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The Forgotten Formula to HAPPINESS and SUCCESS, self help article by Dr. Houston Vetter

Happiness and wellbeing personal development article about self help, happiness, personal development, self growth. size=1>

Before we get started let me state this material is meant to encourage and motivate.

It is intended to answer the-what and why.

Unless you already have specific skills that allow you to implement the ‘how’ you will be encouraged but will wonder why things haven’t changed for you.

You will have fallen prey to the unfortunate untruth that knowledge is power.

In experience you already realize that knowledge is only potential power and wisdom is the ability to use knowledge to accomplish what it is you want.

Like Grampa Vetter would say, “If Knowledge was power we would be running cities off of Libraries.”

The knowledge I’m sharing with you today comes from years of research of being a student of the mind, which has also moved into the spiritual and esoteric realm because everything from the practical to the esoteric must go through the mind and they affect each other.

My intention is to provide practical skills and to do that I will point out where they can be useful in this article.

There are many places that actually teach you the ‘how’. The ones I know personally are people like Dr. John La Tourette, Kenrick Cleveland, John Harricharan, Richard Bandler, Carmine Baffa, and Gary Craig.

Please purchase their material or purchase the e-package at www.secretsuccess.com because it is my ‘how’ synthesized from the people just mentioned.

Because it is the New Year reading today causes you to REALLY REFLECT on what it is you need. As you reflect on what you need, you’ll quickly COME TO THE CONCLUSION, that what I’m going to suggest is absolutely the right thing for you to TAKE ACTION ON. NOW, there will be many reasons that you’ll come up with in support of this and I don’t know what they are.

But before we rediscover the Forgotten Formula to Happiness and Success lets uncover the formula that is being used by the majority of the people you know and maybe even you.

I can hear it now, “it’s not a formula, it is what I naturally do.” You’re right it is what you naturally do like walk, talk, drive and eat. Naturally-simply means you learned a strategy or formula and practiced the formula to the extent that you no longer CONSCIOUSLY PAY ATTENTION.

But given what it is we all say we want Happiness and Success, however we define them, the formula that has become natural for us has actually come TO THIS; it keeps us from getting what it is we say we want.

We LEARN from modelling others and when a NEW WAY comes along we sometimes TAKE IT PERSONAL and discount what is presented. Instead what if you were to GET EXCITED about finding a key to something extremely valuable, a treasure and you know it NOW.

Easily you can blend in a sense of urgency and DESIRE to this feeling because of the reasons that are right for you. Naturally you can FEEL REALLY GOOD about what you are about to discover.

Usually in life, whether it is our business life or our personal life-SHIFT HAPPENS-and when it does it can cause people to define what is happening as something is ‘happening to me’. NOW from one perspective or one formula it can look and feel that way.

This thought-feeling of ‘this is happening to me’ causes us to add the why question to the equation. It becomes “why is this happening to me’? And the accompanying tone inside our head is usually not very encouraging.

We begin to get the sense of not being in control. I’ve had it described to me as not only feeling out of control but as if someone was out to get me or take advantage of me or some form of victim-hood.

In fact, the thought-feeling of ‘this is happening to me’ usually leads to the feeling of less power which can trigger the fight-flight or freeze formula.

In other words we react to what it is we perceive as happening to us and because we feel the out of control/less power-victim feeling we react with the 3-f’s (fight-flight-freeze).

The more we stay stuck in the first and second part of this formula it leads to the third part of our natural formula. That is the part where we quit or give up. This provides us with temporary relief. Then we repeat the cycle.

Given what we say we WANT HAPPINESS and SUCCESS the formula of:

Victimizing (self and others)
Giving up

Sure doesn’t seem to get us what it is we say we want. This reminds me of something My Grampa Vetter used to say and he said he got it from Cognitive Therapy.

“You don’t have to believe anything but what you do believe will become your perceived and felt reality.”

If we believe something is true we will see everything through that filter and we will feel it in our experience of reality. If we believe that things happen to us and that we don’t have control over them we will react from fight-flight-freeze which eventually leads to quitting or giving up.

What if we could change our perceived and felt reality in way that would be more conducive to happiness and success? What would that look like? What would that formula be?

As we start to look at this forgotten perception formula I’m reminded of a discovery I made when I was speaking before 5000 people on the subject of ‘Responsibility’.

It is a fascinating word. The dictionary defined it as something having to do with commitment. When I questioned people about it words like blame, shame, quilt and fear came up. So I started researching the word. The ending and beginning were easy.

The word ends in the word ‘ability’ which means the power to do something. The word begins with ‘re’ which means once again or do over as we said as kids.

The middle of the word was a fun search because I realized it was the key to the word. This word was about the power to do something again, but what? I had to go all the way back to the Greek to FIND THE ANSWER.

The word is ‘spond’ coming from the Greek word ‘sponde’ meaning ‘to liberate, liberation’. Imagine that this word that so many had used to quilt and control others and taken as blame, shame, doubt and fear actually originally meant the ability to once again LIBERATE.

What if instead of believing things happen to us, what if we realized things happen through us. What would happen if we liberated OURSELVES by presupposing responsibility to everything that happened within our circle of influence?

Forget about taking responsibility for the world or anyone else, liberate yourself first. Remember a key ‘for’ yourself ‘to’ others. The guilt, blame, shame and fear come in when you apply the ‘for’ to others instead of ‘to’.

The Forgotten Formula is really three simple steps that can be encapsulated in one. (Kind of like Christian math 3 Gods=1 God)

The first step is because, I better write that right, BE CAUSE. Be the source, instead of saying things happen to you liberate yourself by telling yourself you are the source of what is happening. BE CAUSE.

When you act like you are the cause it gives you power to do the second part of the formula Respond. When you respond instead of react you have more choices which mean more flexibility and one science says the part of any system that has the most flexibility excerpts the most influence on the system.

As Dr. Milton Erickson, the Grandfather of modern hypnosis and considered by many one of the best said, “You can pretend and learn anything.”

Which leads us to the last step of the formula, Continue Being. Consistency is usually the forgotten ingredient in moving away from what it is we don’t want and moving toward what it is we do want.

Consistency is what keeps us stuck and consistency is what gets us what we want. It depends what we are using consistency for.

SO to recap the Forgotten Formula to Happiness and Success:

BE Cause
Continue Being (Continue to BE Cause)

As you can see it all comes from the beginning thought-feeling. That is why I call our newsletter Power Thinking.

Now that we have presented you with a formula that you can see works go find and learn the skills of how to implement this Formula that will guarantee your happiness and success.

Regardless of what level you want happiness and success on whether it is spiritual, metaphysical, mental, emotional, physically, financially, socially or personally this is a very good formula. It is not the only formula, just a very useful one.

Being and Becoming-aren’t you,



Dr. Houston Vetter is the author of the Power Thinking Newsletter, “How to use the Secret of the Forgotten Fundamentals to Successful Winning” and “The Power Portal, The Structure and Design of Long-Lasting Success at www.secretsuccess.com and www.acceleratedmind.com. Dr. Vetter is a Peak Performance Expert in Human Performance Design and Engineering, A Master Hypnotist with degrees in Psychology and Comparitive Relegions.

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