Self Help for Dealing with Difficult People Who Annoy You

Self Help for Dealing with Difficult People Who Annoy You

When you learn the fundamental steps for dealing with difficult people, your life will be much more happy and pleasant. They say you can pick your friends but not your family. Well, you also can’t pick the people who surround you in your workplace, or schoolyard.

Learning to fit in with others and developing a higher EQ (emotional quotient) is as important as developing your IQ. One of the skills to acquire is being able to ‘get along’ with people who are difficult, in the workplace an in your general life.

There are times when your work satisfaction and rise up the ranks is hindered by annoying colleagues or by bosses who seem to suck the life out of you. The world is filled with unpleasant people and calling them jerks might be putting it lightly.

Most of the time, handling them is actually quite simple because all you’ll need to do is stay away from them. Sadly, there is one place where you can’t escape people who are rude, sad, lazy, mean, or just plain annoying, and that is at work.

In the office, you spend all day with people you have not chosen to be with, but you still have to work toward a common goal. If it were up to you, you’d put them in another area and avoid them throughout your working life.

But then again, you simply cannot ignore them. By giving in to your emotions, you could actually affect the future of your career. You may even lose significant work time stewing over a conflict with a coworker.

If that person you can’t stand is just too much of a gossip, you often wish that he would get axed from your workplace. They know about everything and like to talk about it with everyone.

He may even take a little too much interest in your personal life which makes you want to be even more private about things that happen to you when the clock hits five. Instead of blowing up, try some distraction techniques.

Don’t lecture him about the hazards of a wagging tongue because he may immediately assume that you are an uptight person. Instead, gossip about the latest news in the paper instead of people you actually know.

If he insists on changing the topic, lead him to believe that nothing much happens to you apart from work. Bottom line is, it’s not really fun to talk about unexciting events.

If, on the other hand, you are dealing with someone who likes to hog the spotlight, that calls for a different strategy altogether. This person likes to put his name on documents that he didn’t make, and one of these could even be yours.

Naturally, they have a knack for looking like a real pro here because he grabs all the credit when the important people are around. They like to be front and center while the others stay in the dark.

What do you do then? Do you step up and call them a liar? If the issue is quite severe and you do have solid evidence to back up your claims, go for it. Otherwise, you need to put everything in writing from now on.

When you have a big idea to present, email it to several people beforehand and bring handouts of the dazzling details during your big meetings. When you’re selling your success and contributions, let your supervisor see that you’ve really done all the legwork yourself.

The office is a place to show off your talents. Don’t make this a venue for arguments. Just as long as you remain professional, people will be able to see what kind of person you really are.

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