Running for Health | Outpacing Age

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Running for Health | Outpacing Age

It seems as if everyone is now into joining marathons and triathlons to get into better shape. The best part about it is that the sport isn’t particular with age. You see both young and old converging in one area while they wait for the gun to signal the start of the race.

Many of the older generation actually swear by it. They say that they’re now more in shape because they are forced to wake up at the crack of dawn and exercise. They train for months in preparation for the big race and excitingly wait for the day that they can actually go farther distances. After the race, their muscles are sore.

If it’s a healthier life that you want, you need to maximize what you also do before and after a race. You all have your pre-race routines: having a light snack, hydrating properly, and warming up.

These are actually important because what you do before determines how your body reacts to the strain you put on it. Once you begin the actual race, you’re completely focused on the challenges thrown your way.

There may be other runners who hound you like your shadow, or maybe, you’re trying to outrun the older man in front of you. Nonetheless, you cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment, noting your time, and then proceed to cool down.

When it comes to caring for your health, you need to make sure you give your body what it needs after a strenuous activity. This is how you can last long and continue to join future races.

First of all, you can try doing a few simple stretches while you’re in the shower, provided of course that you have a no-slip mat and ample room to move. Turn this into a routine while bathing under warm water, since the warm temperature actually helps loosen you up.

Start by squatting down, holding that pose for at least 20 seconds. Now, slowly reach for your toes and hold that pose for another 20 seconds.

Moreover, a good scrub helps get rid of race grime. It also releases tension from your tired limbs. Apply a dab of shower gel on your washcloth or sponge and scrub yourself using small circular motions.

You can vary hand pressure and scrub stroke to soothe your tired body parts. Make sure that you later up the gel well and that the brand that you purchase won’t leave an oily residue. When you’re off to race in another state or city, this also doubles as your shampoo and shaving cream. When cleaning, you can alternate the use of warm and cold water as you shower.

This will stimulate your circulation and speed up recovery. Repeat this at least three times and focus on certain body parts that are especially sore.

You will find that you will recover much faster because you somewhat give yourself a massage. Be more vigilant about your routine because you would need to care for yourself more as you get older.

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