Self Help Guide How to Start Being Witty and Funny

Self Help Guide How to Start Being Witty and Funny

It is often said that it is easier to make people mad, sad and hurt than it is to get them to laugh at a joke. And every comedian will tell you that to be witty and funny at the same time both takes practice, exposure, and also respect on other people’s sensitivity. Here are some ways to get you started on the road of being witty.

Be well-versed

Those who are witty and amusing always know what they are talking about. If a pun or a joke is pulled on something, they are sure to back it up with specific knowledge on the subject just in case one person does not get it, or test their cunning and come-back.

If you are fond of movies, you can use the script and twist it according to your needs. You can even use verses from poetry that are currently popular. The more well-versed you are, the better you can add a little zest in your conversation.

Observe and Absorb

Try to observe popular witty people in action. It can be a friend, a co-league, or a popular TV personality like Dave Letterman or Conan O’Brian. See how they play with words, and how they keep their audience enthralled, while their guests seem not to know what hit them until later after the show.

If you would notice, most of the puns and jabs aimed at the guests are all based from the knowledge about their personal preferences and current activities.

Jive accordingly

Make sure that what you know is also known by your audience. You simply cannot make a witty remark of how you and the girl you are eyeing are perfect together like a double helix if she is not knowledgeable about DNA-RNA structures.

You cannot also give remarks about being so out of fashion when the one you are talking with last bought his latest fashionable attire 5 years ago and you are wearing the latest Ralph Lauren collection.

Apply witty remarks sparingly and with consideration

If you have given a witty response once, never do it again. Think of another way to give a witty remark, and wait for another chance to deliver the punch line.

One of the best ways of being witty is to learn when to stop giving witty remarks. If you must give a witty remark, make sure that your parody does not offend your audience. While you feel that your friends still want more of your witty remarks, divert the conversation and let someone else have the floor.

You must have your own personal brand of being witty and amusing. If everyone shared their tips and tricks on how they spin words to come up with a witty remark, all comedians will be out of work.

It is what makes people come back for more: their own uniqueness in carrying their personality along with their own play of words and gestures. If you feel that you are not being particularly witty and funny, don’t force yourself.

Start slow by losing your inhibition. The more you try hard to be witty and amusing, the more you will come out flat. If being witty does not come naturally to you, it will take some time and practice. Keep on practicing, and eventually you will come up with your own style that will keep your friends looking for more.

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