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The ideas suggested here are common sense, and should make life a little easier, although they may sound easy enough in theory but putting them into practice may require your full attention.

Give them a go, you will be surprised with the out come.

Routine And Regularity…Young children thrive on routine and an organized regular environment, things like specified times.

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For the pre school age, for example, wake your child at the same time every morning, help if necessary to dress your child, ready for breakfast, brush teeth and have a wash, then off to school or kinder.

These routines should be a regular start to your child’s day. This gives your child a routine and knows what is expected of him, when he has becomes comfortable with this give him a little extra chore to be involved in, such as make his bed or help with the breakfast dishes.

Winding down after his day is also important, have a snack ready, let him relax, do readers or other home work, give him a small job to do for you may be set out the table for the evening meal, sit and enjoy his day while at the dinner table. Allow him to watch some television, then its bath time, teeth and bed.

One Set Of Rules…

Children no matter what age need one set of rules in the home from both parents. For a quick example say, young Johnny asks mum if he can go and ride his bike and mum is happy enough for him to do so. But once out side dad doesn’t think it is a good time to ride his bike, Johnny gets confused and doesn’t know how to listen to.

If we start chopping and changing the rules our children don’t know where they stand. In so many families to day, there is little communication between parents because of the busy lifestyle or other responsible duties.

This then enforces less parental communication and giving children the upper hand in getting what they want, by playing one parent against the other because of the weakness in the understood rules not being enforced by both parents.

Parents need to stand together with team work present, agree on particular rules for the sake of offering consistency and stability, for the child’s most important years.

Don’t Blame Others…

Many parents with out of control children are often likely to shift the blame to someone else, rather than facing the problem with the uncontrollable child / children as being their own.

Grandma is usually the one first in line, parents use grandma because granny spoils the children, but the fact of this matter is, it just isn’t true. Child minders, care givers, teachers, friends and others are not raising the child, passing the buck so to speak is only satisfying your own conscience.

Toddlers have amazing abilities in working out different discipline in different situations. Of course they are well aware that different places require different behavior, and will be disciplined to suit the situation.

For instance, when your child is at school, grandma’s or even at the favorite auntie’s, but in the family home they know the rules are totally different, with no choice but to except them.

Work Towards Peace With Understanding…

Being a parent, you are aware of certain situations that may rev up your little ones, as they seem to daily continue to stumble right into them with regular routine.

We know, for instance, that tension, long outings, restrictions, as well as too much activity, all play a part in stirring up their moods.

All you can do if you are looking for a more peaceful day is understand the triggers and avoid setting them off.

Tension And Over Reacting…

Although we know how tension affects our children with feeling up set. Most of our daily up sets in life, are some we have little control of.

Many families live with endless amounts of tension, trying to cope with the daily responsibilities of providing, working, money, housing and not to mention the demands of the family commitments, trying to ensure smooth sailing for all, just a few of many tensions involved in the average house hold living.

Many instances involve unnecessary tension with an over reaction towards punishment.

Say for example, if, your child was responsible for some major act earlier in the day, punishment should take place instantly, then offer forgiveness and peace.

Because some of us are very slow in forgiving the children at fault, constantly reminding the child with the negative attitude will only bring extra tension, with the out come of bad behavior to continue.

This then puts parents in a mood of enlarged tension and becomes an extremely long day for all concerned.

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