Self Help for How to Become More Feminine

Self Help for How to Become More Feminine

A lot of women today are seemingly thriving in the company of men. In the well-meaning attempts to keep their man happy and to keep their interest, a lot of women are willing to let go of their femininity and embrace the masculine ways of men.

It may be successful for some, but you cannot deny that there are still a lot of men out there looking for women who are more feminine than masculine. But please don’t miss the point of this article – it is not about making changes to please the opposite sex or anyone else – the purpose is to let the real you out.

If you are happy and more comfortable in exhibiting less feminine traits then this information does not apply to you.

Being feminine does not mean that you have to be weak, and stay at home watching the kids as your partner perform his manly duties to maintain the family. There are women living in the corporate world that are powerful and successful, but still maintain their femininity. It may be difficult to start but once you do, everything follows.

You can always start with your hair. You don’t have to wear your hair overly long. If you like the pixie cut on your hair, go for it. If long hair is your style, so be it. What is best is that your hairstyle accentuates your features and does not make you look like someone who just came from a wrestling match.

A great crown of hair can be your best weapon for any man. If you have a long, graceful neck flaunt it by sporting a pixie cut or putting your hair up in a sophisticated French twist. If your eyes are your best feature, compliment that by wearing your hair down. Master the hair flick and the look and men will all want to know more about you.

Your skin is also your asset. Every inch of your body must have flawless skin. It is something that would beckon men to want to touch you and smell you. Treat your face with a facial every once in a while. Cleanse and moisturize your face daily to maintain that youthful glow.

Remove unwanted hair by plucking, shaving, or waxing. If you have sensitive skin, go for wax or laser treatment. No matter how much make up you put on, it will not do you justice if your skin cannot compliment the look.

Now, makeup is something that is both detested and loved by women. A woman who is more on the practical side and who opts for more of the natural look does not like makeup very much. A woman who has a love affair on makeup can also go overboard with bold colors and mismatching looks for the time of day and occasion.

You can buy drugstore makeup and experiment on it. There are a lot of makeup tutorials available in magazines, books, and especially the internet. Try looking for makeup tutorials by Lauren Luke, Xteener, and many more.

Feminine clothes can add dimension to the whole package. It does not mean that you have to wear dresses all the time. There are instances when wearing a dress can be a total failure. What you need is a set of clothing that positively exudes feminine charm.

Frills and frocks are not necessary. If you wish to wear jeans, you can wear them as long as they are not baggy and not sloppy. What you need are clothes that flatter your figure and complement your style and personality.

Now enough of the vanity for vanity can only get you as far. These measures are useless if you do not feel and act feminine. You have to move and feel like a woman. Tap into yourself and discover inherent feminine possibilities that you have shut out just to fit in a man’s world. Unless you feel feminine, you will not become feminine.

There are those who would wear baggy tops and sloppy jeans but still look and feel delicately feminine. That is not yet you, which is why you are reading this article. You have tried sloppy before and it did not work, so go off for different tactics.

Whenever you are in a function, sit up straight in a relaxed and fluid way. You are not a military cadet out to be skinned by your general. Speak in a well modulated voice that bespoke charm and good manners. If you wish to laugh, carefully control it so it would sound like it’s coming from deep inside you and not from your nose. You are not a witch, so cackling is not allowed. You are not a man, either, so shouting your laughter is also considered illegal along with swearing.

They say that belly dancing will be able to make you more in tune with your feminine side unlike any other dance. There is no way that a woman will be able to come up with those moves without losing inhibition and tapping into their feminine prowess. Those belly dancing lessons will also help you loosen sinew, muscles, and joints, allowing you to move fluidly and gracefully. A woman can easily catch a man’s attention simply by doing a smooth, fluid, catlike walk the moment she enters the door.

And to top it off, don’t go into the feminine bandwagon just to please a man. You have to be feminine because you feel like being feminine and not just to attract the opposite sex. Keep in track with your feminine insights and to not lose your way. It is not that easy to be feminine when you have spent years suppressing your feminine desires. With a little patience and perseverance, you can achieve your preferred level of femininity. Remember, it’s not about the looks: it’s about the feel.

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