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“Recruiting Objections in the Marketplace and How to Handle them!”
Business Resources self help books & articles for Multi Level Marketing MLM Leads List MLM Consultants Training

SelfHelpHealthArticle The self help books & small business resources for MLM Consultants self help Training site has network marketing articles about Multi Level Marketing MLM Leads List for direct sales vacancy, direct sales tips for Network Marketing Consultants and marketing network selling secrets, Multi Level Marketing MLM Leads List and free advice about network marketing tools and training for direct sales home party business. size=1>


Let me ask you a question….
WHAT stops MOST people from INCREASING recruiting? FEAR? Absolutely…and OBJECTIONS? Yes. One of the FEARS I help people deal with most is the…. FEAR of REJECTION! We all deal with it! This training manual will help you in dealing with objections as you build your business! Read on and absorb!

self help books, MLM consultants, Multi Level Marketing MLM Leads List,
Are you “Dealing with OBJECTIONS”? If you are not getting objections….are you working? We all face objections, and it’s something we must learn to understand…then learn to deal with them. Some of us have prospects that NEVER tell you WHY they joined the “Witness Protection Program” so hopefully this mini training will help you prevent them joining “W.P.P.”! Smile MORE often, listen, use tools, be patient and you will at least have some ARMOR on for objections. It’s a battle that entrepreneurs face everyday! My goal is to help you work through them and increase recruiting!!!!!

UNDERSTAND the two CATEGORIES of objections:

#1- “Physical”
Such as the money, need, timing, or spousal!

#2- “Mental”
Such as belief, self-image, resistance to spending money! Let’s get “physical” first….”Let me hear your body talk” (Some of you might get that one later.;))

~MONEY~ objections are inevitable. When you hear….. “That’s expensive” SAY “Compared to what?” or “How much did you think it would cost?” This may lead to: ”I can’t afford this right now” SAY “Why not?” or “You can’t afford NOT to join!” or “Today or this month or what?”


“That’s exactly why you NEED to join, How long do you want to go on not having enough money?” *Create a sense of “not having THIS” will cost you MORE”

~Risk~ How about this one…”Starting a business is RISKY”…SAY: “Life is a RISK all together, if you think about it we will not make it out of this world ALIVE.” The key is building up a customers “PEAK” of Emotion in which the cost becomes the least of their concerns.

~NO-NEED~ objections are sometimes our own FAULT! Use more tools to ensure a quality presentation to prevent these objections! When you hear…… ”I’m not interested” SAY “May I ask why NOT?” or “Today or this month or what?” or “I know how you feel, when I first looked, I felt the same way but when I realized that anyone could do this I found out I was interested in using this as a vehicle to gain financial freedom!” or “Do you know someone who may be?”

One of my mentors and seven-figure income earner Dave Savula says in this case:
”I’m SO glad you said that, this business is perfect for people that are UNinterested! We have a great referral program so if you can just LEAD me to some interested parties, you will benefit!” or “You may not like hamburgers, but could you own a McDonalds and cash the checks?”

*Understand these may be REAL objections or sometimes they are just trying to get rid of you…..”NEXT!”

~TIMING~ These objections can be tough but remember you are in search of a business partner so if your prospect is going in and out of problems at home….may be best to wait!

My favorite questions to find out if the timing is good: “Is this a good time to start a business?” or “Are you looking to start a business this month?” Look for telltale signs by their “concentration” or “participation” of what you are saying/doing. ”Are they “out of it”? “Timing can be everything” I just leave this type of prospect with a good taste in their mouth, I say “Look, you obviously have a ton on your plate right now so why don’t I touch base with you in a few months?”

SPOUSAL objections are HIDDEN! Sometimes you can tell by their attitude or statements made about past failures. So many people FEAR putting their spouse through another failure or the waiting game. One of the best ways I know how to handle this is to prevent it! INCLUDE the spouse!!!

When you first approach a prospect and ask questions, say: “Will your spouse be involved as well?” or “Do you and your spouse want to work the business together?” If the answer is “NO” than you may have a struggle ahead of you! The reality is that most of us WANT our spouse involved but feel as if we need to SUCCEED first! I call this “spousal by-pass” and perfected the method myself! I would tell my wife we were doing better than we actual were. (that works for a few months) Honesty is always the best route! Just ask for their support and believe me…it’s there, and YES big checks help! ~If you are currently dealing with an unsupportive spouse have a talk right away and be very honest.

SAY: “Look, I know this business takes time, money, and sacrifice BUT the reason I am doing this business is to OWN our future! Together we can speed the process up and just think how nice it will be when we can start taking more vacations, or maybe we can build a new home! I just want you to know that whether you get involved or not, I am doing this for us…and in time you will see results.”

In closing to “physical objections”……
Objections are just a part of the game……
Work with the prospect to get “through” them…….
Many of us allow the prospect to PUSH us away! Do you know what happens if you give up after a one objection? You become a universal recruiter! You are building other downlines because you started the process but someone else finished up for you!

Challenge yourself to fight a bit longer…APPLY this training to help! ”Mental” objections……… Such as belief, self-image, resistance to spending money! Before we do this, understand that the objections we are discussing today are…at times…difficult to bring out!

You need to “read between the lines”, and find out if the physical objections they gave you were just covering up the REAL objection. If you ever feel that your prospect is not revealing their real objections….simply keep asking them questions. One method I picked up to find REAL objections is the ECHO method…..

When a prospect makes a statement like……. ”I need to think about this” you SAY..”Think about this?” this may lead to….”well, I need to do more research” SAY “Do more research?” this may lead to…”well I want to be sure this will work” SAY “that this will work?” This may go on for a few minutes but it locates real objections. Simply repeat what they say in a question!

Try it….

~BELIEF & SELF-IMAGE objections are sad and real. Many people feel as if they will not succeed in this industry because of an earlier experience with a home business. Some people have never been in business period! Unfortunately, we meet people who are surrounded by negative energies and after so much time…they are conditioned for failure!

Use these statements for encouragement:

#1 ~ We can’t live life looking in the rear-view mirror!
#2 ~ In most cases, people do not fail in this industry. Companies, products, and comp. plans FAIL!
#3 ~ This industry was designed for EVERYONE!
#3 ~ This business is designed for busy people!
#4 ~ We have a low-operating expense! You may hear…..

“I need to think about this” SAY “think about this?” or break the areas of your business model down to locate the area of concern. SAY “Let me ask you, do you like the company? the product/service? the compensation?” Some may be direct & say, “I can’t see myself doing this”

SAY: “Neither did I until I met (share a story), this made me realize that I have the same opportunity as he/she!” or SAY “What makes you say that?” The key here is to FIND out what is causing them to hesitate. Many times the prospect is just looking for an excuse NOT to join because it’s uncomfortable to start a business or to CHANGE their lifestyle.

Help them by using stories, conduct 3-ways, or take them to a meeting! MEETINGS are filled with “walks of life”.

~SPENDING MONEY is something most people love to do when it’s a short term gain like dinner, new clothes, etc…but when it comes to a business opportunity….things change! Long-term gains are hard to SEE, so for $500 or whatever the cost….they SEE no return!

In this case we must create VALUE or a return!
You may hear….. ”How soon will I start making money?” SAY “How soon would you like to?” or ”I don’t know if I have the money” SAY “You mean today, this week or what?” ”If your car broke down and the cost to fix is $500, how soon would you have it fixed?” Most people have the money but they NEED a good reason to spend it! Turn the COST into an INVESTMENT:
SAY “Ok, you invest $500 and let’s just assume that you ONLY make a $1000 return in 12-24 months…may sound low BUT think about it this way….How long would it take for you to have a 100% return on your money in a bank, a money market account, or a mutual fund?”

“You may spend some money and time but let’s take a look at what benefits you will GAIN….like freedom, a new car, or maybe even a new home! How would you like to quit your job? This investment can do just that, like it did for me.” Another way to handle this is using REVERSE “psychology”…SAY: “Why don’t we look at your investment this way…”What if this works out for you? What will you be doing a year from now with time-freedom, or an additional $5000 a month coming in your household? Let’s look at this venture as if the CUP is half FULL, not half EMPTY!”

ARE you LOSING the prospect???
How can you tell? I had a prospect not that long ago say “YEAH” after every statement….I mean it was just like he had a recording or something. I was on the ball with my presentation and he just kept saying “YEAH”, so I threw him a curve ball and said…”by the way we put about a couple thousand people in your downline the first couple weeks, sound good?” and you can guess what he said…. ”YEAH, wait…what was that?” Needless to say, I didn’t much time with him anymore…..NEXT!

Bottom line? LOOK for the little “signals” that your are getting NO INTEREST or some type of unstoppable resistance. Working through objections will help you SORT and this allows you to make more money! Here are a few signals to look for:

~dead silence after you make a strong statement ~repeating the words…”yeah” or “okay” ~when you hear…”well, maybe” or “if you say so” or “that sounds too good to be true”

WORK on their PEAK of EMOTION! My Father must have drilled this in my head a few times & after I started to listen, it increased my business. Phases we go through in prospecting range from getting ones attention, presenting, sorting, follow-up and closing. In the process, we need to focus on their emotion and ask closing questions when they are PEAKing. Think about when you drove that new car around the block? Your budget was $15,000…but your emotion spends $20,000! You just found out ALL the facts of marriage….will you show up for the wedding or did you fall in love? People make decisions based on emotion, not the facts and we all PEAK at certain times.

The ECONOMY has also brought out many emotions. Think about the fact that MILLIONS have been laid off or downsized. They NEED a plan B or a financial safety NET so discuss this with your prospects as their EMOTIONS are flaring!

In dealing with objections, your prospects go through many PEAKS of emotion BUT when you have the highest level of INTEREST is when you close! This way you find out the real objection and you want to help them understand that successful people do things now!

Success is not for the procrastinator! Motivated Mike Lemire Millionaire’s Lifestyle Marketing and Development color=green> size=1>

FreeMLMConsultantsTraining This Free self help books training tools for MLM Consultants Success site has network marketing articles about MLM consultants success training for direct sales vacancy, direct sales tips for MLM and marketing network selling secrets, free advice about network marketing tools and training for direct sales home party business. Directory of free self help books for MLM consultant direct sales recruiting tips, including direct sales opportunity and network marketing consultant network marketing lead generation size=1>

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