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January 11, 2011
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Happy New Year to all my subscribers – I hope you have a great Year ahead!

One Minute Tip:

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Avoid arthritis by drinking water. Painful joints are an indication of lack of water. Medications will help kill the pain but may not cure the problem.

Joints, such as the knees, spinal column and discs, support the weight of the body and can get seriously damaged if there is not enough water circulating in the body. Strong bone formation may be related to proper hydration and it is highly possible that dehydration could help cause loss of calcium in our bones as we grow older.

The possibilities of heart disease and stroke can be prevented, or at least, minimized by drinking water. Water helps the flow of blood through the body and prevents the clogging of arteries in the heart and brain.

Power Quotes:


If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney quote


”No one can make you feel inferior without your permission” -Eleanor Roosevelt. Motivational quote


Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought. Napolean Hill quote

Tips for your Happiness:

Avoid Stress

When you strive to be financially successful, stress is a natural part of the process. Do everything you can to avoid stress.

Adding in unnecessary stress into the equation will take focus away from accomplishing your goals.

You can listen to relaxing tapes, get a professional massage, take a walk, or whatever helps you to relax. When you start feeling overwhelmed, stop, change direction, and avoid stress. The only thing stress accomplishes is draining your think power and creativity.

Take a short walk, possibly in an area you are not familiar with.

– Spend some time with your favorite hobby and forget everything else.

– Listen to your favorite music.

Tips for your Health:

Preventive Maintenance for Smokers and Drinkers.

If you smoke, you already know you’re not going to quit until you’re darn good and ready. In the meantime, you know your health is at risk and you are going to suffer some ill effects. There are ways to cope with the physical damage caused by cigarettes, however. We are not medically accredited and cannot advocate the use of any of these ideas for your own personal use. We present them as information only.

Many smokers are using carotene supplements. This substance is a vegetable form of Vitamin A and converts to Vitamin A in the body. Both carotene and Vitamin A provide protection for mucous membranes and all surfaces coming in contact with air. Many diabetics cannot convert carotene to Vitamin A. There seems little difference in the action of the two substances, and a daily dose of 15,000 units of regular Vitamin A is probably as effective as a carotene supplement.

The amino acid cysteine is known to provide some tissue repair. It also protects against acetaldehyde, which causes lung tissue to age and scar. Vitamin C is an excellent complement to cysteine’s action. It is so vital in helping the body deal with smoke poisons that we burn about 25 mg for every cigarette smoked. If that is not replaced in the diet, the body will show signs elsewhere of Vitamin C deficiency, including most notably a premature wrinkling of the skin.

Cigarettes are also known to cause an increase in triglycerides or blood fats. Lecithin does an excellent job of keeping blood fats under control. Alcohol is not recommended for this job.

If you work in a smoky environment, and inexpensive air filter would be an excellent idea. It will filter smoke particles but not gases, so proper ventilation is another serious consideration. Ionizers have been highly touted, but here is some concern that they may cause premature aging of tissues so we do not consider them beneficial to health.

Vitamin E is of course a supplement that should be given serious consideration. Not only has it been recommended as a preventative measure against cancer, but it seems to help prevent heart disease, another serious complication of smoking. Starting doses above 200 units a day MUST be authorized by a doctor for safety and regular blood pressure checks are a must.

Stress Relief Tips:

1. Inhale deeply through your nose, then purse your lips and exhale slowly through your mouth while letting out an audible sigh. Do this ten times, visualizing your troubles blowing away with each breath.

2. Lower your chin to your chest. Slowly rotate your head up the right shoulder and continue around and down the left shoulder in a complete wide and easy circle. Do this five times. Then straighten up, and shrug and wiggle your shoulders. Then do five more head rolls in the reverse direction.

3. While seated, take your shoes off and roll a walnut or golf ball under your foot, including heels and toes, for one minute. Then repeat the exercise with the other foot.

4. Sit down, close your eyes, relax and slowly rotate your shoulders forward, up-ward, backward and downwards. Do five complete rotations one way and five the other way.

5. Sit down and let your chin slump to your chest. Close your eyes and picture the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. Then massage your temples and the corners of your jawbone under each earlobe. Use the tips of your fingers to tap rapidly and gently all over your head and the back of your neck. This entire exercise should take about five minutes.

6. Sit with your elbows propped on a table. Slowly rotate your wrists while keeping your hands limp. Do this five times in one direction, five times in the other. Then get up and shake your hands as if you were shaking water from them. Imagine you are shaking off whatever has been causing you to feel stressed.

7. Put your arms at your side and shake your hands vigorously. Bend your elbows, bring up hands up to shoulder height and shake your hands once more. Make a tight fist with each hand and hold for a minute or two. Now, extend your fingers into a wide span. Relax, and repeat the exercise about five times.

8. Rub your palms together briskly until they feel warm. Then quickly cup the palms of your hands over both eyes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and quietly. Imagine the sound of your breath as a light wind rustling through the trees. When you feel completely relaxed, you can stop.

9. Slap your whole body with warm water for a few minutes.

10. Get into a warm bath, lean back, relax and breathe very deeply.

You Can Download my Stress Relief Guide here: “How to Break Free From A Stressful Life”

Eliminate Stress

You have probably heard this before. Stress is a key contributor to poor health. Study after study has found that when a person is stressed, the body reacts. The result of stress could be high-blood pressure, tension headaches, upset stomachs, poor posture, and so on. Keeping stress in check will help you manage your overall health much better.

Tips for your Prosperity:

Work at Home Ideas

Working at home is an idea that’s really getting a work out these days as more and more employees are being let go from their jobs. And working at home has its perks – being able to take a break when you want, going out for an occasional long lunch, or going to your kid’s kindergarten graduation ceremony.

But can you make enough money to replace the income you lost? That all depends on the work you’re doing. Are you going to be truly self-employed and there’s a fair bit of marketing yourself involved? Or will you be a sub-contractor with enough contracts lined up to make the house payments and put food on the table?

There are many work at home jobs out there, and here is a small sampling to get you thinking:

Many small and medium-sized businesses hire outside people to do their accounting work. This could be a great gig for you if you are an accountant, but keep in mind how many clients you take on and how your work load will look come “tax season.”

Cleaning Service
Start your own house cleaning service or carpet cleaning service, or buy out an existing company complete with their clients. You can keep it small with low overhead by doing all the work yourself – a one man operation, but that does restrict the amount you can earn. If you hire people to work for you, you will have employees to pay but they can do much more work than one person.

Virtual Assistant
You can have a virtual office and assist many business owners with anything like writing articles, posting on blogs, setting up appointments and other arrangements, making phone calls, keeping the books, running their newsletter, and handling technical aspects like setting up and maintaining their website.

If you have a professional background, you can start your own consulting business. Consulting is on the rise as many companies are seeing the benefits of hiring a self-employed consultant for a fixed term rather than hiring an employee whom they have to pay benefits for.

Maybe you have experience as a marketer and know how to put together compelling sales copy. If you’re good and get a name for yourself, you can make a good income with this.

Hauling Service
People have junk, and that junk needs to be hauled away. You can be helpful to people and get paid for it as you take care of their excess stuff.

Do you have a knack with furniture and fabrics? Try re-upholstery and/or furniture restoration.

You can offer computer-related services in one of many niches – computer repair, computer back-up, website hosting, setting up websites, website graphics, programming, etc.

Working from home can be your answer to finding a job. Some require starting from scratch and it might take time to build your business up to the income you desire. Do your due diligence and research any ideas that sound good to you and jump on the one that sounds profitable and a good fit.

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Men are like

Men are like …Laxatives.
They irritate the shit out of you.

Men are like … Bananas.
The older they get, the less firm they are.

Men are like … Bank Machines.
Once they withdraw, they lose interest.

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They take so long to mature.

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They always tell you what to do and are usually wrong.

Men are like … Mascara.
They usually run at the first sign of emotion.

Men are like … Popcorn.
They satisfy you, but only for a little while.

Men are like … Lava Lamps.
Fun to look at, but not very bright.

Men are like … Parking Spots.
All the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped.

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