Self Help Acne Tips for natural beauty

Self Help Acne Tips for natural beauty

Acne is a common disease and a lot of people have question about it that includes treatment as well. Your dermatologist is the best person to help you out but let’s see my list and then you can just conclude:

1. Causes of acne. Hormones are a big culprit especially going thru the stages of puberty because your hormones are going on overdrive. Your oil glands produces more oil as you begin to mature and the pores with hair shaft on its end reacts with the dirt plugging the follicle opening, resulting in a swelling up that leads to acne. This phase is when your blackheads, acne lesions and pimples are formed.

2. Washing the face with facial products most of the time irritates the skin, most especially if the cause of your pimples is caused internally. Just wash the face twice a day with warm water and mild soap to take away excess dirt.

3. Stress can cause acne because hormones are stimulated during stressful times and that in return produces more sebum to be excreted by the facial pores. But this isn’t always true, especially if you have been washing your face the right way.

4. Adult acne. The menstrual cycle in women, and/or birth control pills can play a major role in adult acne. For some, it could be that beauty product that you have put in your face that may have caused it.

5. Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle can cause acne as well. Eating healthy food choices in moderation and avoiding fried foods is a good tip, and of course, it is always important to wash your face before going to bed.

6. There is no proven effect that sunlight can cause acne but it may increase the risk of skin cancer.

7. The best way to treat acne after all the over the counter medication you’ve tried, and after all the beauty products that you have slathered on your face, is to go to a dermatologist to get checked. Acne could be a worsening hormonal imbalance and your dermatologist is the best person to give you a sound and working treatment.

8. Use noncomedogenic makeup and toiletries so as not to clog up your pores, or irritate an existing condition.

9. Squeezing the acne will take out the pus inside the acne, but it will result in more inflammation and a sure acne scar. Therefore, squeezing pimples and blackheads is not advisable.

There are a lot of options that are doctor prescribed but it may cost you money. The dermatologist is going to give you several options that include oral medication, laser treatments and the basic over the counter acne products.

It really depends on how the gravity of your pimples are but since it is caused by over productive hormones that manifests in the face or back of any person, try home remedies first. By doing a simple online search you will get some great ideas.

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