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Affirmations = Life is a gift.
self help personal development article
about Affirmations

Happiness and wellbeing self help personal development Affirmations article about Affirmations, self help, happiness, personal development, self growth. size=1>

Life is a gift. Life is eternal.

Life is an experience. Spirit is essential.

Love is the Divine energy.

Love energy flows through me. I accept Love energy.

I accept the Divine. Unconditional LOVE is who I am. Who I really am is eternal.

My perfect will is God’s will. I accept God’s will. God’s will be done.

God’s will be done. God’s will be done.

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Eternal Spirit dwells within me. Eternal Spirit combines in me to animate me. Love is my true being. I accept. I let go. I allow.

I trust in God’s will. Life is a lesson ground. Life is to experience the lessons. Life is like a stage.

We are all players on the stage. I remember the Eternal. I allow it to awake in me. I am at peace. I am at peace with myself and the world around me.

Love fills my mind and being. Love radiates out from me. I forgive. I forgive myself. I forgive all others. I am forgiven.

Grace is mine now. I want it. I accept it. I do deserve it. Peace is mine. Balance and harmony direct me. I trust in God.

I do what I can do and let God do all else. I let go, and let God.

I am a miracle. I have a lot to live for. There is a lot of life to live. Joy is mine.

Today is mine. I can frolic and play. I can laugh and smile. I can love and be loved. I can support others.

I can allow myself to feel good all over. I choose to feel good. I choose to let go and allow. I choose to trust in God.

I choose to laugh and play. I choose to smile and have fun. I choose to live today in joy!

I will always choose joy. I will always trust in God. I will always remember the Divine nature of all things. I will enjoy life from this moment forward.

I cherish the experience. I welcome God’s way. I accept the miracle of LOVE.

I feel unconditional LOVE fill my being continually.

Peace is mine now. It’s okay. I’m okay.

Love, joy, peace, balance, harmony, laughter, smiling, accepting–me now.

It’s feels good to let go. It feels good to trust in God. It feels good to live today in balance and harmony.

It feels good to be alive.

I am grateful.

I am blessed.

I give thanks, and so it is.

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