Self Help for Changing and Start to Become Charming

Self Help for Changing and Start to Become Charming

One way to draw people to you is to be charming and sincere. There are those who are born lucky – they simply exude such charm without even trying. Still, that should not deter you from starting to become one of those people. Charm can also be learned and cultivated to suit your purpose.

The first thing you have to do is to learn how to smile. Smile in a way that some of your teeth will show and the smile should reflect in your eyes. This will make you open and approachable, giving your face a light that is compelling. Smiling with closed lips conveys snobbery and that you are not actually welcoming the attention you are getting. It is as if you are blocking the other person from interacting with you.

Stand up straight, paying special attention to your posture. A slouched posture will make you look depressed, while standing too stiff as if you are in the military will make you look unapproachable. Keep your back straight, your shoulders relaxed but not slouching forward, and your chest held out confidently. People are more gravitated towards a person who is confident and sure of himself.

When you meet someone new, remember their names. Nothing is more musical to a person’s ears than to hear their name in someone else’s lips. There are people who have a hard time remembering names, and this is often not deliberate. If you are one of them, it would help if you would repeat their names as you are introduced to new people. You can start by saying, “Hi, Wendy, my name is……” It may even help if you repeat their names by trying to bring it up every now and then naturally in the conversation.

Once you have learned their names, be genuinely interested in knowing whatever they feel like telling you. You can start by asking about their family, their likes and dislikes. Eventually, you will find something that you have in common with them. Do not be disappointed if you do not discover any similarities. What is important is that you genuinely wish to know more about that person. Let them talk about their interests and work around that for conversation.

If you find that you cannot start a conversation with the person that you just met, then try to find something about him that you can admire or praise honestly. Remember that when you give your praise to keep your voice warm and sincere. It is way better than using a sweet tone of voice that can come across as patronizing, and worse, insulting. Nothing is far more irritating than being talked to as if you are some 5-year old who is slow in the uptake.

As the day commence, never center on what has made the night so terrible and annoying for you. A person who continually harps over negative things is not very pleasant company and will only deter away people. You will come across as someone who is dissatisfied and bitter. Instead, talk about what makes the event charming and lovely.

These tips will help you start on the road of attracting the right people. It will take some practice, but all the effort you put into it will be highly beneficial, both personally and professionally.

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