Parenting Tip Toddlers Discipline – How to Handle Toddler Tantrums

Parenting Tip Toddlers Discipline – How to Handle Toddler Tantrums

Every one who has a child in their life will no doubt have had that moment when they feel they have lost all control when that toddler throws a killer tantrum, when you wonder what ever happened to the good parenting skills you thought you had only a few minutes earlier.

The good news is that if your toddler is throwing tantrums, they are normal. Equally, if you feel as though you are struggling to deal with these tantrums as a parent, this too is normal.

None of us are born automatically with good parenting skills and only through advice, guidance and trial and error will we ever truly have all the parenting skills for toddlers discipline that we need to survive.

So, what Parenting Tip Toddlers Discipline skills do you need in order to handle these tantrums?

Well, obviously you are going to need patience – and lots of it. To keep tantrums from escalating and eventually from occurring at all you will need to ensure that you apply your rules consistently.

This is easier said than done, especially when you have had a hard day at work and this is the third tantrum of the day. But giving in to your child’s demands will only lead to a slippery slope that is extremely difficult to escape from.

When your child is in the full throes of a tantrum, you need to stand back, ensure that they are not in any danger and ride out the storm. When your child’s tantrum is over, cuddle them.

If your child’s tantrum is likely to go on for a while yet, hold them in a tight cuddle. This should allow them to remain safe and show your love also.

As Theresea Hughes of Free Toddlers Activity and Discipline Guide website suggests, “Good parenting skills are actually developed from such incidents and the only way to improve your positive toddler discipline skills is to actually deal with these tantrums and get the practice to learn what works best with your toddler.”

Being observant to your child is a great way to spot when the tantrums are about to take hold. It will also aid all of your parenting tip toddlers discipline skills. Sometimes it is easy to miss clues and signals as to what is going to set your child off.

Keeping a diary of what lead up to these toddler tantrums is a fantastic way to help you recognise any potential trouble areas.

Don’t, however, try to avoid these situations. This is just prolonging the inevitable. Instead, keep your expectations consistent and eventually your child will realise that tantrums are pointless over this.

Along with patience, the other parenting tip toddlers discipline skill that you will need to ensure you get the best from your child is to put yourself into their place. This is obviously quite difficult to do as since we are adults we already know what is dangerous and we understand why we are unable to get certain things we want when we want them.

But a toddler does not yet have the ability to understand any of those things and you are not able to just use logic or to talk reason with them.

So don’t try to. You are the final law on what your child does or does not get and they have to understand this. My best parenting tip toddlers discipline lesson for you to always remember is to never negotiate with a toddler!

Finally, remember that toddlers will have tantrums, it is not only your child that does this and you are not the only person to suffer the under the strain.

Instead realise that this is just a phase – or at least it will be if you follow these simple tips and employ the good parenting skills mentioned here.

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