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Doleful Tales of an Insomniac
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I tried with all my might but I just could not stay awake.

My eyelids grew heavier by the moment until I finally cavedin and dozed off. When I was abruptly awakened 15 minuteslater, by an old lady poking my ribs with her fancyumbrella, I realized that I missed my stop again.

couple sleeping

This is the third time in this whole week that I slept offduring my bus ride and failed to get off at the supposeddestination. It was not only during the bus rides that Islumbered.

I also dozed off during lectures, during lunchbreaks, in the shower, while talking to my mom on thephone; well almost any place that left me feelingcomfortable.

Perhaps it was time for me to take on those extra lectureson sleep therapy after all. Insomnia is an awful thing togo through. The inability to fall asleep and the difficultyto initiate and maintain sleep can be quite irksome.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is classified as the difficulty of falling asleepor staying asleep which later causes impairments in daytimefunctioning. Insomniacs often complain of problems inconcentrating or focusing, feeling depressed, irritable,moody or anxious, and incapability to function optimally inthe workplace, at home or even at school.

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Lack of sleep can considerably damage our health, as muchas unhealthy eating habits or infrequent exercise canaffect our immune system.

Studies have shown that whensomebody suffers from insomnia, aside from affecting theirlevel of concentration and alertness, there is also anincreased risk of them contracting other serious healthproblems such as, weight gain, diabetes and obesity.

Apparently, sleeping actually plays a role in ourmetabolism whereby, a lack of sleep will cause suchproblems. According to a 2003 poll conducted by theNational Sleep Foundation, two-thirds of Americans reportfrequent sleep problems.

This means a majority of Americansmay be suffering from deleterious health effects due tosleep deprivation.

3 Types of Insomnia

A person can suffer from many different kinds of insomnia.Insomnia can be categorized as transient, intermittent orchronic. Transient Insomnia lasts from a single night to afew weeks and can be caused by jet lag, temporary stress,excitement, illness, or even a change in your sleepschedule.

If these episodes of transient insomnia occurnotably frequent, then it is said to be IntermittentInsomnia.

Prolonged stress (such as financial troubles, job change,or the death of a loved one) is one of the most commonfactors that cause intermittent insomnia.

If intermittentinsomnia is not treated as soon as possible, there is ahigh chance of it turning into Chronic Insomnia, also knownas long-term insomnia. Chronic insomnia occurs every night,on most nights and might last a month or more.

So, how do you treat insomnia?

Each case of insomnia is treated differently according tothat particular person’s needs. There are various methodsthat can be used for treatment such as, behavioralmodification, following good sleep hygiene practices, lighttherapy, and even medication.

If you are suffering from insomnia, do not attempt toself-meditate yourself with sleeping pills as that would behighly impractical. The wise thing to do is to consult yourphysician about further treatments on insomnia.

For thetime being, practice healthy sleeping habits and keepyourself fit to ensure that you do not lose a wink when itis bedtime.

About the Author:

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For a site full of free natural sleep aid resources and insomnia cures, just check out : Sleep Aid Tips

For a site full of free natural sleep aid resources and insomnia cures, just check out : Sleep Aid Tips

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