Professional Presentation and Image Style and Grace

Professional Presentation and Image Style and Grace

People often assume that trend-setters buy a lot of things and own a lot of expensive clothes. But that’s just a misconception. They just have a good hold on fashion that they appear to be in control of its whims and fancies.

They don’t follow it blindly and trail every trend they see in magazines or on TV. Instead, they study it craftily, apply what suits them most, and enjoy being their own person.

They may be inspired by someone else’s style, but they don’t become the exact replicas of that other person because they also find it important to always show a part of themselves.

It may not be your job to know the ins and outs of fashion, but it’ll be wise to do what the people you look up to do. Appreciate working on your own image. A lot of what you project to the world has a lot to do with image. Studying what yours is closely and understanding how you come across to other people can help you fit in and get what you want.

However, take heed of this warning: it’s okay to be fashion-forward and be into your own image, but don’t overdo things and appear as if you’re trying too hard. No need to splurge on fads just because everyone else is into them.

It’s annoying to see a person with something that’s too loud, exaggerated, or worse, when it does not suit the personality of the one wearing it. A confident person knows her best assets and is subtle about bringing them out.

Your icons have also had their share of bloopers, yet they managed to get back on track. If you commit a sort of blunder, don’t beat yourself up too much. Stop sulking and get over the embarrassment. You can still manage to make up for it next time around.

If you carry yourself well, you could even totally get away with it. Just know that even while icons get away with a lot of things, even the best ones still commit faux pas.

It’s a hit or miss thing for some of them, and if they are okay with it, then so should you. The best way to rise from a fall is not to make a big deal about it.

Simply erase those embarrassing moments from your memory and get on with life. What else can you do? If you’re too obsessed with looking good at all times, you ruin the whole thing.

You should simply try to enjoy it, go with the flow, and not to be too uptight about everything. People, even the best ones, are works in progress. In discovering oneself, you experiment with the different looks available for you.

The difference comes when you become confident. People who are comfortable in their own skin don’t fret too much over their past mistakes. It is, after all, part of growth.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and make the wrong choices along the way. Soon, you will actually become the master of your own style, confidence, and charm.

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