Self Help for Thinning Hair

Self Help for Thinning Hair

Many people suffer from baldness, men and women alike. It’s a much too common problem these days. So if you do notice that you are on your way to becoming bald, you shouldn’t be ashamed.

After all, you’re not the only person in the world with this problem. Is there a cure for it? Yes, but you also have to know why this is happening to you.

With the modern technology in today’s world, experts have discovered ways to treat hair loss. There are ongoing researches in all four corners of the globe.

You need to be thankful that you live in a time where great discoveries are happening every day.

The easiest way to deal with it is to use hair-care products designed to add volume to your thinning and feathery strands. Look for hair products that target on adding volume and thickness to your hair.

So how do you stimulate hair growth? You’ve probably seen commercials that talk about medications designed to stimulate hair growth.

While most of them feature men, they can work for women as well. The only reason the females aren’t featured in these ads is because men mostly suffer from this dilemma.

One such product is called Minoxidil (or Rogaine, as it is commercially known). It first started out as a treatment for high blood pressure.

In the later years, it evolved into a popular scalp treatment. Physicians and experts noticed that it also promoted hair growth, which is why they decided to venture into this area as well.

The science behind the product may be too complex to understand which is why it is better to look at the effects instead. It slows down the hair loss process while promoting new growth.

Look at the label and see what you do. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you don’t go halfway. If you stop using the product, you will lose the new hair that appeared.

Propecia is an oral prescription for baldness. The scientists have seen a significant improvement in 2 out of the 3 men under the study.

The drug nudges affected follicles to grow the hair lost back, and is said to be most effective in the crown area. The entire process takes up to 12 months before it can fully work.

If you want a more permanent solution, you can consider surgical options. Dermatologists and surgeons plant a few hair-growing follicles through your sparse spots.

Wait a few weeks and you’ll see new hair begin to cover the bald spots. The growth cycle is about 90 percent.

At any given time, about 10 percent are resting. The resting follicles are randomly distributed throughout your scalp so that bald spots will eventually disappear.

Yes, balding can definitely be remedied. Just make sure that you consult your doctor before deciding on many methods.

For most women, the balding is caused by tension. Instead of taking anything, it is best that they take a break from the stressful lives they lead.

With rest, they will see their hair look better, just the way it did when they were younger.

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