Self Help for What to Do When Stress Keeps You Up at Night

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Self Help for What to Do When Stress Keeps You Up at Night

We all know that getting good quality restful sleep at night is essential to your mental and physical wellbeing. If you experience higher stress levels than you can manage, you will not only be sleep deprived, but possibly develop chronic sleep disorders that can be very dangerous to your health.

Finding natural cures for your insomnia and stress relief tips will give you better sleep every night and more energy every day.

It’s annoying to think that the loud music your neighbor plays is what keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning.

But when it’s you who is sabotaging your own chances to sleep and rest, it is somewhat more frustrating.

Fact of the matter is, stress-induced insomnia runs rampant these days because of hectic social schedules and mind-numbing responsibilities.

Instead of just going to bed to doze the night away, your mind goes haywire. You end up tense and anxious, thus overriding any ability to go into dreamland.

And when you do get to sleep, it’s still a fitful kind of rest. You don’t wake up feeling refreshed, and instead go back to contemplating about what has been bothering you.

If this didn’t happen so often, it wouldn’t have been such an issue. If, however, it happens regularly or too often, then the whole thing makes sleeplessness so pernicious.

Besides waking up cranky and tired, you also risk your health in the long run. You will no longer be as immune to sickness or you become forgetful.

Many snoring problems also are triggered by stress and if you learn good stress management skills you can often cure your snoring.

The biggest downside is its effect on your metabolism. Even when you don’t eat as much, you still have a chance of packing on pounds because your whole body clock just slows down.

What can you do to avoid this? First, you need to get a handle on whatever issues you have. Try to make a list of your priorities and tick off what has been done.

Seeing that you have accomplished something immensely helps in making you feel lighter. Moreover, the list will remind you that you are still in control of your life.

If you are still bothered by the number of things that you haven’t done yet, take the time to complete them at night.

Instead of tossing and turning on your bed and forcing yourself to sleep when you know that it’ll never come, grab this opportunity to work. This may be your chance to shorten your list even further.

When you feel that you have finally done something worthwhile, help your body further by doing these time-tested methods:

1. Take a hot bath before you go to bed.

This helps lower your body temperature, thus preparing you to get into the hibernation mode.

2. Drink a glass of warm milk.

If most parents have said this, then there must be some semblance of truth to it.

Facts have proven that milk contains a certain acid called tryptophan. This is an amino acid that converts itself to serotonin, a chemical that makes you drowsy.

3. Exercise in the morning.

As you work out, you release adrenaline which gives you energy to go through your daily activities. As the day progresses, this subsides, thus making you eventually tired.

4. Stop glancing at your watch when you’re in bed.

This will only agitate you as you see time tick by.

As much as possible, try contemplating on things only during the day. Sleep is what makes you function because this is your way of recharging your body with the energy it needs.

You may not be aware of it, but you may be lengthening your life when you get into the habit of sleeping right.

Learning powerful stresss management techniques to relax and reduce stress in your life is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. These stress management tips will help you to achieve a state of balance to live a better and happier life.

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