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Stress Busters,
self help stress management
article by Tracie Johansen

Happiness and wellbeing self help article about self help, stress management, stress therapy, happiness, personal development,relaxation therapy.

It seems we never have enough time to get everything done.You run all day and just when you think you can relax something else comes up. Here are a few ways to ease your everyday stress that only takes a few minutes, but will make your life a little easier.

1.) Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and breath deeply in through your nose filling your chest with air. Breath out slowly through your mouth releasing the problems of the day. Think only about the things that make you happy. Do this for 5 minutes.

2.) Sit in a comfortable position. Lean your head against the back of a chair. Close eyes, take a deep breath and place each thumb at a point on the base of the skull near each ear. Move thumbs downward from ears to shoulder tops; press and hold tense spots as you go. Then rub back of neck from base of skull downward, pressing and holding tense spots. Cross one arm over chest and press muscles along top of opposite shoulder; hold until tension is released. Repeat with other arm. Drop arms to sides, and breath, imagining your skull is heavy as a bowling ball. Relax completely.

3.) Take a Bubble Bath. Light scented candles all around you, and turn off the lights and listen to classical music. Imagine your self on a quiet Tropical Island. See your self relaxing on a great lounge chair while servants take care of your every need.

4.) Get a good night’s sleep: Don’t drink coffee or eat too late as it makes it difficult to sleep. Try listening to soothing music as you drift off to sleep. Don’t think about what you need to do the next day.

One thing that works well for me is counting backwards from 600 to 0 by 4’s ie; 600, 596, 592, 588, 584, this makes it very difficult to think of other things that keep you awake.

5.) Add a few drops of calming aroma to Canola or Sunflower oil. Smooth on temples or earlobes.

6.) Exercise; It increases blood flow, bringing more oxygen to your brain and un kinks tight muscles.

7.) To ease kinks out of shoulders and upper body. While sitting at your desk, alternate each arm, reaching toward the ceiling. Do this for 5 minutes.

8.) Light scented candles around the room. Turn off lights lay on your back and reach arms and legs toward the ceiling. Rotate, starting with each arm and then each leg. Do this for 10 minutes.

9.) Rotate your head stretching as far as you can. Start to your right shoulder, then to the back as if looking at the ceiling, then to left shoulder then to front, putting your chin to your chest. Do for a few minutes then rotate starting with left shoulder.

10.)Close your eyes. Lift both arms over your head until your hands touch. Slowly lower your arms down to your sides up and down as if in a flying motion. Imagine you are a bird flying over the ocean. Let your imagination soar.


© 2000-2001 Tracie Johansen Excerpts from 1001 Beauty Tips. Get Your copy now at http://www.1001beautytips.com. Homemade skin and hair care, beauty tips, weight loss tips, recipes, nutrition tips and more.

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