Self Help Anti-Aging Techniques

Self Help Anti-Aging Techniques

Ever since man has roamed the earth, everyone has been in constant search for the fountain of youth. It is natural to want to stop the process of aging, and though we’ve come a long way, no one has perfected the art quite yet. Is it possible to look and feel young at any age? People have spent thousands or even millions of dollars just so they retain that youthful look.

Products that make promises of restored youth flood the market. People are teeming just to get their hands on them in hopes of removing years from their faces and adding years to their lives. There are many products that promise a long life and even make claims that they’ve finally discovered the secret to staying young.

Consumers have bought into their promises and are spending their hard-earned cash on various products just to calm their fears of growing old. Many say that these products are making empty promises and that there’s no semblance of truth behind the propaganda. However, there are some that do work, but only to a certain extent. They are able to somehow slow down aging and make the person feel as healthy and attractive as they were in their younger days.

Scientists have discovered that there is actually no single identifiable gene in our body that is programmed to age us. In fact, if we were to compare the lifespan of people from the previous century, we actually have the longer end of the rope. However, there are also some recent experiments on ancient human skeletons that show humans living way over a hundred years old. The data gathered, however, isn’t as conclusive as what they’ve hoped.

What is the average lifespan? Is it 80 to 100 years old? There are people, who in their 30’s, already feel like they belong to the body of an old person. On the flipside, there are also older individuals who feel like they are still at their prime.

Recent findings have shown that the following products actually help make us feel younger than our actual age.

The human growth hormone (HGH). This is an endocrine hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This may be the one of the most used supplements to combat premature aging. By nature, the release of HGH in our body declines as we age. By the time we reach the age of 65, our pituitary gland is only releasing 15% to 20% of it. Moreover, the 2-AEP is a biological component found in our cell wall that builds new nerve paths. The full weapon against aging combines both the 2-AEP and HGH Releaser.

Vitamins and Minerals. Basically, these things keep our body healthy. When we have something that protects us against diseases, we will not experience problems as we age. We feel younger when we know that we still can do the things we did when we were younger.

When we live a life filled with laughter and joy, we are able to accept things as they come. Happiness, when combined with the abovementioned components, make the best tools to stay younger and live longer. In the end, it’s how we truly feel deep down that helps us grow old gracefully.

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