Free self help books toddlers activity – starting with the letter F

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“FUN ACTIVITIES – starting with the letter F”
Free self help books toddlers activity & kids art and craft ideas

FreeToddlersActivityArts&Crafts This parenting articles & self help books site with free toddlers activity & kids arts and crafts activities guide has free self help books & parenting articles with positive parenting tips, free kids games, kids recipes, simple kids arts & crafts projects, free toddlers activity & kids art and craft ideas, including free child development parent tips for toddlers activities and toddlers parenting resources. size=1>

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Arts & Crafts

Go Fishing
Make a fishing pole by rolling up newspaper, and tape to secure.
Then cut out and color some fish. Attach yarn or string to the fish, then attach to your pole.

Self help books, Toddlers activity

Fold a piece of paper accordion-style. Tape the bottom together, and fan yourself.

Jumping Frogs
Take a green circle, or paper plate painted green, and fold in not quite in half. Don’t fold all the way down. Then add two white half ovals for eyes on top of the fold, and glue behind the fold.
Add a dot in the middle.
For a tongue glue a half oval shape to the bottom of the top flap (the one you folded down). Then add green accordion strips for legs.

Feet Butterflies
Have each child stand on a piece of paper with feet slightly apart.
Trace around each foot to make “butterfly wings”. Draw a butterfly body between each pair of feet (wings) and add antennae.
Decorate with crayons, markers, paint, and sprinkle with glitter.

Fabric collage
Cut shapes of various sizes from different textured fabrics. Give the children pieces of construction paper. Let them glue the fabric shapes all over the papers.
Then have them rub their hands all over the collages and describe the different textures they feel.

Feather Painting
Set out feathers or feather dusters and shallow containers of paint. Give each child a large construction paper bird shape.
Let the children use the feathers as brushes to paint their birds.

Personalized Flags
Explain to children that every country has its own flag and people display them and wave them on national holidays to honor their country.
Set out various colors of sticker dots, stars, and other shapes. Let the children create their own flags.

Flower Jars
Let children place small amounts of clay in baby food jar lids. Give them small dried flowers to arrange in the clay. Screw the lids to the jars.
Tie a ribbon around the necks of the jars and let the children give them as a gift to a family member or friend.

Finger paint Fans
Give the children small paper plates to finger paint. After the plates are dry, print a capital and small F.
Tape a tongue depressor to the back for a handle and let the children have fun fanning themselves.

Feathery F
Have a large letter F and glue feathers all over it.

Sandy F
Have a large letter F and sprinkle on colored sand.
When it is dry, it becomes a tactile experience to trace over it.

Festive Frames
Make frames by cutting them out of cardboard or by gluing popsicle sticks together.
Then decorate them with sequins, glitter, stickers, markers, buttons, etc. Glue a magnet to the back of the frame.

Put a large sheet of paper on the floor, and let the kids step in paint.
Walk across the paper, step into a bucket of water to rinse your feet off.

Rainbow fish
Take a fish pattern, glue brightly colored tissue paper and tin foil pieces on for the scales.

Games & Activities

Make a fishing game by cutting out fish shapes from construction paper and attaching paper clips to the head of the fish.
Use a straw to make a pole and attach yarn for the line. Use either a magnet, or another paper clip bent like a hook and let the kids fish for their prey! If they can name the color of the fish they can keep it
.Whoever has the most fish wins. You can also use it for letters, numbers, shapes or anything you are trying to teach.

Make a circle with the children. Hold hands, squeeze the hand of the person next to you.send the squeeze around the circle, and when your hand is squeezed put one foot forward.

Four and Five
Have the children practice writing the numbers 4 and 5 (maybe on an outline of F?)

Make Funny Faces

Self help books, Toddlers activity,

Feed The Frog
Take a coffee can and spray paint it green. For eyes glue two wiggle eyes inside two green milk lids (plastic lids from gallon of milk).
Drew on a mouth. For the game, roll a large die and count bugs into the can.
Great math game.

Letter Bag Items
Fire hat

Discuss feelings: happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised, etc.

Feathers or Fur?
Explain to children about animals having feathers or fur. Cut out magazine pictures to show birds and animals.
Hold the pictures up and ask the children if the animal has fur or feathers.

F is for fire safety
Fire Truck (for dramatic play area)
You need:
1. A large card board appliance box
2. 4 Paper plates
3. Red, white, and black paint
4. Some large paint brushes
Let the children paint the box with the red paint. Then let the children paint the plates with black paint. Cut a ladder out of card board and then let the children paint it white.
After all the pieces dry put them together using tape, and put some fireman stuff in and around it.
Put 2 small chairs in the front for the front of the fire engine.

Fishing for F’s
Cut out various fish shapes out of different colored construction paper. On the back of each write or paste a picture of a word that begins with the letter “F”.
Place paper clips on each fish. Make a pole out of a safe piece of wood, string and place a magnet on the end of the string.
Have each child take the pole and catch a fish that has a”F” word on it.
The child says the word he caught out loud.

Look at flags from different countries and explain what the colors, stars, or stripes stand for , then have each child design their own flag.
You can cut out strips of paper for the children to glue on the flag. Have each child explain why they chose those colors and if they represent anything.

Have firefighters go to your school.

Leap Frog
Let the children pretend to be frogs. Show them how to do a frog leap. Let them practice, short leaps, long leaps, slow leap, fast leaps.
Play music and lay out a pond or swamp with mats as lily pads, so the frogs can land on them to rest. You can always play the freeze/unfreeze froggie leap game!!

Recipes & Snacks

A Fabulous, Fantastic, Funny Lunch of “F’s”
Frog Legs (Chicken Wings) Baked, BBQ, or Fried French Fries, Flying Fritters (Corn Fritters), Fancy French Bread (Toasted Garlic Bread) Frog Eyed Fruit
(Put drained fruit in Tapioca Pudding).

Finger foods
Serve finger foods for snack-time.

Fabric Snack Packs
Have the children pack snacks such as fruit, raw veggies, and crackers in small squares of fabric.
Help them tie the ends of the fabric together hobo-style. Then let the children carry their snack packs outside for a FUN picnic!

Self help books, Toddlers activity,
Food Festival
Have each family bring a dish from a different country.
Talk about which country its from and why they chose that dish.
Eat Fresh Fruit for dessert.

Fig Newtons

French Fries

Songs, Poems & Finger Plays

Funny, funny froggie, hop, hop, hop
Funny, funny froggie, stop, stop, stop
Funny, funny froggie, run and play
Funny, funny froggie, don’t run away!
(Recite this poem miming the actions three times.
First time regular tempo, Second time fast tempo, Third time very slow tempo.)

Sing to Farmer in the Dell.
I’m looking for a friend.
I’m looking for a friend.
Oh, will you be my friend today?
I’m looking for a friend.

Fish Are Swimming (Tune of Frere Jacques)
Fish are swimming,
fish are swimming,
In the sea,
in the sea
, A-splishing and a-splashing,
A-splishing and a-splashing,
Look and see,
look and see.

Five Little Firefighters
Five little firefighters (show five fingers)
Sleeping in a row (rest cheeks on hands & close eyes)
Ring goes the bell-
Down the pole they go. (Pretend to slide down pole)
They jump on the engine (Jump Up)
And put out the fire. (Pretend to squirt with a hose)
Now they’re back home-
My, but they’re tired. (Stretch and yawn.)

Frog on a Log
There once was a green little frog, frog, frog,
Who sat in the woods on a log, log, log.
A screech owl sitting in a tree, tree, tree,
Came after the frog with a scree, scree, scree.
When the frog heard the owl in a flash, flash, flash,
He jumped in the pond with a splash, splash, splash!

Five Little Frogs
Five little frogs Were down at the pond Down at the pond at play
Along came a hungry ________, And chased one frog away.

Four little frogs Were down at the pond Down at the pond at play.
Along came a wiggly ________, And chased one frog away.

Three little frogs Were down at the pond Down at the pond at play
Along came a giant ________, And chased one frog away.

Two little frogs Were down at the pond Down at the pond at play
Along came a purple ________, And chased one frog away.

One little frog Was down at the pond Down at the pond at play
Along came a flying ________, And chased one frog away.

Then no little frogs Were down at the pond Down at the pond at play
Where do you think the little frogs went When they all hopped away?

Five Funny Fish
Five funny fish went out to play
Far down the river one fun-filled day.
When the mommy fish went f – f – f
Four little fish came swimming back.
Four funny fish went out to play, etc. until no little fish came swimming back.
Then the daddy fish went F – F – F
Five funny fish came swimming back.

– sourced from

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