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Parent Self Help, Happiness self help, happiness, parenting, raising children, personal development, self help parent, resource: Print this list for later reference, as they are really good sites to visit for resources.


Has many valuable resources for kids activities and articles for parents.

Parents, Teen and Children’s Health issues


Comprehensive site to be used by Parents, Teenagers and Kids to explain medical, school, “moral”, family, crisis and relationship issues. Brilliant and informative site that provides the information at the three “age” levels.


Comprehensive what’s on site for families covering the whole of the UK. You can search the database by venue or area. Also classified ads, book reviews, games.


An extremely useful search engine designed to help you find information on anything connected with children. Development, travel, legal, nutrition, daycare, crafts and activities, health, babies, pregnancy and birth all have sections. Very well organized and simple to use.


Great site full of 101 ideas to keep kids occupied on long car journeys. Grouped by age – babies, toddlers and kids, there are lots of wonderful ideas to stave off the inevitable question, “Are we there yet?”

Treasure Chest


A continuously growing list of activities for toddlers, most of which can be done at home with little or no expense. Sponge painting, baking cookies, making tunnels, chalking, colour shopping, make a zoo, handprint trees, rainbow water, fruit painting, the echo game and lots more fun to help you enjoy those precious toddler years.


Fabulous site that lets you create personalized story e-books featuring your child or children and their friends and relatives. You choose from a selection of stories each designed to help your child appreciate the value of patience, orderliness, love of nature, family, sharing, safety etc. You can then e-mail a copy to anyone you want to share the story with. Wonderful idea!


Free safe for children web browser that you can download from the site to keep your children safe from violence, pornography, hate sites and bad language. The browser enables parents or teachers to define the sites that children can visit from a list of safe sites or from the Safe Sites search engine. If the child clicks to a site not in these categories the ChiBrow browser ignores the click and alerts the child at the bottom of the screen. Parental permission is then needed to add the site to the list.

Amazing Baby Sleep Secrets


“You may be one simple ‘tweak’ away from enjoying a full night’s sleep each and every night and not even know it!” Find out how simple, easily-fixed mistakes are costing you and millions of other parents the full night’s sleep you deserve. Learn the “third way” that does not require you to have your baby “cry it out” but that will not turn him into a brat.

Amazon’s Children’s Books Page


This page is a good read in it’s own right. You can browse books by the child’s age, baby to 3, 4 to 8, 9 to 12 and teens. You can search out award winning books or classics, gift book sets, bestsellers or new releases. There are discussion boards on children’s books, kid’s curriculum supplements, home schooling guides and lesson plans for teachers in the Books for Teachers and Parenting and Families section. Kid’s can also create a wish list of books, toys and CD’s to give you gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas etc.


Part of the huge Disney site. Activities for children of all ages, plus parenting articles and message boards, recipes, travel and education.

Adoption Resources


Adoption related news, books and web resources, including adoption agencies, adoption law, counseling, international adoption, older-child adoption, adoption reunion and lots more.


Teens can be driving you mad one minute and making you puff up with pride the next. One thing is for sure, life with teens is never dull! Parents and Teens is a super resource to help you connect with your teens with articles, tips and reviews to help you through these exciting years. There is also a message board for sharing ideas and getting help with problems and a super newsletter that you can subscribe to and get delivered to your mailbox twice a month.


International site for “Mom’s with Modems” in this “recently wired world.” In the Backyard find gardening and outdoor information, a current events poll on the Back Porch, cooking tips and recipes in the er… Kitchen. I’m sure you get the picture. Lots of well organized ideas and useful information.


Potty training can be a stressful time for mothers, but you can find useful tips and ideas at this web site, including Preparing for the potty, Establishing a daytime routine, Staying dry throughout the night, Training while travelling, Giving praise and lots more helpful advice.


Large site for parents from ivillage.com with communities, features, chat, boards, fun and games. Very useful expert answers section where you can get help with behaviour, child care, development, health, fertility, early education and just about anything else you need to know about your bundle of joy.


Wonderful site for anyone trying to manage on a limited budget. The site’s slogan is live better on less, and there are lots of tips and articles on how to do just that. Channels for crafts, cooking, cleaning, gardening, decorating and kids, plus a chance to share ideas in the forums. Lots of fun.


Take a stroll down Main Street Mom the online network for stay-at-home moms offering support, humor, inspirational stories, money-saving tips, and a nationwide (US) playgroup directory which continues to grow every day. Weekly newsletter too.


Resource for single mothers, with articles, message boards, chat and personals that has lots to inform and support women bringing up their children alone, whether divorced, widowed or never married. Each week a Mom of the week shares her story of pain, struggle, triumph or joy. Covers finances, dating, legal, self improvement, stress management, the ex, and gives lots more practical and emotional support.


Fun parenting site that begins by proclaiming that real mothers know that their kitchen utensils are in the sandbox! I’ll go along with that. Lots of humorous articles, plus Parent Toon e-cards, reviews, recipes, games, forum and chat.


A handy software program that calculates your time of ovulation and generates your personal fertility calendar.


Articles, expert advice, Mums to be club where you can hook up with others due to give birth in the same month as you, surveys, competitions and ezine aimed at UK parents, founded by child clinical psychologist and parent Anne O’Connor.


Baby names, meanings and origins. Baby freebies, coupons and special offers. It’s what all the chatter is about!


Where parents click! Information for women trying to conceive, already pregnant and awaiting birth, mothers with toddlers or older children. Mom’s corner has articles on all aspects of home life, Dad’s corner helps new Dads deal with what they have coming to them! Also baby namer, due date calculator, checklists, birth stories, baby journals and message boards.


An inspirational, encouraging and reassuring resource for older mothers, fathers, mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be and anyone considering embarking on a midlife pregnancy. A healthy combination of humour, fact and articles on a wide range of lifestyle and social issues.


Web site and newsletter dedicated to helping working moms recognize and value all facets of their lives…their families, their work and their personal development.

Work At Home Moms


Jolly site for Work At Home Moms with message boards “to chat about your business and discuss the joys and challenges of working at home while caring for your children” plus weekly newsletters, cartoons, advice, being a Dad in a WAHM home, recipes, books and even a resident psychic business adviser. Lots of fun and support.

The Stay-At-Home Parent Page


Interesting site aimed at encouraging one parent to stay at home and raise the children whenever possible. Lots of money saving and living on one income tips, plus articles and links to many stay-at-home and work-at-home mom sites.

All Family Resources


Very useful resource full of information of interest to families. Lots of free stuff. Search by keywords or category.


Helping mothers find their way home. Inspirational site from author Cheryl Gochnauer for women who want to be or already are, stay at home moms. Weekly column of tips and ideas, a place to share your story of how you made the change from working mom to stay at home mom and a great article called Dollars and Sense describing how Cheryl and her family managed to shave $1000 a month off their budget.


A little pampering for moms. Articles, forums and tips to nurture hardworking moms everywhere, in our many roles: body, child, friend, lover, mother, professional, spirit and wife.


Lots of useful articles and tips on Babies, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, Keep MoM Sane, Kids, The Hard Times, Crafts, Fun and Games, Diabetic Edibles, Tips and Tricks, Mom’s Journal, Garden and Food Storage.

Mom’s Refuge.com

A working mom’s refuge with sections for family, career, art of juggling, single moms, Dad’s voice, news, recipes, sports mom, discussion lists, business directory, message boards, wisdom of mothers, postcards and resources.


Is your baby having trouble sleeping? Seek the advice of a professional child health nurse at BabycareAdvice.com. Book an appointment by phone or Internet chat to discuss any baby or child care problem and stop the tears.


Good resource for parents and parents to be. News, articles and forums to guide you through.


Support and information on the realities of being a second wife and sometimes first time step-mother can be found on this super site. It was founded by Susan Wilkins-Hubley of Eastern Canada and covers the many problems that step-parenting and mutiple marriages trail in their wake. There are many ways to communicate positively with other women in the same position, through live chats, bulletin boards and e-mail discussion. There are also weekly newsletters, many features and articles and a welcoming committee. If you’ve ever tried to juggle the Christmas visiting with four different sets of Grandparents – bookmark this page.

BBC Education


Must see site for parents and teachers in the UK. Contains links to sites covering maths, science, computers, languages, history and more.


Brilliant site that shows you how to give your child confidence in the water. Lessons include Building Trust, Kick To The Wall, A Safety Game, Learning To Float, Roll Over To Rest, Change Direction and more. Using teaching methods honed over 25 years and 5,000 students Honey Lenning can help you teach your child to be safe around water.


A specialist site for UK parents who elect to educate their children at home. Provides support, resources and information for brave souls wishing to take on this task.


Important site for parents of children being bullied at school. Includes Advice To Parents, Solicitors Advice, School Action, Reading Material, Model Letters and Contacts.


Over 2,000 printable educational worksheets. Ideal for those who are home schooling, for teachers or parents who just want to give their kids a head start.


Marvellous resource for parents living in or visiting the New York area. Clicking on the calendar gives you news of events of interest to parents and children such as exhibitions, performances, support groups etc. Lots of articles of interest to anyone bringing up children anywhere and bulletin boards for information, ideas and making friends.


Articles, crafts, seasonal ideas, book reviews, health and safety advice for parents of preschool children.


UK site dedicated to Mothers everywhere. Over 100 pages of fun and information for every mother in every situation. Newsletter, articles, destressing advice and lots more.


Cyberdad has put together a selection of sites for Families, Kids and Teens and Parents prescreened to make sure that they are suitable for your whole family to view. There are listings for educational sites, fun and games, internet/computers. Particularly useful to those new to the web.


Geared toward midlife moms (and moms-to-be) the site offers bi-monthly features on midlife pregnancy and health, family travel and finance, organizing, and in-depth features on topics such as international adoption.


SITE DISCLAIMER: The self help resources on this site are not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional advice. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. There is no guarantee of validity of accuracy. Any perceived slight of specific people or organizations is unintentional. This website and its creators are not responsible for the content of any sites linked to.

The contents are solely the opinion of the author and should not be considered as a form of therapy, advice, direction and/or diagnosis or treatment of any kind: medical, spiritual, mental or other. If expert advice or counseling is needed, services of a competent professional should be sought. The author and the Publisher assume no responsibility or liability and specifically disclaim any warranty, express or implied for any products or services mentioned, or any techniques or practices described. The purchaser or reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and information. Neither the author nor the Publisher assumes any responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials.


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