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July 12, 2011
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One Minute Tip:

Whether you want a bigger apartment or want to be a corporation president, any avenue of prosperity and achievement is open to you if it is truly what you want.

No goal is too small; no dream is too big. And even if you aren’t clear on your desires, you can tap into your subconscious mind to get the answers and to find the paths to success.

Power Quotes:


To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. -Tony Dorsett famous quote

Look within yourself for the ultimate inspiration, and follow the true feelings you discover. “One of my favorite methods is to whisper,” said Alfred Hitchcock. “I’ve discovered the best work is done with sweet reason.”


The time is always right to do what is right. – Martin Luther King, Jr quote


Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. -Helen Keller – success quote

Get Rid Of Body Fat:

How To Reduce Your Belly Fat In 4 Steps

How To Reduce Your Belly Fat In 4 Steps

By Jason Squires, expert Personal Trainer, certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor, and founder of an exclusive Online Personal Training Service – SquiresFitness.com <<<< Exclusive Online Personal Training

This is always a hot topic.

The summer is fast approaching and your beach holiday is getting closer. Now is the time to blast your core and abs to look trim and toned for the beach.


1. Exercise for fat loss

Unfortunately, you can’t exercise to lose fat solely on your belly, it just doesn’t work like that. More bad news… For most people, your belly is the first place that fat is stored, and the last place where it leaves.

So you need to exercise for fat loss.

Normal cardio training is good. Interval training is better.

2. Reduce your calories

As we explained in an earlier blog post, you need to be in a calorie deficit each day in order to lose weight. Calculate your BMR, and attempt to have your daily intake of calories as close to this figure as possible.

And remember – complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Get rid of all excess sugars, fried foods and other junk. You are not going to get a toned set of abs if you are drinking Coke and eating Mars bars.

3. Perform exercises which focus on your core.

Please, please, please DON’T do sit ups or crunches. THEY ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

Instead, perform exercises such as the plank, V-Sits, the stomach vacuum, and leg raises. These will work your entire abdominal area and will tone and sculpt all of your mid section.

4. Stay consistent

So you are now exercising for fat loss, eating correctly and performing targeted resistance movements. Your doing well. Now, keep it up.

You are not going to see results overnight. So stay consistent You will start to see improvements, but just not immediately. Stick to your exercise routine and maintain a calorie deficit each day. You will slowly get there.

And there we have it, 4 steps to reducing your belly fat.


If you are still slightly confused and would like an entire exercise programme designing, including diet advice on exactly what you should and shouldn’t eat, you can join Squires Fitness today by signing up at Exclusive Online Personal Training

Stay healthy 🙂


Tips for your Health:

Regular Checkups

It is crucial that you have regular checkups, which could include mammograms, pap smears, checks for colon cancer, EKGs, etc. Many times, a regular checkup could have caught something earlier on, actually saving a life.

If you do not feel good, have your doctor check things out. If you are due for your annual mammogram, have it done. You could possibly be saving your own life.

Scientists and Nutritionists on Battle for Chocolate

Scientist and Researchers will always tell people that eating chocolate is good for the heart since it has the ability to decrease the LDL or known as bad cholesterol and it will promote a good blood flow by reducing the blood pressure level to a person associated with high blood pressure.

However, Nutritionists will always argue in this sentiments and results. As for them, they have a basis why would they argue for those studies. For instance, some substances, components and compounds of a chocolate is said to be in harm for body’s health.

A compound called Anandamide affects the brain’s receptor making a feeling of being “high” a kind of brain receptor common to those of taking marijuana. Being intolerance is also a factor that is considered here which can be caused by a compound called Exorphins. This is like an external morphine substance in chocolate in some psychological sequel or even a gut problem.

They also believe that chocolates have several biologically active constituents like Biogenic amines, Methylxanthines, and Cannabinoid-like fatty acids. All of those mentioned substance has a potential to cause any abnormal behaviors and even psychological sensations that are similar to those of any other addictive and intolerable substances.

Of all the above mentioned consequences and harmful effects of chocolate to the body, the study never ends there. Scientists wanted to prove that chocolate is in no harm when only taken with the right amount. Here’s what they found out which they use against the Nutritionist for a sure win in such argumentation.

Research shows, that a cocoa powder, milk chocolate, and a dark chocolate have a high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity values compared to any other well known foods, such as blueberries and prunes.

This Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity values works to measure the power of an antioxidant substance present. An antioxidant is a kind of substance that protects the body against harmful free radicals by producing peroxides and oxygen. To name some are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha tocopherol.

Research shows that there are more than 13,000 Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity values units is present in dark chocolate compare to a milk chocolate which only has approximately 6,700 units. As much as twice antioxidants in the cocoa start out to be when it’s an unsweetened powder.

But when it is converted to black chocolate but diluting it to water, milk and sugar, the overall amount of flavonoid in every serving is about half of that in a milk chocolate.

The bottom point why both parties are in battle towards chocolate is that they only wanted to find out the best way on how to explain the positive and negative side for consuming chocolate. Here’s what the general thought and summary of all the researches made by both parties.

Scientists and Nutritionists are finding similar results with compounds in vegetables and fruits, red wine, tomatoes, and tea compared to the compound of chocolate that yields one common and the same conclusion. The components are sure to be antioxidant which both parties agreed.

Conclusion says that the right amount of chocolate intake will yield good result for the body and is harmful if otherwise. As the both parties are arguing for any good and even bad results for chocolate eating, it is still a will for us to eat chocolate while waiting for future research as scientist and nutritionist promise to bring a conclusive study.

Tips for your Prosperity:

Effective Money Savings Tips

Saving is your best defence against bankruptcy. It insulates you from possible financial loss and gives you the ability to expand your finances and create a money-generating business machine that will help you earn extra.

Your potential to flexing your base income is augmented in ways that is not confined within the walls of basic employment. You can start up your own business, use it for loan purposes and earn interest on them while being used, among others.

But the basics of it all lies in saving – spending less than what you earn and keep something enough for future use and for unforeseen circumstances.

This article provides you with ways on how you can effectively maximize your financial resources and helps you manage your money by developing correct habits and outlook suitable for your goal.

** Wants and Needs – You buy items because you need them. A need is something you cannot take away from a person for these things are vital to his or her very existence and without them, they are categorically considered poor or deprived.

Food, shelter, clothing and transportation are the primary examples. In a modern world, car and phone gadgets are a necessary part of a busy working individual. However, unless you are receiving more than $10,000 per month, you basically won’t need to have a $40,000 to $50,000 luxury vehicle.

The same is true for your telephone media. Having your own cellular phone is necessary but keeping up with the latest model or buying the all the latest releases are not practical and earns you more points on plunging into a staggering financial downfall.

** Less Is best – Extravagance is the rule of the kings. While we sometimes need to afford a little affluence in terms of the food we eat, the body pampering devices and accessories, such as clothes and body-relaxing services, we also need to consider that these types of activities should only be reserved for special occasions and for cases when you have some excess left in your household budget.

** Spend Less; Save More – Spending more than what you earn or produce is a bad habit that most people get used to doing everyday.

Allocate a special percentage of your earnings to go into your savings accounts while spending the rest for your day-to-day expenses.

Unexpected charges, such as the visitation of your relatives or a house party due to a certain celebration will be there to stay so you need not make some leeway budget on them and save them should situation not arise.

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Editor’s notes: color=red> size=4>

My Dixie wrecked

My son has a habit of leaving notes for me on the refrigerator. One morning I came downstairs to find a note that read:

“My Dixie wrecked.”

I read it a few times but whatever it meant refused to sink in.

I tried putting it out of my mind but it kept coming back. “My Dixie wrecked”, “My Dixie Wrecked” …

Weird how that puzzling note refused to leave my awareness. It would go quietly to the back of my mind and play over and over but never would it leave. I’d bring it to the front of my attention and review it closely: “My Dixie Wrecked”… Hmmm….

I got up for coffee and muttered to myself: “‘My Dixie wrecked'” I wonder what that means?”

I even said it out loud a few times: “‘My Dixie wrecked’! What’s the meaning of that?”

I even asked my Mom! I said to her; “‘My Dixie wrecked’. What does that mean?”

I’d change the accents: “my-DIXIE-Wrecked. MY-dixie-wrecked. my-dixie-WRECKED.”

It was driving me nuts.

My son finally got home from school and I blurted out;

“My Dick’s Erect!” What the hell does that mean?”

… My son is such a creep!!!

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