Happiness self help resource101 Affirmations for Happiness

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Stress Eliminating Affirmations,
self help resource from
Robert Elias Najemy

Self Help article resource for self help, happiness, personal development, happiness affirmations.

Our thoughts create our reality. Here are some Affirmations which create a more positive, happier more fulfilling reality.

A. About Ability and Security

1. Anxiety solves no problems -actions do.

2. Some problems are problems only because I believe them to be.

3. I have the inner power and strength to deal with whatever life brings me.

4. I am capable of handling any possible difficulties which might occur.

5. I feel safe and secure in every situation.

6. While making my own sincere effort, I entrust my life, my family and the results of all my efforts into God’s (the Universes) wise and just judgment.

7. Life gives me in each moment exactly what I need in every situation in order to be happy, perform my life and purpose and grow spiritually.

8. I am intelligent and capable enough to succeed in any endeavour which is important to me.

B. About Self-Worth

1. My self-worth is a function of my inner being (0f who I am) and not what others think of me or how much I accomplish.

2. The results of my efforts depend on many different factors including also my efforts.

3. My self worth is totally independent of any external factors such as: intelligence, wealth, my home, appearance, talents, professional success, my children’s success, being attractive to the opposite sex, making friends, disciplines, “spiritual” activities.

4. I am worthy of love and respect even when I am not perfect in what I do and even when I make mistakes.

5. My self-worth is totally independent of whether others agree with me or are satisfied with me.

6. My self-worth is totally independent of how people behave towards me.

7. My self-worth is totally independent of how much others work or how they work or what they believe about me.

8. My self-worth is a reflection of my divine nature and not my gender, religion, social class etc.

9. I am a good person, a worthy person.

C. Freedom and Love

1. I respect and love all persons (especially my parents and family) without feeling any need whatsoever to live my life according to their beliefs or values. I live my life in harmony with my inner values and beliefs.

2. I am in no way responsible for others people’s reality but only for my own motives and behaviour towards them.

3. No one else is responsible for my reality. I am totally responsible for what I feel and experience in life.

4. I am responsible for my purity of my motives and quality of my efforts and not for the results of my efforts or their affect on others.

5. All beings deserve my love and respect, including myself.

6. I understand the fears behind each person’s negative actions.

7. I am free in each moment to be myself.

8. No one can limit my freedom unless I need something from them.

9. Real freedom is freedom from fears, needs and false limiting beliefs.

10. Real freedom is the ability to do what ever is in my best interest as a soul in the process of evolution.

11. Real freedom is the freedom to experience peace, love and happiness regardless of what happens or others behaviour.


Robert Elias Najemy is the author of over 600 articles, 400 lecture cassettes on Human Harmony and 20 books, which have sold over 100,000 copies. He is the Founder and director of the Center for Harmonious Living in Greece with 3700 members. His book The Psychology of Happiness is available at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0971011605/holisticharmo- 20 and http://www.HolisticHarmony.com/psychofhappiness.html. You can download FREE articles and e-books from http://www.HolisticHarmony.com where you can also receive guidance on life issues.

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