Natural Beauty Self Help Cosmetic Eye Lift

Natural Beauty Self Help Cosmetic Eye Lift

The dark circles under your eyes are a dead giveaway of age. In fact some cases, it even makes you look older. When people say that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul, they weren’t kidding.

If you have this certain sparkle in them, people immediately assume that you are younger than you actually are. Or, you could run into someone who hasn’t seen you in quite a while and they tell you that you look tired when you really aren’t.

It’s because it’s a different story with your eyes. Treatments and makeup tricks can brighten and wake them up. You just have to know the tricks.

To camouflage those dark circles, pick a creamy concealer because they have a stronger hold than liquids. Plus, they won’t creep and accumulate in the fine lines on the side of your eyelids. You should get one in a shade lighter than your skin tone to counterbalance the darkness.

All you need to do is dab on eye cream and let it soak for a minute. Then apply foundation including the area under your eyes. This move helps erase some of the darkness and gets you to save on concealer. Use a brush if you can because this gives a more expert-looking coverage.

Paint the cover-up from the inner point of the eye to the midpoint beneath the eyeball, then feather it out, blending away any obvious signs of demarcation lines.

When blood vessels show through the skin, they can give the eye area a bluish cast. And since skin becomes more translucent with age, these blood vessels will definitely appear to be more prominent.

Daily use of basic eye cream will temporarily plump skin so blood vessels are less visible. Eye creams make better choices than regular face creams because they tend to have a higher concentration of emollients for plumping and for thickening skin texture.

This means that they adhere more to the ever-mobile eye area.

For those who have puffy eyes, some of it may be genetic. If this is so, no eye cream will erase it or reduce it. But if your bags come and go, this means that it all depends on your activity.

Fluid retention is most likely the cause. You may have had too many salty meals and alcohol in your system. Since lid skin is thinner than anywhere else on your face, you’ll notice the swelling more.

Thanks to the pull of gravity, morning puffiness is gone within a few hours. To speed things up, try placing a chilled eye compress, cold water-soaked tea bags, or cucumber slices over your lids for five minutes at least.

Cold constricts blood vessels which in turn reduces swelling. The caffeine found in eye creams has tightening abilities as well. Gently press the bones around your eyes as you apply it. The pressure helps stimulate circulation and drain excess fluids.

A good makeup does wonders to your skin. All you need to do is find the right brand. When applied daily, you’ll notice that anti-aging techniques don’t always involve a scalpel and a surgeon.

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