Self Help Guide How to Develop Poise and Act with Grace and Style

Self Help Guide How to Develop Poise and Act with Grace and Style

Poise is something that is demanded in people, especially if you are moving around high society. If you are moving awkwardly like a colt with all legs, here are some things that you can keep in mind to help make you gain that poise and grace that you are looking for
Have you ever observed those people walking at the red carpet, looking all tall and confident? The reason why they are like that is that they are sure about what they are and they know what they are doing. They are aware of their movements, but not necessarily too much as to become awkward and be self-criticizing.

They are like that because they have taken the time to complete their transformation. They have spent time practicing their moves, watching their movements, and constantly checking if they can make themselves better than they are the next day – if it were possible.

Before you go to a function where a lot of people will be looking at you and checking to see what you will do, make sure that you know exactly what function you are attending. Is it a formal dinner, a luncheon, or a cocktail party?

This will help you choose the right set of clothes so you will not feel out of place. For example, you cannot wear a cocktail dress for a formal luncheon. You will only be stared at and talked about, making you lose your confidence and causing you to move awkwardly and clumsily.

Next, work on your posture and your walk. Always make sure that you have the right posture by standing up with your back straight and your arms at your side with your shoulders relaxed but not slumped forward. Your chest must be held out, with your stomach tucked in.

When you walk, be aware of every muscle fiber of your body. This will help you become aware of how you move, enabling you to walk fluidly and not like a stiff military cadet marching to battle. Let your arms sway naturally at your side, stepping with your foot placed forward one a time. If you are a woman, let your hips sway slightly and naturally.

Never exaggerate or counteract your hip movements. The more natural your movement, the more poised you will become. Let your arms move along with the opposite leg, with your elbows at a slight bend to make the movement more natural. This will help you coordinate your movements and let you maintain your balance.

To accomplish the right walk, you must wear the right shoes. Ill-fitted shoes can cause you to miss a step. If you are used to flats, practice ahead of time wearing heels so you will get the feel of the shoes and learn to balance yourself as you walk.

When walking with heels, it will help if you point your toes forward, but always landing on your heels. There are a lot of women who wear heels who appear to be trotting along and not walking because they always land on their toes. This makes them look awkward, losing their grace and poise in the process.

And remember, smile! Have a smile that will reach the eyes, and not the type of smile that is so forced and fake. A warm, sincere smile will give you a totally different charm and will help you feel confident – people will be encouraged to stay and talk with you as you exchange ideas and beliefs. This can do wonders for your self-confidence, further adding to your poise and grace.

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