Self Help for Age Spots

Self Help for Age Spots

It’s no surprise that age spots can make you look older. Newer studies reveal that clusters of dark pigment, usually the result of sun damage, can make you appear less healthy as well.

In fact, if you looked at a person free of age spots, you’ll normally think that they don’t have health issues. This may be due to the fact that the pigment changes caused by sun exposure can make a face look blotchy, and this can be taken as a potential sign of ill health.

Just remember that not all the spots that you may see are the dreaded age spots. Some of them may actually be freckles, and you know that you can get these marks from spending countless hours bathing under the intense heat of the sun.

Reckless living is something you should avoid early on. You may have been careless during your younger years, and while you think you may have been indestructible at that time, you will definitely pay for it.

Time never forgets to charge you for every action you made. Sometimes, the price is too high. The sun was your best friend back then, but climate changes have also made it harsher.

Whereas wearing a thin coat of sunscreen was enough back then, you’re sure to suffer from sunstroke if you practiced the same methods at this time.

You need to be kinder to your skin. The stress that you went through in life has been tough on it.

Not only does it have to deal with sun damage, nature’s harsh elements, and pollution, you’re also adding more to it with age spots. It is being attacked from all different angles and sometimes you don’t even know what to do anymore.

There are ways to deal with age spots; you just have to be extremely careful with the products that you’ll buy. If you are careless with your choices, you may even cause further damage on your skin.

To fade existing spots, apply a daily serum with skin lighteners such as hydroquinone, niacinamide, and licorice. You can easily find these in drug stores and beauty centers everywhere.

If you have sensitive skin, moisturizers with added fragrance can be irritating and harsh on your skin. But the “unscented” ones may not be any gentler.

Many of the manufacturers sometimes use a so-called masking fragrance to cover up a chemical scent. Instead, look for products that are labeled ‘fragrance free.’ They’re less likely to cause a skin reaction.

As you put all your efforts on skin care, be sure that you don’t overlook your health in the process. The best way to slow down aging is to make sure that you care for every area of your body.

Work on the inside as well as out. Exercise, eat healthy, and make sure you habitually apply trusted products on your skin.

Though you may not be able to stop the clock altogether, you’re sure to slow it down if you remain vigilant about your body’s health. With good health comes the confident you need to get through life’s toughest moments.

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