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If you’re like most people, the last year has been a ride and the word “busy” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

At the same time there is a group of individuals who have seen their time, skills and income continue to increase and their relationships, health and spiritual lives begin to flourish.

Why? Because they have chosen to have a plan. And not only a plan, but one covering the 12 Pillars of Success and crafted by leading experts in the personal growth industry.

We have been searching for a way to enable more of you to be part of a transformational journey.

The testimonials we have already received take up dozens of pages and the value of the products alone that you will add to your library is in the thousands of dollars, yet the investment can be less than a dollar a day when you become a Silver Member and begin the one-year journey of success, empowerment, growth and goal accomplishment.

We have created The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan with the idea of:

1) helping people not only grow but to flourish in 12 major areas of their lives

2) making it financially affordable to our subscribers and customers

3) including high-end CD’s, DVD’s and books for your self-growth training and to build your library

4) having monthly experts as part of our 12 conference calls

5) having monthly themes with 4 weekly email lessons (that can also be referenced as often as needed)

6) including a comprehensive workbook covering all 52 lessons

7) providing bonus downloadable books and audio programs throughout the year

8) allowing the student to make a commitment (which is 90% of any and all success) but also allowing the student major flexibility and the ability to progress at their own pace

The program is succeeding in an overwhelming fashion. It is helping people see their future, their goals, new ideas and paradigms for the first time.

It is opening up new ways to view their circumstances along with strategies on how to make better decisions.

It is bringing the world’s best experts and training right into their own homes and allowing them to access it at their own convenience.

The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan does not demand that you become what any one person thinks or wants you to become, but better yet, it offers a roadmap with multiple options so you can choose what is best for you.

You get to decide what is most valuable and where to apply your time and effort.

In fact if there is a challenge to the program it is that we offer and give so much with it that you must intentionally decide what to walk away with (much like a large and diverse buffet that is loaded with an abundance of great food).

Fortunately you can always go back months or even years later to review what might have been missed.

Are you ready to begin the journey with us — to enter 2004 with a head start on your journey of growth, success, accomplishing and growing at the pace you desire? There is power in being part of a program.

We keep the pulse of what is working with our 2,000+ enrollees and the dynamics of the marketplace.

The members’ feedback we receive on a daily basis confirms that people are doing and accomplishing so much more because of this program, than if they were on their own.

– – We Want To Offer You An Irresistible Invitation To Join Us – –

Below we outline a very special opportunity along with the benefits and details for you to become part of our One-Year Plan, with even more incentives for the first 100 who respond to this offer.

We have created 3 packages:First, the Bronze Package (for those who want only the weekly email and workbook lessons and monthly conference calls, but no product).

Second the Silver Package, which is our core program. We believe the Silver Package will fit 75% of our E-zine readers.

Comprehensive and loaded with both content and resources, it covers all the basics and is attainable for just about everyone time and budget wise.

Third, for those who want it all, the Gold Package (exceptional value).

Plus, in addition to all the benefits, products, free shipping and bonus products – we are also offering 12 additional bonus products for the first 100 who respond to this irresistible special offer.

When you sign up now you will receive the option to either begin the program in September or October – your choice.

1. Personal Development – Become the person you truly desire to be

2. Goal-setting – multiply your long-term success quotient/clearly defined 10-year goals

3. Health – Spiritual/Physical/Emotional – Improve your looks, confidence, energy and quality and length of life

4. Financial Independence/Getting Out of Debt/Saving/Giving

5. Relationships – Become a more effective and loving parent, spouse and friend

6. Time Management – Gain between 10 to 15 additional forty-hour work weeks per year

7. Networking/Referrals – Create more positive influence in the marketplace

8. Selling/Negotiating – Increase your production by 10%-50%

9. Communication/Presentation – Increase every level of performance related to your company, staff and personal relationships

10. Leadership – Multiply your efforts and have a positive influence over a larger sphere of people

11. Accelerated Learning – Quickly improve your skills and aptitude to gain and retain knowledge

12. Legacy/Contribution – Take the time to apply your skills in making a difference in your community and world

2. 52 Unique, Weekly Strategic Game Plans via email with downloadable workbook.

3. Receive 12 Conference Calls (one per month) with a specific focus and hosted by a Premier Expert in each of the 12 Pillars of Success including Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Patricia Fripp, Bob Burg, Chris Widener and more…

4. Additional Downloadable Books, Audios, Conference Calls and Weekly Workbook Files.5. Plus for all who sign up this week receive:

a) A comprehensive, 129-page downloadable workbook “Goals 2003 – Creating a Life On Purpose,” written by author Tina Miller whose workbook for the Jim Rohn Coaching Program won rave reviews from the students.

b) A Downloadable special report “Converting New Year’s Resolutions Into Reality” by Jeff Davidson, the widely acclaimed author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reaching Your Goals.”

c) A downloadable mp3 audio teaching on goals: Jim Rohn’s famous “Goals Workshop” recorded before a live audience, which offers a simple model for identifying your goals.

d) A downloadable mp3 audio teaching on goals: Bob Proctor knows “Goals”— he went from $6,000 income per year as a fireman to a millionaire in just a few years — and he will help you understand the infinite potential you possess.

6. Plus 12 additional bonus products for the first 100 who respond to this irresistible special offer (see details of 12 Bonuses below).

Total retail value $1,001Special Limited Time Offer for Bronze Package – Only $149* (which averages $12 per month for all the above for the entire year) or 5 monthly payments of $39.

Great Health, Wealth, Relationships and Overall Success!

Become part of a group that has committed to a plan, a process, a blueprint and a commitment to inspect and improve their lives. The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan (including experts Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy) will help you do just that and become the person you desire to become.

Visit: www.jimrohn.com today!

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