Schizophrenia Affecting Mental Health

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Schizophrenia Affecting Mental Health

People fear schizophrenia in a generalized sense.
There is a common mentality that when one has
schizophrenia, bringing back mental health is

That would be probable, if early signs are
not observed and treated. Here, you will get to know
what really schizophrenia is and how it converts a
person’s personality in a whole new level.

Defining schizophrenia

According to studies made, schizophrenia is kind of
brain disease that is chronic and severe. It is a
devastation to man’s illness because of
misinterpretation, it is not given enough attention to
be treated, making it worsen as time pass. There is a
probability that out of the entire population, there
will be at least one percent that will be affected.

Every year, there are about two million Americans that
suffer from schizophrenia.

Who are affected?

Patterns of age and gender are usually affected. Men
and women can get the disease in an equally related

Schizophrenia is often experienced by men
during their early stage which is usually upon their
later teenage years and earlier twenties. While in
women, schizophrenia is seen when they have reached
their early twenties or during their early thirties.

Children who are aged five and above can also develop
the debilitating disease but has little occurrence
during adolescent years.

Facts about cure

Although there is no exact cure for the case, there
are high hopes that schizophrenia can be cured.
Research has stated that medications can ease some of
the prominent symptoms and it has also paved the way
to unravel the different complicated causes of the

Science are using different kinds of
approaches and alternatives that may be derived from
molecular genetics going to population study in order
to learn more about schizophrenia. Newer insights have
been held in order to image an affected person’s brain
structure and further gain knowledge about the

Signs and Symptoms

• Confusing and shocking behavior that is apparent in
the change of behavior of the person.

• Sudden occurrence of psychotic symptoms which are
severe and can be described as the acute phase of the

• Psychosis which can be referred to as the impairment
of the brain’s normal status and is marked by certain
delusions and hallucinations.

• Withdrawal from the public and isolation of oneself.

• Behavior, thinking process and speech pattern are

Those who have schizophrenia may or may not have
several signs and symptoms. Some may manifest three to
four while others are still vague.

Chronic schizophrenia which can also be related with a
recurring or continuous pattern of the illness has the
littlest chance of recovering from the person’s normal
body functioning and somehow requires a longer need
for treatment that may include inclusion of different
drugs in order to control the disease’s symptoms.

How do schizophrenics view the world?

1. Perceptions of reality that are distorted by
delusions and hallucinations. They can also feel
unusual fear, confusion and anxiousness.

2. Illusions and hallucinations are referred to as the
disturbances of a person’s perception which are common
in people who suffer from the illness. The voices that
one hears are oftentimes the person’s view of
impending dangers or their way of carrying on

Contrary to what people perceive, schizophrenia is not
a type of split personality and are not violent. They
are those who are referred to people who have a world
of their own. Mental health can be attained through
early recognition of the signs and symptoms that are
shown by the diseased person.

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