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Happiness self help blog
archived for November 04
by Helene Malmsio

Happiness and wellbeing self help personal development blog about self help, happiness, personal development and self growth blog. size=1>

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23rd November 2004


I have been off the air for a few days as I have been busy publishing 3 new e-books. Another new skill to use and have fun with!

The results of my first book can be seen on our “Free e-Books” page where you can download “Love Quotes, Poems and Romance Manual” to have and to share.

The other 2 books (working on a third as we speak) is for a client and affiliate team member (Greg Kuhn at www.natural-humor-medicine.com)

If you have an e-book all typed up, but with no where to go… send me an email and maybe I can get it published and on your website before you know it….

or being sold by other people as your affiliates, even if you don’t have a website of your own…

Greg is happy, I’m sure you will be too.

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2nd November 2004

Romance self help strategies

Romance is alive and well, if you follow suggestions like this one from “101 Romantic Ideas” free self help ebook we have available to you.

Fill the trunk of your car with helium baloons. Drive to a romantic spot in the country to go for a walk.

The ideal spot is somwhere up high with a clear view of the surrounding countryside.

Get out of the car and act as though you are about to set off for your walk. Make sure your partner is closer to the car than you and then trow her the keys and ask if s/he can get your jacket from the trunk while you tie your shoelace or something.

When s/he open the car boot the baloons will be released. (Have the strings attached to a heavy item so that you don’t lose them all)

You can also place a sign saying, “I love You” on the inside of the trunk so that it will be revealed when the trunk opens….

There are lots of variations on this idea if you think about it…. and S/he will NEVER forget the special event – EVER.

All the best in Happiness, Health and Prosperity – Helene Malmsio

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2nd November 2004

On taking responsibility for self change: When dealing with people, I generally take the obvious approach. When someone says, “This always happens to me and that always happens to me. Why do these things always happen to me?” I simply say, “Beats me. I don’t know. All I know is that those kinds of things seem to happen to people like you.” - Jim Rohn

My self help journey to let go of being a “drama junkie.”

How much time in your life have you spent listening to and commisserating with people who have never got anything but negatives and problems in their life to talk about?

What a waste of your precious time! I know that seems a hard thing to say about people who obviously “have problems” and come to you “for help” because you are always such a caring listener and so supportive of them…… hmmmm.

Some people I have known seem in fact to be DETERMINED to stay in trouble.

The “exitement” and “drama” constantly surrounding their grief and problem filled lives, seems to be the very fuel that they run on. Life is simply too boring for them when they are quietly contented with life and all the abundance it offers us.

I have concluded that some people simply are “Sh** Magnets” and will go out of their way to create the “energy” of conflict if they need to “feel alive”

The first step in the self help road to TOTAL BLISS in your life, is to hammer into your brain the fact that LIFE IS MEANT TO BE HAPPY…. and sometimes to them that might be downright “boring” to live in contented, calm, bliss for months and years on end….. GET OVER IT!

I call it “stirring the porridge” happiness. To be able to do the simple things and “chores” of daily life, with a contented smile on your face and joy in your heart. In relationships for instance, it means not needing the angst and pain of a hurtful fight with your loved one, only so that you can feel the “passionate love” of “making up again” with them afterwards.

How many people do you know that simply can’t function in a relationship…. your time is always spent in “picking up the pieces” of these people after each “tragedy”…?

Next time, simply re-assure them that you know how smart they are, and that you trust them to be able to work out for themselves how to best sort out their own lives.

After all only an idiot keeps doing the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and expects a DIFFERENT OUTCOME to result each time…..

In my case, I was not the person wanting the actual drama in my life…. I have always aimed for peace and contentment…. BUT…. I kept ATTRACTING people who were drama junkies to me….. It turns out it filled my need to be a “little Miss Fix It” for other people… so my life was spent in perpetual “counselling and support” for these people who just ate up my time and energy…. It was exhausting, and FRUSTRATING, because after the first few sessions, it starts to sink into your head that whatever support and “advice” you are offering is of no use, because the person has absolutely no intention of ever improving their lives and methods….at least not while you’re around, supporting them to stay the way they are…

It’s nice to be a giver, but if you REALLY want to help these people onto the road for real self help discovery and strength, step back and let them learn for themselves….

All the best in Happiness, Health and Prosperity – Helene Malmsio

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