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June 14, 2010
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It’s my Birthday today – WoooHoooo! size=3 color=red> … so I hope that you really enjoy my special birthday edition – lol!

One Minute Tip:

Turn the Computer Off

Often the computer becomes a replacement for a lack of something in the relationship. It might be just surfing, playing games, or getting involved with websites that promote pornography.

If you notice that your mate is spending more and more time on the computer, take this as a sign that even if not doing anything wrong, they are choosing to spend the time with the computer instead of you.

In other words, use this as a sign that something is missing in your relationship. Start by talking and searching to confirm what it is bothering your mate and then work on making it better!

Power Quotes:


Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


”Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.” -Robert H. Schuller


To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. -Tony Dorsett

Tips for your Happiness:

Being a Winner in Everything You Do

Some people begin tasks with the attitude for failure. As soon as they’ve started the first step, they’ve already set their minds for disappointments.

This is the idea of self-preservation for most people. If they think that being happy only makes you angrier when things don’t work your way, then they will go through life just plain miserable.

There is a definitive distinction between the attitudes of the successful versus the unsuccessful. Yes, things may not always work your way.

They’ll be times that you can’t help but be disappointed with how things are turning out, especially when you’ve set yourself up to be all gung-ho about it. But isn’t life special that way?

When you give it your all and come out successful at it, the delight that you’ll feel will be incomparable. Developing a winner’s outlook is one of the most basic characteristics needed for achievement.

Sadly, society ingrains in us to expect the worst yet hope for the best. This explains why most people live a life filled with frustration and misery.

A lot of the people do not want to take responsibility for the way their life has turned out. Some people learn at an early age to play the victim of fate.

This allows them to absolve themselves of any accountability that comes as a repercussion of their choices. But then something good happens, and they immediately jump at the chance of taking credit. This allows us to feel somewhat emancipated by believing that the fault is not entirely theirs.

Your mind creates what it focuses on, and when you have nothing in it but negativity, reality will manifest it. So when you have a half hearted attitude towards what you do, you will never get the result that you want for the simple reason that your heart won’t be in it.

The successful, on the other hand, take the repercussions head on. They face up to their responsibilities and believe that they can achieve most anything they desire if they just never give up.

Once winners decide to do something, it is only a matter of time before it actually happens. All hindrances are just measly tactics to delay them from reaching the end.

If you want to become this successful individual, never think that you can never be the best, and the most you’ll achieve is the silver medal. Go for gold by seeing yourself through your decision.

Stay calm and simply look at Plan B if the first try didn’t work. Believing that you will be successful even before it happens increases the likelihood that it will happen.

Once you have set your goal, you must have the drive to reach it regardless of the obstacles. Set your priorities and make sure that you create a balance just so you have a healthy attitude towards everything.

You all have the potential to become winners, you just need to believe in yourself and be open to the chances that come your way. With the optimistic outlook in life, barriers are there merely to test your will and fortitude.

Learn How to Relax.

The following exercise will introduce you to deep relaxation. It will help create a refreshed and peaceful feeling for the body and mind. Try to do this especially upon arising and before retiring.

1. Lie flat of your back, placing the feet about 18 inches apart. The hands should rest slightly away from the trunk, with the palms up.

2. Close your eyes and gently move all the parts of the body to give a general feeling of relaxation.

3. Start relaxing the body by part. First think of the right leg. Inhale and raise the leg about one foot off the floor. Hold it fully tensed.

After five seconds, exhale quickly and relax the muscles of the right leg, allowing it to fall to the floor on its own. Shake the leg gently from right to left, relax it fully and forget about the existence of this leg.

4. Repeat this process with the left leg, and then with both hands one at a time.

5. Then bring the mind to the muscles of the pelvis, buttocks and anus. Tense them and relax. Once again, tense them and relax.

Next, think of the abdomen. Inhale deeply through the nose and bloat the abdomen.

Hold your breath for five seconds and suddenly let the air burst out through the mouth, at the same time relaxing all the muscles of the abdomen and diaphragm.

6. Move on to the chest region. Inhale deeply through the nose, bloating the chest. Hold your breath for five seconds and suddenly let the air out through the mouth while relaxing all the muscle of the chest and diaphragm.

7. Move on to the shoulders. Without moving the forearm off the flow, try to make the shoulders meet in front of the body. Then relax and let them drop to the floor.

8. Slowly, gently, turn the neck right and left, right and left then back to center, mentally relaxing the neck muscles.

9. Now coming to facial muscles, move the jaw up and down, left and right, a few times then relax. Squeeze the lips together in a pout, then relax.

Suck in the cheek muscles, then relax. Tense the tip of the nose, then relax. Wrinkle the forehead muscles, then relax.

10. Now you have relaxed all the muscles of the body. To make sure of this, allow your mind to wander over your entire body, from the tips of the toes to the head, searching for any spots of tension.

If you come across any, concentrate upon this part and it will relax. If you do this mentally, without moving any muscle, you will notice that the part concerned obeys your command.

This is complete relaxation. Even your mind is at rest now. Observe your thoughts without trying to take your mind anywhere.

Remain in this condition at least five minutes. When you decide to wake from this conscious sleep, do so quite slowly. Imagine that fresh energy is gently entering each part of your body from the head down to the toes.

Then slowly sit up. This exercise helps create a refreshed and peaceful feeling for the body and mind.

Tips for your Health:

Calcium Tablets: For Optimum Bone Health & Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard many times that calcium is important for bone health. Doctors commonly encourage patients to consume calcium tablets in order to prevent a deficiency.

But strong bones are not the only benefits of calcium supplements; in fact, the calcium tablets can help prevent feelings of fatigue, muscle cramps, joint pains, and even kidney stones.

Calcium supplements can also assist in weight loss, which makes many people happy. That’s like killing two birds with one stone! But it gets even better; calcium helps keep our teeth strong, and it fights many diseases and serious health conditions. A quick word of caution though, while dairy products are sources of calcium they also contain a lot of fat and calories.

Calcium tablets are likely the best sources of calcium. Calcium coral is easily absorbed by the bloodstream and it is best taken immediately after meals. Another advantage of the tablets is that they can help to reduce acidity and aid in the proper digestion of food. One weight loss tip is eating six small meals each day and consuming a calcium tablet after at least three of them.

The daily requirements of calcium vary depending on the life stage of the individual. Generally speaking, a healthy person should consume approximately 1000 mg each day, teenagers need up to 1200 mg and women that have experienced menopause should consume approximately 1500 mg of calcium each day.

Because some of our calcium requirements are met by the food we eat, it becomes necessary to learn about and track each source of calcium we consume. It is important to note also that calcium weight loss does not happen quickly.

In fact, you should expect to follow the plan for at least two months or longer. Because you will be eating several small meals a day you will keep your metabolism rate high. This will also aid in the weight loss.

Some calcium supplements contain other nutrients as well. These often assist in absorption of the calcium and provide numerous other health benefits. Calcium tablets are sometimes referred to as miracle supplements because of the many benefits they can provide. Check out the list below:

• Strengthen bones and teeth
• Controlling high blood pressure
• Controlling high cholesterol levels
• Brightening yellowed teeth
• Strengthening brittle nails

Calcium supplements are available in both tablet and liquid form. Directions should always be followed when taking this or any supplement. Not only will that insure maximum benefits but additionally your safety will not be put at risk. Look for supplements that combine other important nutrients with the calcium.

Calcium is the best way to keep your bones healthy. Always strive to eat well, minimize the stress in your life, exercise, and get a sufficient amount of calcium.

ABC’s Of Staying Healthy

Staying healthy requires a lot of thinking and self reflection to be successful. With a longer life expectancy of human beings as compared to pre-modern age, people have been ore vigilant to think about and create ways to even extend the lives of everyone existing.

Numerous mnemonics and acronyms have been developed as well by nutritionists and scientists to help people have a guide on how to stay healthy. One of these would be the ABC’s of staying healthy, a very simple, yet effective way of adding to the long list of patterns to keep healthy.

A Is For Abstinence

“A” stands for abstinence. Most probably many would already be thinking that this seems like the same ABC tip for responsible sex. Though the keywords used in the ABC’s of staying healthy are similar except for the last one, the ideas are completely in a different context as this would specifically target more of a person’s lifestyle in everyday living.

Abstinence should be practiced by the person in declining the things that would not make him healthy in the process. Unless it is required such as a career that would limit the choice to either quit the job or to counter the effects with good health practices, abstinence on a great level is required of the person should he wish to start staying healthy and maintain being healthy.

Abstinence should be the basis of any individual to serve as a disciplinary concept. Without the discipline to know when to say no, it would prove difficult to stay away from the things that people have learned to love.

B Is For Be Faithful

“B” stands for “Be Faithful”. Being faithful is being able to hold out and maintain focus on your objective of staying healthy. It does not mean that you totally become a no-nonsense robot who only distinguishes a black from white, but being lenient is a risky thing to inculcate.

Though it is not really to bend the rules from time to time because of valid reasons, it may develop into a nasty habit of having an excuse for every single choice that should have been for staying healthy.

C Is For Calisthenics

Calisthenics or exercise is and has always been part of any healthy program designed for health conscious and health seekers alike. Calisthenics does not necessarily mean the rigorous training that one sees in advertisements and magazines.

Those are for bodybuilders who would want to reshape their bodies into hard sculptured specimens of humanity. Calisthenics are simple activities which would allow one’s self to move about and permit the proper flow of blood to the different parts of the body for optimal oxygenation of the cells.

Calisthenics should be done everyday for at least thirty to forty-five minutes which includes mainly aerobic exercise. Not only does daily calisthenics improve the cardiovascular flow of the body, it also adds up to the amount of calories to be burned for the day to maintain the desired body weight and fitness level.

The ABC’s of staying healthy is a very elementary concept for anyone to grasp should they wish to seek a better health state or maintain an already good one.

It is a personal choice as it is a personal endeavor. The extent of its success lies on the amount of effort that the individual puts in each letter of this simple mnemonic.

Tips for your Prosperity:

Using The Credit Card to Save Money

When people didn’t have enough money to buy things, the only way to get the needed amount was to get a loan from the bank. Nowadays, the person can buy these in advance using a credit card.

Many banks offer this as a way of generating more revenue for the company. Agents are sometimes sent to kiosks in malls or in the streets offering the forms for free. Once the applicant’s documents are processed, it will be mailed to the home or the office and can be used when it is activated.

Credit cards save money by letting the person get an item without reducing the cash carried in the wallet. This is paid later on when the statement is sent to the home giving a summary of the purchases made during the previous month.

The companies that offer credit cards earn money by charging a certain interest rate on the purchases. This happens when the individual can’t pay the amount in full which will be carried over in the bill that will be added to the expenses sent in the succeeding month.

The only way the cardholder can avoid these extra charges and penalties is by paying the bill in full and on time.

Failure to pay can prompt the company to repossess the items, the foreclose of the client’s assets as payment and a bad credit rating preventing the borrowing of new loans until there is an improvement in the customer’s status. Those who spend too much then should solve this immediately or with the help of others.

Many people are able to maintain a good credit rating making banks send other cards with the hope of landing an account with the same client. The only way these cards can be activated is by calling on the customer hotline. These should be cut and thrown away preventing anyone from using it if the person isn’t interested.

The credit card can be used locally or internationally. Foreign countries will only honor these if it is affiliated with firms such as MasterCard, VISA or American Express. The bill will be reflected in US dollars since these will be converted depending on the current exchange rate.

Credit cards are handy since it saves the cardholder money when there isn’t that much in the wallet. The person should exercise control to make sure overspending doesn’t happen.

Self Help Tips at Work: You can avoid these five pitfalls on the job

If you’re not watching how you work, how you act, how you speak and how you dress, you could be sending a signal that says, “When it’s time to cut someone, choose me.”

Ronna Lichtenberg, author of It’s Not Business, It’s Personal: The 9 Relationship Principles That Power your Career (Hyperion), says you can make yourself indispensable by avoiding these mistakes:

* Not pitching in when others ask for help is a mistake. The busier-than-thou attitude doesn’t make allies.

* Taking everything personally is a mistake. Some decisions must be made without regard to whether your work is appreciated. Your idea may have been passed over, but don’t think it’s because the boss doesn’t like you.

* Confusing business with pleasure is a mistake. At office functions, mingle with people at your level or above, people who are in a position to promote you. Know the difference between business and socializing.

* Seeking perfection is a mistake. Know the difference between having to be perfect and striving for excellence. Be willing to take on new duties. If you make a mistake, admit it and find a solution.

* Neglecting your appearance is a mistake. Many bosses think your appearance is a reflection of your work.

Editors NOTE: Time Management in the Workplace is a skill that is essential for your career development and your balanced personal life!

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He Who Hesitates Not Only Is Lost,
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I Refuse To Have A Battle Of Wits
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Fight Crime: Shoot Back!

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Guys: No Shirt, No Service
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“Politicians And Diapers Should Be Changed Often
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