Recycled Rubber Flooring – Is Your Church Getting Into The Spirit Of Recycling?

Recycled Rubber Flooring – Is Your Church Getting Into The Spirit Of Recycling?

We all know the importance of prayer and meditation and our local church all try to make our pray time as comfortable as possible. But the truth is that the traditional tiled flooring can be a little harsh on the old knee joints.

In addition to this, our local churches are usually our inspiration on the ways of the world. They show us how to forgive, the importance of patience and how to look after all that God has given us.

Or do they? Did you know that there is flooring that is made from recycled rubber and is kinder to the environment than a lot of the traditional flooring that some churches favour?

This flooring is called recycled rubber flooring and is made in both rubber flooring rolls or interlocking rubber floor tiles. It has many good qualities that could benefit your local church.

It is made from old auto tires, and when the humble rubber flooring has lived out its purpose, it can then again be recycled again. This is much kinder to the environment than traditional floor tiles which get smashed easily and are cold to the touch.

Recycled rubber flooring is much easier to clean than carpet as recycled rubber flooring doesn’t let liquids soak into the flooring; instead it sits on top of it and makes it much easier to clean than carpet.

Rubber flooring is durable and can take heavy traffic; in fact rubber flooring rolls and the convenient to install interlocking rubber floor tiles are designed for this kind work.

Would your church, recreation or community center like to have more room for large events but you don’t have the budget or space available to build a new banquet or meeting room?

Rubber flooring can be used as a floor covering to convert your normal floors into public event arenas, so that you can also hire out the church hall or car park for fundraising events.

These more temporary use Rubber Floor Covering is different from those tarps and is a light weight, easily installed, easily stored and portable covering that not only looks great but it is also a lot tougher and will open up new opportunities to use your gym as a multipurpose facility.

Many churches are now trying to be more welcoming than those of the past. I realise that there is a preconception of how rubber flooring rolls or even the newer concept of interlocking rubber floor tiles will look, or how anything recycled will look for that matter, but try not to let a stereotype cloud your judgement.

Recycled rubber flooring is now available in a variety of colours and styles. They can be bright and vibrant or subtle and shiny. There really is a whole world of rubber flooring rolls and interlocking rubber floor tiles designs and colours that are now on the market. You can now create any look that you desire your church to portray. They can even be manufactured with your church or sponsor’s logos embedded in the designs!

Recycled rubber flooring is also used in adventure play grounds for children and in gyms. Why? Well, because it has all the qualities that rubber possesses, making it a little bouncy.

This is great for a church and its recreation areas, especially a family friendly church. It will prevent any minor bumps and grazes the younger members may get in the excited antics and it will be an extra cushion on the knees enabling total concentration for prayer.

If you’re local church is a little behind, and then why not suggests that they invest in a recycled rubber floor. It will allow the whole congregation to see just how serious recycling needs to be taken.

For your church fundraising capacity, take a look at a few of the potential uses that Gym Protect will allow to use your larger community spaces for for: Meetings, Receptions, Trade Shows Banquets, Graduations, Seminars, Polling places, Concerts, Fund raising Bazaars and Fairs Dances and more.

Talk to your Church community about getting into the Spirit of Recycling (and Fundraising) with the help of recycled rubber flooring.

Did you know that Recycled Rubber Flooring is made from auto tires? You can recycle and go green at the same time as you renovate. Learn about what you need in rubber flooring rolls and Interlocking Rubber Floor tiles for home gym flooring, dog housing, garages, for durable & safe waterproof areas.

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