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February 14, 2011
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Site Upgrade :

You may have noticed that the site is undergoing a change. I am converting the site from a 2 column format to a 3 column format which will give the site a new refreshing look and feel. The changeover is taking a little time, so I really do appreciate your patience during this process. Once I have completely changed the site over I would love to hear your thoughts on the new look.

One Minute Tip:

Listen – Really Listen

Get into a habit of listening to what your mate is saying. Not the kind of listening that you do when you go out or sit at the dinner table, but a different kind of listening.

Have you ever overheard your mate make a comment to a friend or family member about something they really want or want to do?

Maybe you heard your boyfriend or husband tell a friend that they would love a certain tool. For no reason whatsoever, make a special effort to get that for him.

You might have heard your girlfriend or wife mention a spa that they would love to try. Again, without any reason, surprise her.

This shows that your mate is really paying attention to things important to you.

Better Utilise Your Time:

“Give Me a Few Minutes and I’ll Show You how to Quickly and Successfully Get Much More Done in a Week Than What Most Folks Can Achieve a Month!” color=blue> time-management

Everyday living is hectic isn’t it? With the demands of work, family and other social obligations it can appear like life is spiraling out of control.

Do you believe that you only do half of what needs to be completed every single day and never ever even have a tiny moment for your own needs?

Do you run around in circles all day, barely able to make a dent in your “To Do” list and feeling exhausted and unfulfilled at the end of the day?

Whether or not you’re a CEO, a working parent or a college student we all fall into poor lifestyle and work habits that make our lives a busy hub of activity yet accomplishes less. If you’re starting to feel like all your efforts are barely keeping you afloat, it really is time to take steps to improve your time management skills and give your lifestyle an overhaul.

This comprehensive Time Management Manual is a multi-faceted Guide that covers all the areas of:

1. Time Management in the Workplace

2. Work at Home Entrepreneur Time Management

3. How to Balance Work, Family, and Social Life

4. Time Management for College Students

It will show you the right way to manage your time efficiently using powerful techniques in the art of prioritizing, delegation, goal-setting, planning, organizing, and overcoming the so called “time robbers.”

Time Management Tips Self Help eBook for a Happy and Productive Life!

With these super tactics, you’ll be having the time of your Life!

Power Quotes:


A thought
Don’t flatter yourself that friendship authorizes you to say disagreeable things to your intimates. The nearer you come into relation with a person, the more necessary do tact and courtesy become.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes


The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.
- John E. Southard


Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.
– Erich Fromm

Tips for your Happiness:

A good question is worth a thousand pieces of casual advice. A great question can instantly transform our lives and launch us in a whole new direction. In almost any area of life, if you are not getting the results you want, try asking different, better, questions. I think you’ll like the results

Asking ourselves, “Why can’t I ever save for the future?” causes the brain to give us a list of expenses and habits that spend all our income. Asking a better question like, ”I wonder how I could reduce expenses by $100 this month?” leads to a completely different set of answers and potential solutions.

Whenever you find yourself stuck, particularly if you are repeating a pattern and want to change it, try asking yourself some new (and better) questions. Here are a few I use regularly:

1. What is the most important thing I can do today?

2. Since I don’t seem to know how to do this, I wonder who might know the answer? Who can I call for help?

3. Even though I can’t do it all today, what step can I take to get started right away?

4. Who could coach me, or teach me, about this?

5. Since what I’m doing isn’t working, what other methods could I try? What other strategy might give me a better approach?

A good question is worth a thousand pieces of casual advice. A great question can instantly transform our lives and launch us in a whole new direction. In almost any area of life, if you are not getting the results you want, try asking different, better, questions. I think you’ll like the results.

Learn More about Your Mate

Either find a good questionnaire or create one that does not dig up the past, but focuses on discovering other qualities about each other.

One happily married couple did this and the wife, who had been standing by her husband for more than 10 years, discovered that he used to be a competitive ice skater. She had no idea.

Guess what they did on Saturday?

Tips for your Health:

Tips to Help You Quit Smoking.

1. Taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda 3 times a day will help you quit smoking. The soda neutralizes the body acids, retains nicotine in the blood, and thus reduces the desire for tobacco.

2. Eat plenty of fresh lemons and lemon juice to reduce your desire for cigarettes. Eating lots of salads and other fruits will also help. Avoid meat and alcohol.

3. To avoid irritability: take 1 tryptophan (667 mg.) tablet 3 times a day, plus 1 Vitamin B complex (100 mg., time release) with your evening meal.

4. Before breakfast, take 1/2 teaspoon each of Rochelle Salts and Cream of Tartar.

5. Try chewing Ginseng Root; swallow the juice.

6. Don’t keep cigarettes by your bed. When you wake up, breathe deeply and brush your teeth right away.

7. Eliminate situations in which you normally smoke; for example, give up one coffee break each day. Exercise or go for a walk instead. After dinner, brush your teeth immediately or go for a brisk walk.

8. Don’t take your cigarettes to work or anywhere else.

9. Always sit beside non-smokers in public situations such as meetings.

10. Always put away your cigarettes, lighter and ashtray so that getting them will require an effort.

11. Change your brand of cigarette often. Each week smoke a brand with a lower nicotine and tar content.

12. Switch to a brand of cigarette you dont like; change to filter if you prefer non-filter, menthol if you prefer regular.

13. Cut back on drinks which encourage your smoking habits; for example, eliminate lunchtime coffee.

14. Make a point of having your first cigarette a bit later each day. Stop smoking a little earlier each night.

15. Alternate between giving up a morning, afternoon and evening cigarette.

16. Avoid smoking in certain habitual places, for example, on the telephone, while watching TV or sitting with the newspaper.

17. Make a list of the reasons you want to quit and keep it with you all the time; whenever you feel the urge, read your list.

18. Always choose seats in No Smoking sections of restaurants, trains and other public places.

19. Initiate a 3-day program, each day smoking 1/2 of what you smoked the day before.

20. Limit your smoking to alternate hours; the next day or the next week increase your no-smoking periods to 1-1/2 hours; then increase them to 2 hours, etc., until you have stopped altogether.

I must admit, one month ago, I had the smoking habit.

It’s true.

I was a smoker.

Now, all smokers know that smoking isn’t a nice habit. It’s ENJOYABLE and it’s ADDICTIVE. But if we could achieve that level of relaxation doing anything else, I’m pretty sure we would.

Come on, who wants to smell like a chimney all day long?

This month, I feel exhilarated. After years of trying to stop, I finally managed to quit the habit in just over three short weeks.

I feel youthful (well maybe that’s an exaggeration)and clean again, my mouth feels fresh, my sense of taste and smell are starting to come alive.

Yes. NOT smoking feels fantastic!

But I could only have done this with the help of one person. My good friend, Melvin Powers, who recently wrote: “Stop Smoking in 28 Days… Or Less!”

Melvin sent me a copy of his guide when I told him about my “addiction”.

He’s not the sort of guy that will tell you how BAD you are for smoking. He’s a methodical guy and explains it all in pure English. He agrees – stopping smoking SUCKS.

Mevlin can teach you the EXACT methods you need to quit smoking – without the pain, withdrawal symptoms and evil cravings usually associated with the process.

Plus he backs it all up with a 100% money-back guarantee too.

So, ever considered kicking the habit?

Do it in style, with Melvin Powers. Click to download his new guide:

It Pays to Have a Good Attitude.

Attitude plays a big part in your chance of getting colds, flues, and other illnesses. Eating right, getting plenty of rest, and taking care of your body are important, of course, but thinking healthy is also important.

If negative thoughts invade your mind, banish them. Replace them with positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and keep on telling yourself that you are good and worthy. This good attitude seems to give us the added strength to fight off illnesses more easily. Some people do not know it but even the slightest negative thoughts have a greater impact on you and last longer than powerful positive thoughts.

Researchers now know that the mental attitude one has plays a definite role in the body’s immune system and its ability to fight off illnesses. A positive attitude won’t cure you of all illnesses and it can’t take the place of your doctor, but it can help you get better.

There are times when things are lousy, no doubt about it. This happens to everybody. Be optimistic along with being positive about yourself. Don’t blame yourself for things that go wrong, and don’t blame others either. Check into what you can do differently and work towards improving things for yourself and others.

In everything you attempt, always be the best you can be. And remember if a job is worth doing, it’s worth your best effort. Put time and attention into the small jobs as well as the bigger ones. You can reflect on some of your happy and successful experiences.

Remember some of the actions you took, what you said to yourself and why things turned out as they did. And without boasting, take those past achievements as a legitimate part of your identity. Let others know about your accomplishments too, and encourage them to undertake difficult tasks as well.

When you are worried about how something will turn out, ask yourself what is the worst that could possibly happen. Very few things are really life and earth matters and we all tend to over-react when it comes to worrying. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

People who feel sorry for themselves have a tired and worn out look, walking as if they have the world on their shoulders, rarely smiling or laughing. On the other hand, people who feel good about themselves seem to walk tall and stand straight, looking alive and alert. They’re attractive and nice to be around and everybody wants to get to know them.

Treat your life as a learning experience. None of us are born knowing all that we need to know, and none of us ever knows enough. We can all benefit from looking at each experience as an opportunity to learn and to become wiser.

Your attitude plays a big part in how you feel about your body. You do what you can to look your best, but you should also try to accept yourself as you are. Feeling sorry for yourself because you think you’re not good looking will only make you unhappy.

The feelings you have about yourself affects how much pleasure and satisfaction you will get out of life. People who have a good attitude look forward to new challenges and new experiences along with meeting new people.

You Can Download my Stress Relief Guide here: “How to Break Free From A Stressful Life”

Tips for your Prosperity:

Retiring soon? Great! You’ll have time to work on that invention

Older inventors are playing a growing role in the invention business, says John Calvert, acting director of the Patent Office’s Office of Independent Inventor Programs.

It makes sense. Older inventors have a broader range of experience and knowledge to draw on. And once they retire, they have the time to work on their ideas and the resources to develop and patent them. At age 73, Dr. Merton Flemings, holder of some 30 patents and faculty adviser to Lemelson-MIT Prize Program, says older inventors assimilate new ideas more easily. The MIT program annually awards a $500,000 price to an inventor.

Got a good idea? Make sure someone else hasn’t patented the product or process. Check the Web site of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at www.uspto.gov. It has a listing of all patents granted by the Patent and Trademark Office since 1790 and breaks them down into general classifications.

If you decide your idea is patentable, the next step is to see if anyone wants to buy it. Talk to several companies that would normally market a product such as yours to see if there is an interest.

Last year the Patent Office granted 344,000 patents. Only about one in five went to individuals, but that’s 20 percent more than the previous year.

A patent attorney will draw up the application and include wording to keep others from “inventing around” it.

About 70 percent of all applications are approved. Ideas for toys, coolers, alarm clocks, toothpaste holders, high-tech lasers and surgical instruments have been approved recently.

Career Planning | Making Your Career Fit Your Life

Some people just can’t wait to get to work. In fact, they have made it their life to do well at their jobs because it is what they love. If so, you can count yourself part of the lucky few who have attained the ideal and ultimate balance in their lives.

However, most people don’t really find fulfillment in what they do. They simply go to work in order to survive. They feel as if they were left with no choice but to continue the daily drudgery because there are bills to pay and responsibilities to fulfill. So many people spend so much time doing something they don’t enjoy.

If you just upped and left everything, you won’t be able to do anything. So, you accept the cards you were dealt with and continue on with the daily grind. You need not put yourself through this situation. Change is something you fear, but this can actually be good for you in the long run.

To start with the change, you need to make a list of what works and what doesn’t. You need to make a choice about the decisions you’ll make when it comes to your true calling. The lucky few consider themselves blessed because they are defined by their work.

They like things the way they are and won’t do anything to change it. Their work gives them a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment because they see that they are making such a good difference in their life.

However, others feel as if the other things they do are more reflective of who they are as a person. They want to spend more time on the things that somehow improve the quality of their life.

You are in charge of your fate. Lady Luck comes knocking every so often, and you need to open your eyes for when she does. Who you want to become is entirely up to you. You assess things in order to determine which are most important to you at the moment.

Then you need to set your priorities in order so that you find a balance between work and play. Things can only be considered as play when you like doing them. You may choose to work a lot early on in life so that they you reap the rewards later.

This is a great way to build a rock-solid financial potential, but you also need to draw the line and define just how far you should go. If you do nothing but work, you won’t become a truly complete individual.

You need to put importance on your personal life as well so that you retain the social skills you learned when you grew up.

You also need to make sure that the rest of your life has been set. You can only do this if you become a well-rounded person. If you do nothing but work, you will find that you have no one to enjoy your triumphs with.

Life is more enjoyable when you find the right balance. By now, you should know what is best for you. Listen to your needs and make sure that you care for yourself at all times.

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Editor’s notes: color=red> size=4>

Jury duty:

In a criminal justice system based on 12 individuals not smart enough to get out of jury duty, here is a jury to be proud of !!!

A defendant was on trial for murder. There was strong evidence indicating guilt, but there was no corpse. In the defense’s closing statement the lawyer, knowing that his client would probably be convicted, resorted to a trick. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have a surprise for you all,” the lawyer said as he looked at his watch. “Within one minute, the person presumed dead in this case will walk into this courtroom.” He looked toward the courtroom door. The jurors, somewhat stunned, all looked on eagerly. A minute passed. Nothing happened.

Finally the lawyer said, “Actually, I made up the previous statement. But you all looked on with anticipation. I, therefore, put it to you that you have a reasonable doubt in this case as to whether anyone was killed, and I insist that you return a verdict of not guilty.”

The jury, clearly confused, retired to deliberate. A few minutes later, the jury returned and pronounced a verdict of guilty.

”But how?” inquired the lawyer. “You must have had some doubt; I saw all of you stare at the door.”

The jury foreman replied: “Yes, we did look, but your client didn’t.”

The Man Who Loved Starfish!

A friend of ours was walking down a deserted Mexican beach at sunset. As he walked along, he began to see another man in the distance.

As he grew nearer, he noticed that the local native kept leaning down, picking something up, and throwing it out into the water. Time and again, he kept hurling something out into the ocean.

As our friend approached even closer, he noticed that the man was picking up starfish that had washed up on the beach and, one at a time, was throwing them back into the water.

Our friend was puzzled. He approached the man and said, “Good evening, friend. I was wondering what you are doing?”

”I’m throwing these starfish back into the ocean. You see, it is low tide right now, and all of these starfish have washed up onto the shore. If I don’t throw them back into the sea, they’ll die from lack of oxygen.”

”I understand,” my friend replied, “but there must be thousands of starfish on this beach! You can’t possibly get to all of them. There are simply too many! And don’t you realize this is probably happening on hundreds of beaches all up and down this coast? Can’t you see that you can’t possibly make a difference?”

The local native smiled, bent down, and picked up yet another starfish and, as he threw it back into the sea, replied, “Made a difference to THAT one!”

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