And, I don’t want a seminar! I’ve only got five minutes and I want you to give me your best shot!”

What would I do?

I’ll tell you what I’d do. My mind would go into a very fast “search and filter mode.” I would be thinking of things like crazy! And you know what? During this mental process I would be filtering out those things that have been most valuable to me as I’ve tried to be a good dad!

I’d be tapping into my own life wisdom.
I’d be using the power of “Me!” to help another person!

Are you getting it? I’m sure you are!!

(Or, how the three principles work together!)

1. I responded to a question. It was a very specific question. Ah hah! The power of a good question!

2. The question I responded to prompted my mind to begin its own journey to discover specific information *which I had! Did you get that last point? My mind went on it’s own discovery mission — and the “source” of that wisdom was …?

You got it — ME!

Ah hah! The power of a “grid.” My mind went on a search for very specific information. Other “material” was filtered out. My “grid” saw to that!!

3. I was “forced” to respond to a question in a very limited period of time.

Ah hah! The power of a compressed time frame!


YOU can use this process to tap into your own wealth of information.

Just …

1. Ask yourself a specific question to answer about a defined topic.
2. Give yourself a VERY SHORT period of time to answer the question you ask.
3. Then, think and write like crazy! “Drive” yourself to do it within the time frame you set for yourself.

(Hint. This is a “how to” article!”)

I’ll set you up. Ready to write?

The question: “What would you say are the most important things to remember when talking to a teenager?”

The time frame: You’ve got three minutes. Tops!

Okay … now write!!

*The Most Important Things To Remember When Talking To A Teenager Are …”


Lee is a Seminary administrator, has a part-time business at home, and writes his own free motivational mailing. You may contact him at lfwise@aol.com or by visiting http://www.retirequickly.com/89863 Permission is given to distribute article. This entire paragraph must be included.


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I always read your Power Tips and it has helped me a lot in my life... I would like to thank you a lot for such a nice article at regular intervals.

I am really grateful to you for what you have been doing for me and my growth. I know that I am not alone and hundreds of thousands of people would be feeling the same.

Your Newsletter are always a help. Thanks a tonne.

You are doing so much for the whole mankind and as a matter of fact sometimes even a small thought delivered at the right time can do miracles in someone's life and his whole life can take a turn around.

When the positive seeds through your news letter are falling all over the world, then I am sure some would become tree and bear fruits.
I love you for this...
Love and kind regards

Vikas B
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