Rules for Natural Beauty and Youthfull Appearance

Rules for Natural Beauty and Youthfull Appearance

This is going to be a wonderful year, but the hustle and bustle of life can bring challenges. The good news: there are fast solutions for common beauty bummers so that you can look good and vibrant even when life’s problems get to you. No need to worry because these cover your needs from head to foot and you’ll feel as giddy as a teenager who is out for the very first time.

First, add color to your cheeks. You need to be a firm believer in the power of the blush. It just makes you look prettier, and not to mention the fact that it’s an instant face brightener. For best results, have two shades on hand: one that matches the natural color of your cheeks when you blush and a brighter one that goes on top the first color.

Never ever forget to scrub as well. With the varying temperatures, your skin can get dry and flaky. Make sure to exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin cells that form and create a dry film all over your face and body. Not only does scrubbing reveal newer, more polished skin, it revitalizes you and allows your skin to receive the benefits of your moisturizer. The cream better absorbed by your skin when your pores are free of dust, grind, and dry skin.

Don’t take your cologne or perfume for granted. Maybe it’s time to ditch your scent as well. If the weather just gets you down, ditch your heavy, musky perfume for a fresher fragrance with maybe hints of citrus. Different scents can evoke different emotions and memories. Since light, citrusy scents are generally associated with the happy and carefree vibe of summer, spritzing them on can brighten your mood and make you feel more positive.

Brighten your eyes as well because these are windows to your soul. Sure, you’ve probably mastered applying the perfect smoky eye by now, but the default charcoal and black shades can actually make you look older and angrier. Swap these shades for emerald green or deep purple. When you’re feeling low, you can just line your lower lash with these wonderful shades to perk you up.

Don’t forget to take it slow as well. Find solace and inspiration and yoga. Don’t choose the active kind, but the soothing, relaxing type. Yoga always does wonders for sagging body and spirit. Don’t be too competitive. Instead, enjoy what your body allows and don’t judge your limitations. If you don’t have time for a class, buy the DVD that you can practice at home. Get glowing because this form of exercise also improves your blood circulation. Work it into your morning routine and score a healthy, rosy flush.

Lastly, try to recreate a spa experience at home. Light scented candles or incense, play relaxing music, and order a home service spa therapist to ease your tension and loosen the knots in your body. A massage at home saves you the driving time and other small details. When you’re done with your session, you come away with a sense of wellbeing, making you look young and fresh.

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