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August 16, 2011
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One Minute Tip
41 Reasons Why Regular Exercise Is Beneficial For You
Power Quotes
Tips for your Happiness
Tips for your Health
Tips for your Prosperity
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One Minute Tip:

Can you change your life – do you want to? Can you picture yourself as your most perfect image of accomplishment? How does it feel?

If you have the desire to attain goals, the commitment to follow through and the ability to creatively imagine yourself in the position you dream of, you are more than halfway there.

The most successful leaders and artists throughout history have followed specific paths and attained their hearts’ desires. Keep an open mind and a hopeful outlook – then change your thinking.

Put on the clothes of success. Act as though you already have accomplished your desires. Then let the reality catch up.

41 Reasons Why Regular Exercise Is Beneficial For You:

>By Jason Squires, expert Personal Trainer, certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor, and founder of an exclusive Online Personal Training Service – SquiresFitness.com <<<< Squires Fitness – Your Online Personal Trainer

Hey guys, Jason here.
Health and fitness is my passion, hence my choice of career in Personal Training! 
In my 7 years experience of exercising and generally living a healthy lifestyle, I’ve come to conclude that there are far more benefits to exercising regularly than just looking and feeling good.
This blog post lists 41 benefits you achieve from regular exercise – how could anyone not want to start exercising regularly after reading this? 🙂
Here we go then, lets start the list!
11 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise
1. It reduces your risk of developing heart disease.
2. It reduces high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure.
3. It reduces high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol.
4. You’re less likely to develop back problems as you grow older.
5. It reduces your risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer.
6. It reduces your risk of premature death.
7. It reduces / maintains bodyweight and body fat.
8. It increases bone density, which will reduce the risk of suffering from stress fractures or osteoporosis. 
9. Your immune system will be stronger, therefore, you’re less likely to catch a cold or any other virus through the winter months.
10. It reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
11. It builds / maintains healthy muscles, bones, and joints .
12 Psychological Benefits Of Regular Exercise
12. Exercise reduces depression and anxiety.
13. It fosters a greater sense of self-reliance.
14. Exercise fosters a more constructive response to disappointments and failures. 
15. Exercise increases your self-confidence.
16. It improves overall psychological well-being.
17. Exercise improves your self-esteem 
18. Exercise decreases the onset of Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses.
19. Exercise improves your perception, mental alertness and information processing.
20. Exercise decreases overall feelings of tension and stress.
21. You will sleep better and feel more refreshed and alert each morning.
22. Exercise improves your memory, and helps you think more quickly. 
23. It reduces your frustrations with daily problems.
8 Emotional Benefits Of Regular Exercise
24. Regular exercise will improve the mind-body connection.
25. Exercise calms your mind overall and helps you feel less stressed.
26. Exercise makes you feel happier – the rush of endorphins after a workout makes exercising slightly addictive! 
27. Exercise makes you feel more optimistic and fosters a positive mental attitude.
28. Exercise allows you to express your frustrations and disappointments in a positive way – it allows you to ‘vent’.
29. Exercise gives you more confidence to improve your relationships with family and friends.
30. Exercise helps you feel better about yourself. 
6 Social Benefits Of Regular Exercise
31. Exercise improves your mood  – I’m sure your friends would appreciate this if you are usually quite ‘cranky’!
32. Exercise helps you manage your weight – resulting in your confidence with social situations improving.
33. Exercising improves your self-image.
34. Exercising increases your opportunities to make new friends – at the gym, at the swimming club, the running track, your gym classes, etc, etc.
35. Exercise increases the opportunities to socialise with friends or family (by exercising with a friend)
36. Regular exercise increases your self-confidence, which positively affects your professional, personal, and social lives.
37. A healthy, more toned and attractive body improves your chances of finding a partner.
4 Other Benefits Of Regular Exercise
38. Exercise shows your children the importance of being healthy and fit – you’ll be a positive role model. 
39. Regular exercise results in an increase in productivity – which will improve your career.
40. You will improve your focus and be able to do more tasks, and become more organised – again, a benefit that will help you in your career.
41. You’ll become known as the ‘fitness expert’ amongst your friends, they will be asking you for advice on starting an exercise program.
And there we go!
41 benefits of exercising regularly! 
Check out our exclusive Online Personal Training service, where we encourage and motivate you to exercise regularly, eat well, and achieve a good majority of the above 41 benefits!
Squires Fitness – You Online Personal Trainer <<<< Squires Fitness – Your Online Personal Trainer
To your health and happiness,

Power Quotes:


I discovered a long time ago that if I helped people get what they wanted, I would always get what I wanted and I would never have to worry.
-Anthony Robbins


Lack of forgiveness causes almost all of our self-sabotaging behavior.
– Mark Victor Hansen


I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention.
-Diane Sawyer

Tips for your Happiness:

Building Self Esteem

Individuals beginning developing their self esteem at a very early age. How they feel as a child often depends on the type of encouragement and nurturing they get.

Children that are encouraged to try their best and to learn from their mistakes have a more positive self esteem outlook than those that are constantly belittled for things. It makes them doubt their own abilities and it squashes their desire to attempt new things for fear of failure.

For teenagers, self esteem can go through a complete transformation. Some feel very strange as their bodies change. They end up not being comfortable with others for a very long time due to this.

Others end up being very popular though and they love the attention. This results in them having a very healthy self esteem outlook. As their own image improves it makes others more comfortable around them as well.

It is amazing how many adults suffer from low self esteem. They may have always felt this way or it can be due to something in their life. Losing a job, getting a divorce, or just life in general can result in someone losing some of their self esteem.

Many adults are less willing to accept changes as they get older. This can result in them doubting their decisions and having a poor self image.

It can be difficult to build your self esteem but you need to work hard at it. You will build up more confidence as you do. The biggest challenge is to channel your energy into changing your outlook on things.

You need to be very positive and look for the good in things. Instead of worrying about what people won’t like about you focus on what you do have to offer them. Chances are that what you see as your faults many others don’t see in the same way.

Give yourself some well deserved attention. We tend to take care of the needs of our family and let our own go. If you worry about how you look then change what you don’t like. Start exercising more if you worry about your overall size.

Cut your hair and style it differently if you don’t think it makes you attractive. Don’t be afraid or guilty about spending some time and money to make yourself look and feel good.

Unhappy? Check for these signs of stress:

Stress can and will affect everyone individually; which s why at times, it can be difficult to identify whether you are suffering from a symptom of stress.

One of the most common symptoms of stress is an upset stomach. This is sometimes undetected as we often pass an upset stomach off as a day illness. If the upset stomach continues, however, as it frequently does with stress, then you need to start considering the possible long term effects that this can have on your digestive system.

Another sign of stress is that you will have an increase in headaches and asthma attacks. This again can go unnoticed at first. When you notice headaches, migraines or asthma attacks beginning to become more frequent, try to note when you have feelings of anxiety or stress and when you suffer from an attack. This will help you to build a pattern.

A sign of stress that is much more obvious is ulcers. These, although they sound harmless enough, can be life threatening. Ulcers are brought on through stress and a poor diet and can react badly to certain food types. Following a dieticians eating plan will enable the ulcer to remain as small and as painless as possible.

The most obvious, and scary, effects of stress is chest pains. These can be related to angina, heart failure and strokes. Stress and cardiac problems go hand in hand and although everyone fears heart failure, a stroke can be just as devastating to lives and is closely attributed to stress.

You Can Download my Stress Relief Guide here: “How to Break Free From A Stressful Life”

Tips for your Health:

Medication and Exercise

If you are on scheduled prescription medication, you should know that some drugs could have a negative affect if mixed with exercise. Some can cause the heart to work too hard or you might not sweat as needed, to mention a few. If you are taking medication, before you start any exercise program, consult with your physician to ensure there are no harmful effects.

Cool Down

Just as warming up for exercise is important, cooling down after exercise is just as important. Once you have completed your workout, take five to 10 minutes to walk, or stretch to allow your body to cool down. This is very important for the muscles and joints and for the heart and lung.

Walk the Dog

Instead of just opening the back door to let the dogs out, put them on a leash and go for a nice walk. They will appreciate the new scenery and you are doing yourself a great justice.

Wash your Hands

This is something you have probably heard your whole life. Disease is easily spread from touch, whether from person to person or object to person. Giardia is the number one germ that is transferred from touching something infected.

Once you have Giardia, you can get very ill. In addition, germs can be passed from your pet that has been rolling on the grass, something dropped on a dirty floor, just allow your imagine to roam if you dare. Washing your hands is a quick, easy way to reduce the spread of germs.

Ways To Stop Snoring For Free

If you’re a chronic snorer you’re probably looking for ways to stop snoring quickly. Well never fear because help is at hand. Below we’re going to go through some practical advice with ways to stop snoring that you can actually start implementing straight away, and best of all these methods don’t even involve buying any expensive products or undergoing any costly treatment…

Method # 1 – Sleep on your side

This is one of the best ways to stop snoring. Sleeping on your back is a common cause of snoring, and by simply laying on your side it can be enough to stop the snoring. A good tip is to tie a tennis ball to the back of your pyjamas. This will definitely ensure that you don’t sleep on your back!

Method # 2 – Raise your head

Sleeping with your head too low down can cause your airways to get blocked. Try adding an extra pillow to your bed to raise the height of your head in relation to your body.

Method # 4 – Sing!

As silly as it might sound, many people have found that one of the best ways to stop snoring is to sing. Try singing out loud a few times a day. There are even CD’s available which contain songs specifically designed for this, however we’re looking at free methods here and there is no real evidence that such CD’s provide any more effective ways to stop snoring.

How Would You Like to Get Rid Of Your Snoring And Save Your Marriage?
Get our Stop Snoring Guide and Enjoy Restful Sleep Again!

Stop Snoring Solutions & Sleep Apnea Guide

Tips for your Prosperity:

Manage Money With A Tight Budget

More often than not, the average salary earner garners just enough money to support and be on a break even with the numerous bills and fees presented to him. There is a common misconception of having to manage money with a tight budget in terms of being given the image of incapacity or lack of capability.

However, in an optimistic point of view, having to manage money with a tight budget actually brings out the good qualities that a human being has in order to survive and exist in harmony with the demands of society. This only requires self reflection and responsibility to focus on the self needs and thinking.

“Tight” Means Availability

Having a tight budget would mean that we are able to discern what things are available to us and also allows us to properly identify and rank the things we need instead of what we want. In addition to that, we are able to choose and deliberate on the better benefits that we would be getting from choosing a better alternative than the one we would normally want.

The resources and basic needs of a person are already available in the society. Even as simple as the simple grocery items that we need for the maintenance of our homes are marketed in different brands and their respective offers. All we have to do is know and understand the fine printing of each product and know what we really need at the right time.

“Tight” Means Better Responsibility

Having to deliberate on the hierarchy of needs we should be spending our hard earned money brings out and develops our sense of responsibility.

This responsibility ranges from the actual management of money for needs rather than wants, and also applies to the choices that we make to manage our existence. We are also developed into thinking what we have to do at certain stimuli presented to us. In this aspect we learn to juggle and balance a very complex management system and practice perfection and efficiency from within.

“Tight” Means Better Management Practice

Being able to practice proper management would definitely bring about a more efficient means of existing without much problems of having to look after things other than what we expected. For example, a credit card should be used to acquire things that are not accessible for normal acquisition or when an emergency is at hand.

Still, having this power to have advanced “money” in form of a loan does not mean that we should be using it as normal as if we had the actual money. Remember that this is borrowed money and therefore should be paid back.

That is why sometimes a credit card is better left at home to lessen the chances of mismanaging money due to a subconscious thought that we are able to bend our budgeting anyway.

“Tight” Means A Means For Proactive Goal Setting

Human nature dictates that when provoked, a human fights back. This is a common and usual occurrence for any aspect that deals with human existence, including managing money for survival and living.

When a human is presented with a tight budget, he is presented with a limitation that restricts his freedom. A normal response would be that the person finds ways in which to ease up a little bit of restriction one step at a time. This should ideally be the flow of thinking of proactive goal setting.

Have a plan of projecting yourself several years in the future and look at what you want and need, and plan ahead. This also includes having to find ways of earning a bit more to add to the efficiency of productivity over time.

Remember that the way to manage money with a tight budget is to look at it as a stepping stone to look for greener pastures, not as a wall to block your aspirations.

“Give Me a Few Minutes and I’ll Show You how to Quickly and Successfully Get Much More Done in a Week Than What Most Folks Can Achieve a Month!” color=red>
time-management Everyday living is hectic isn’t it? With the demands of work, family and other social obligations it can appear like life is spiraling out of control.

Do you believe that you only do half of what needs to be completed every single day and never ever even have a tiny moment for your own needs?

Do you run around in circles all day, barely able to make a dent in your “To Do” list and feeling exhausted and unfulfilled at the end of the day?

Whether or not you’re a CEO, a working parent or a college student we all fall into poor lifestyle and work habits that make our lives a busy hub of activity yet accomplishes less. If you’re starting to feel like all your efforts are barely keeping you afloat, it really is time to take steps to improve your time management skills and give your lifestyle an overhaul.

This comprehensive Time Management Manual is a multi-faceted Guide that covers all the areas of:

1. Time Management in the Workplace

2. Work at Home Entrepreneur Time Management

3. How to Balance Work, Family, and Social Life

4. Time Management for College Students

It will show you the right way to manage your time efficiently using powerful techniques in the art of prioritizing, delegation, goal-setting, planning, organizing, and overcoming the so called “time robbers.”

Time Management Tips Self Help eBook for a Happy and Productive Life!

With these super tactics, you’ll be having the time of your Life!

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Editor’s notes: color=red> size=4>

9 Rules of Friendship

A little silliness to start your day with a smile – I hope you enjoy it, too!

1. When you are sad, I will jump on the person who made you sad like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew!!!

2. When you are blue, I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.

3. When you smile, I will know you are plotting something diabolical and that I must help you with it!

4. When you’re scared, we will high tail it out of here together.

5. When you are worried, I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!!

6. When you are confused, I will use little words.

7. When you are sick, stay away from me until you are well again. I don’t want whatever crud you have…

8. When you fall, I’ll pick you up and dust you off– Right after I laugh my rear off!!

9. This is my oath and I pledge it to the end. ‘Why?’ you may ask — because you are my FRIEND!

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