Professional Development Self Help | Being a Great Listener

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Professional Development Self Help | Being a Great Listener

Communication is all about giving and receiving information. Things just can’t be one-sided and the other person has to feel that they are also valued. Often times, we make the mistake of just sharing our own thoughts that we don’t really concern ourselves with what the other person has to feel. They have things to share as well, but we are too concerned about ourselves to even notice this. Communication, after all, is all about the exchange of ideas and feelings. Instead of thinking about what we have to say next, we could hone in on the thoughts and feelings of the person we are talking to.

In so many instances, people try to outmatch each other. This is especially more common in big groups. Often times we feel that our voice gets drowned out in the noise. To cope with it, we try to raise our volume. What happens is that we create more chaos. This when communication breaks down because we just refuse to listen to the others. Our priority is to get ourselves heard first.

Everyone thinks that they are right and that everyone else’s opinion is only secondary to theirs. It’s no wonder that no one really gets through. The best way to learn is by listening, not talking! The wisest of the group is the one who values listening more because they know that they can also learn a lot by hearing the other person out.

We all know that we need to express ourselves, but that isn’t the only thing to master. As important as talking is, it is more important to hear the other party out. It is only then that we can learn together and from each other. To become a great listener, you need to learn the art of proper communication. When you get the skill right, you are on your way to gaining wisdom and increasing knowledge.

When we don’t learn the proper way to communicate, we can end up breaking every other relationship we have. Listening comes with great advantages. It opens the doors to the other person’s thoughts, and behaviors. When it comes to business, it is our responsibility to make the adjustments so that we can better understand our customers.

We need to shift our focus on the goal of the communication so that we get the right message across. The better we listen, the more we allow people to trust us. And when we are willing to hear the other person out, we get to increase your sources of information. We are able to better sift the things we need to learn and discard the ones that don’t do much for us.

To be a great listener, we must find a way to understand. When someone speaks to us, we must not think about what we have to say as a rebuttal. We first must pay attention of what is going on with the other person and look for signs in their body language.

Making make eye plays a big role here. It lets them know that we are sincere with our intentions and that we actually value their opinion. People are naturally more willing to talk to those who show interest in them. We could be that person who is more than willing to learn from others.

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