Self Help Aromatherapy for a Younger You

Self Help Aromatherapy for a Younger You

Way back in the 20s, French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse, found that lavender could actually cure burns. An explosion affected his hand, but when he dipped in pure lavender oil, the swelling was dramatically reduced and he immediately started to feel relief.

He also found that it helped his injury heal much more quickly than expected and in fact, he didn’t even suffer from scars afterward. This amazing discovery inspired him to do further research. He wanted to delve deeper into the study of essential oils. Thus, the birth of aromatherapy and its use in contemporary times.

So what is aromatherapy? Basically, it is the modern name for an ancient healing art which uses the therapeutic properties of natural plant oil to improve the person’s physical and emotional well being.

Then, people soon discovered that it helped keep the body healthy. As a person grows older, you will encounter an array of pains and diseases. You must take care of your body as early as you can. In fact, these plant oils have also known to help someone look and feel young.

Since ancient times, flowers, herbs, and plants such as sandalwood, ginger, and cinnamon have been used medicinally by the earliest civilizations. The healing properties of botanicals has been recognized and rooted in some traditional medicinal practices.

The practice is based on the principles of nature and the holistic union of mind, body, and soul. These are the fundamental concepts of true aromatherapy. Studies today have actually shown the powerful effects of aromatherapy on brainwave activity.

Calming oils make a person more relaxed. This is the very state linked to the body’s healing abilities. In all its glorious perfection, Mother Nature has always provided people with whatever they need for therapeutic use. Her very goal is to nurture and care for the body, mind, and spirit of every individual.

Steam and water distillation are the most common ways of oil extraction. The natural oils can be diffused in the air and inhaled, or absorbed throughout the body through the skin via a massage or bath soak.

This can have profound effects on your state of emotional wellbeing and stimulate the body’s systems and healing mechanisms. Each plant has one or more medicinal properties that can work when blended together in synergy. With the right combination, you can enhance the benefits that one gives.

You should know that only pure, natural essential oils will have their medicinal assets intact. When buying one for yourself, be sure that the label reads Pure Essential Oil. The ones diluted do not render the same effects on the person’s body.

Blot it on paper because the pure ones do not leave oily marks. So, if you want to grow old gracefully, treat yourself to these wonderful oils. When accompanied with the right nutrition and regular exercise, you get all the help you’ll need to live your life to the fullest.

Learn to love your body more and care for your welfare. This is the best way to live and enjoy your years to the fullest.

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