Self Help Guide to Keep Relationships Happy

Self Help Guide to Keep Relationships Happy

Fighting with friends can be quite taxing on your emotional health. You ride on an emotional rollercoaster and suffer the same painful heartache as you would in your romantic liaisons.

Women’s relationships with other women are especially important because you need someone who can be a model to circumstances as close as your own. You look at others and their experiences to start defining yourself as well.

Because friendships of this kind are so important and indispensable, it’s only expected that you revere them intensely and do everything to keep ties strong and steady.

It’s true that perfectly rational friends have been known to lose all sense of judgment when it comes to men. If you have worries about their mental wellbeing, you need to talk to her about it. But before you do, you need a bit of soul-searching as well.

Know what’s bugging you and try to be diplomatic about it. And if you sometimes feel left out, know that there is no rule which states that friends have to be together all of the time. You aren’t obligated to each other. It’s a sign of low self-esteem to feel hurt whenever you feel that you aren’t included.

The best solution to this is to have several groups of friends. That way, you won’t always feel left out and depressed about the way you think they’re treating you. Having different groups also means that you’ll be able to appreciate their need to spend time with others.

When it comes to communication, be respectful about their need to share their own thoughts as well. Give them the freedom to share their experiences as well because they may also find pleasure in this. If you’ve heard this story several times before, you may want to leave the room or start a conversation with someone who isn’t part of the conversation.

Don’t try to dominate and always make sure you show your friends the respect they deserve. For the misunderstandings that you may go through, just remember that you also need to respect the choices that other people make. After all, you also expect the same kind of treatment.

Besides, feeling unimportant because someone was able to think for themselves is nothing more than immature. People can dispense all their decisions at will because people are hardwired to perform this way and also pay the price for the mistakes that they make. Don’t try to be the mother here. Adults are called such because they should think for themselves.

Decision-making is a function of being an adult. Some people do like a lot of input from others. If this is the case, let them seek you out or ask the advice of experts. There are many types of friends and you need some for one reason or another.

There will be pals who always run to you for advice and others who don’t even bother to ask for your opinion. No matter which group they fall into, it doesn’t reflect on how much they value and the friendship you both share.

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