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“ How to Make Money without Making Enemies”
self help books & personal development Make Money article

FreeSelfHelpBooks Happiness and wellbeing self help books and personal development articles about how to be happy using self help resources like Make Money self help site with free self help books on being happy with loving relationships, high self esteem & Make Money self confidence using self actualization and self growth resources. size=1>

Anytime is the best time to talk about gaining wealth without making enemies. Occasions, such as Christmas, provide a special reason. The best example is Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

Even if you haven’t read the book, you must have seen a version of a TV movie or cartoon about the story of a stingy businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge. On Christmas Eve, he was visited by four ghosts. Afterwards, he became more generous and charitable.

When one strikes the gold and gets rich, chances are he develops enemies around him. It could be the manner in which he obtained the wealth or it could be simply because these people are jealous of his good fortune.

So we ask whether it is possible to gain wealth without gaining enemies. The answer to this question is yes.

self help books

We all want to have more money. However, here’s the dilemma: when we get the money, we are prone to have more power. That’s true.

Too much power can result to enemies. If you do not want enemies, but you want money, below are some of the things that you can do.

It may be difficult but it is all about self-control. By keeping your morals intact, you know how to handle the situation better and in a civil manner. In the world of business, there is a tendency for people to engage in cutthroat competition. If you subscribe to this way of thinking, you ease up on seizing an opportunity that will let you step on others in order to reach your goal.

You should be also confident in the skill that you have. You need not be jealous of what others can do. By investing in your own talents, you can excel in this area. With diligence and devotion on what you are doing, soon enough you’ll be climbing up the corporate ladder.

Do not engage in BS or crap. If you feel that an endeavor is a waste of time, then do not get into it. Think before you act. If you also feel that it is not worth pursuing, do not trick others to jump onboard. Keep an atmosphere of healthy competition. Do not drag people down. Keep the playing field open.

If you find yourself ahead than most people, keep your feet on the ground. Do not act all arrogant and exude the aura that you are better than others. You will surely have enemies around if you do so.

Seize every opportunity. As long as it will help you succeed, then go for it. However, there is no need to pull somebody else down. Just proceed on your own pace and see the wonders ahead.

Everybody wants to make money and gain the secrets of the wealthy. They want to be their own boss and live their own lives and become financially stable. There are also people who want to achieve wealth without compromising their relationships with people around them.

It is possible. Just follow the golden rule: do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Always put yourself in the position of the other person, without degrading or incriminating your own benefit. Think of how you can gain from the situation, but also be mindful of those around you.

5 Ways to Master Office Politics

Office politics has long been synonymous with gossiping and backstabbing. But the fact of the matter is, you have a choice to engage or not engage in office politics.

Believe it or not, office politics is similar to a game. There are hard and fast rules. Unfortunately, there are no magical ways to remove office politics.

However, there are ways to minimize office politics. There really are ways to keep the office environment light, friendly, as well as harmless.

The following are ways to master office politics:

Talk with office people Work is about work and that is a fact. However, people make the work possible. An impersonal work environment actually breeds resentment and dissatisfaction.

As much as possible, it is always a good idea to talk to your fellow co-workers. E-mail communication is for those who are not in the office.

Talking to people suggests an idea that you are making an effort to talk and communicate.

Take note that isolation is one of the great methods for you to be overlooked by the powers-that-be in the office. When you simply refuse to take part in the workplace, you could possibly be setting yourself up to be a gossip subject or a scapegoat of office trivial issues.

So try not to become a lonely outsider. Practice the art of effective communication.

Say goodbye to gossip It is always tempting to gossip, as well as to listen on it. However, the best way to keep your cool is to zipper your mouth.

Think about it, would you prefer your name being circulated as the person who revealed the dirt on a co-worker or the one who likes to tell somebody’s secret?

If have a grudge towards a specific person, it is not advisable to smear his reputation.

As much as possible, do not take sides. A divided workplace is a breeding ground for low productivity and morale.

Try not to complain Complaining is irrelevant, especially if it is not followed up by a constructive suggestion.

Like a bad habit, complaints drag everyone’s mood. Bosses prefer those who solve problems and not just seek them.

If you cannot solve a problem, try not to be a part of the problem.

Keep the peace During rough moments, act as a peacekeeper. Try to remain objective. Decide base on facts and information available to you.

If there is a worker who is particularly out for vengeance or blood, try to approach that person and politely ask his concerns.

Try to help in finding the solution and not inflame them.

Look way ahead Business is fast and deadlines are a lot faster. It is easy therefore to see work as an endless series of outputs with no meaningful finish.

Take note that this is a trap. Be optimistic. Try to tell yourself that this too shall pass.

All in all, office politics is there but it is still your choice whether you would allow it to rule your work life. The decision is yours.

Persuade People and Earn Higher

There are four big principles that one must memorize in order to increase his sales by as much as 300% or even more.

Principle # 1 – Call your customer by his name.

People feel more comfortable when you call them by their names. If your target customer is a complete stranger, ask him politely about his name. Pronounce his name correctly and mention it throughout your conversation. This way you can get his attention and make him listen.

Principle # 2 – Make your customer feel the need.

Let me give you a simple demonstration of this principle:

Marveling at a certain employee’s ability to sell toothbrushes, the head of the sales department decided to follow him around one day.

He observed that this particular salesman choose a busy street corner on which to set up an array of toothbrushes and a small bowl of brownish stuff surrounded by chips.

The salesman would then select a likely customer and announce, “Good morning! We’re introducing Nifty Chip Dip — would you like a free sample?”

Tasting the dip, the bystander would invariably spit it out in disgust and howl, “It tastes like s***!”

“It is,” the salesman would inform them calmly. “Care to buy a toothbrush?”

Funny it might seem, but this joke gives an example of how you can make your customer need (not only want) the product you are selling. However, in the actual scene, you cannot use this kind of strategy to close a deal with people; otherwise you will go home badly beaten or end up in jail.

In reality, you must make your sales presentation as clean and as professional as possible. Persuade your customer that the product you are offering is of great importance to him. (Note that I used the word offering instead of selling because offering denotes something, which is more advantageous on the side of the customer than of the seller.)

Principle # 3 – Make it seem that you are helping the customer, not selling something to him.

Is this possible? Yes, of course. It is so simple, please read on:

You: Mr. Farmington, I understand that you are spending too much on your electric bills and I presume that the air-conditioning unit that you are using does not have an energy-saving device. That’s bad, but I can help you make your bill lower by as much as 50%. Here, you can have our Gold energy-saving device. You can save hundreds of dollars every year for only $20 dollars as one time payment.

Mr. Farmington: Oh! That’s great. Please give me one of those. Here is the $20 dollars. Thanks a lot.

Principle # 4 – Never take no for an answer.

Considering the real world however, it is not that easy to close a deal. If things like that happen, remember the fourth principle and be assertive.

Learn to overcome objections and always state your sentences in the positive way. Do not stop talking because when you stop talking, you will lose your customer, please read on:

Mr. Farmington: Thanks for the offer, but I might not need that because I’m planning to buy a new air-conditioning unit, which is exactly the same as my old one and it goes with a free energy-saving device.

You: But Mr. Farmington, if your old air-conditioning unit still works, you can save by just buying an energy-saving device. Compare the price of the new air-conditioning unit with your old one. You will notice that the new unit is a bit more expensive, considering that both the old and the new unit have the same brand and features. Except, of course, the free energy-saving device that goes with the new one. It seems that you will also pay for the energy-saving device.

Mr. Farmington here is our Gold energy-saving device. You’ll be glad you decided to buy that. For just $20 dollars you’ll be able to save hundreds. (In here you are assertive, you assume that the customer has agreed with the sale.)

Mr. Farmington: Ok. I think you are right. I’ll get one of those. Here is the $20.

See? You were able to close the deal. “If you don’t sell, it’s not the product that’s wrong, it’s you.” — Estée Lauder

FreeSelfHelpBooks Happiness and wellbeing self help books and personal development articles about how to be happy using self help resources like Make Money self help site with free self help books on being happy with loving relationships, Make Money high self esteem & self confidence using self actualization and self growth resources. size=1>

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