Self Help Guide for Identifying emotionally unstable people

Self Help Guide for Identifying emotionally unstable people

When we meet people, we tend to classify them according to our first impressions. We can easily recognize the physical aspects of a person, such as height, weight, and noticeable scars or marks.

You can discern other aspects regarding the person based on their clothes, appearance and mannerisms. However, it is slightly more difficult to get a reading on the personality and character of the person.

You need to talk to them and understand their principles and values in order to determine the type of person they are. Sometimes, we get confused and bewildered during the discussions especially if the person rambles and talks in circles about nonsense.

We can differentiate between people with high intelligence and those who are unstable from their behavior and actions.

These are further substantiated when we start talking to them on various topics and subject matters. You may notice their range of emotions going from cheerful to antagonistic and vice-versa in a short span of time.

These people let their emotions carry their behavior and they don’t bother trying to control their feelings. There are other signs and indications that you should be aware of.

The information will help you communicate with them constructively. People who act on impulse and have low emotional intelligence can be dangerous people and should be handled with caution.

You never know what their reactions will be during the conversation and you might be at risk physically. They are unaware of the implications and repercussions of their actions.

They tend to act instantaneously and without thinking. They give in to negative emotions easily, especially during stressful situations. They transmit their negative feelings to others and disregard the implications it may have on the other people.

They appear egoistical and self-centered. They consider themselves to be the heroes in all the undertakings and look down on others who differ with their opinion.

They overestimate their prowess and skills and boast endlessly of their accomplishments. They take credit for the jobs completed on schedule and with high quality and they point the blame to others if the tasks are not completed satisfactorily and on time.

Many of these people have a tendency to always look on the bad side of a situation and never consider the bright prospects. They cannot react to change well.

This is a very difficult situation since changes always happen around us continuously. Changes are what makes our life interesting and helps us develop into better persons. An emotionally unintelligent person does not recognize the opportunities and tends to ignore the potentials of change.

They have a hard time mingling and interacting with others. During discussions, they can become highly emotional about the issues and become physically aggressive. They can also go to the other extreme and be overly passive and uninterested on the subject matter.

When you do encounter these types of people, try to avoid them. If you have to talk to them, be cautious and selective on your topics and subject matter.

Do not voice any opinion or take sides. Practice being neutral and refrain from giving adverse observations or comments. Humor them and be cordial to them. Try to find ways to get away from their presence when they are displaying signs of anger and negativity.

Unfortunately, some of these individuals are capable of causing physical harm. Emotionally unintelligent people can be taught to understand and learn things. They can be guided and counseled to bring out the positive elements in their personality.

If the situation allows an opportunity, provide them with a good physician and psychiatrist to help them become better people.

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