Make Your Own Web Site in a Micro Niche: Use the Internet to Secure your Future!

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Make Your Own Web Site in a Micro Niche: Use the Internet to Secure your Future!

by Helene Malmsio

In this article I will make my personal recommendation on how to make your first money on the internet. Apart from Affiliate Marketing of other people’s products, I believe the absolute best way to secure your financial independence is by making your own websites and selling your own online digital download products.

You can also earn a respectable income promote hard-goods from online stores like Amazon, but you need to be very good at what you do to be able to sell the volumes of products to replace a full time income with your sales commissions.

But, why do I even suggest that you make your own website in the first place? Why not tell you to get more qualifications in your ‘trade’ or livelihood?

In your lifetime you will have the opportunity to experience many boom and bust economic cycles. You will know the years when your skills are highly in demand and you can ask your own price and take a pick from the best jobs being offered to you, and you will also know the years when downsizing is the trend and you have to work harder and smarter just to even keep your existing job.

In the best of the boom times, you are still just working hard to make money for your employer, while you continue to be paid an hourly rate for your skills. Even as a commission sales person, you are vulnerable to the whims of your managers or boss, who can take away a profitable territory, or even make you train up your apprentice who will take your job eventually.

If you are a person who wants to be in control and able to make their own choices in life, you are very very fortunate indeed to be living in the internet age.

No matter how good your current job is, look at the options available to you for a low-cost or no-cost home based business. Internet marketing is a total winner as it costs little or nothing to run and can become a goldmine if you spend some of your spare time working on it.

The internet and websites in particular, is now the international medium for ‘communicators’. And if you want to make money, people will pay you to hear what you have to say or teach.

The internet has enabled people from all cultures, economic status and skill levels to create their own financial security, and often by working on their favourite hobby or specialist interest. You need to grab the opportunities that the world wide web gives you with both hands, and never let go.

For the first time we are all really ‘created equal’. Even if your only access to a computer on the net is an internet cafe, or your local library… USE IT.. and get your own website online as quickly as possible.

Or get 4-5 friends together and you all work to invest in buying a second hand computer and buying an internet connection…. share the cost and maybe all work together one one website to begin with, then you can all later create your own enterprises.

If you have absolutely no money in the whole wide world to make your own web site, go to your library, open a email address, go to and open an account. Go to and open an account so that you can collect your money to transfer into a bank account.

Create some Squidoo pages on a tiny niche subject that you know something about, and squidoo will share the earnings from Google ads, Amazon products, eBay sales, CafePress products etc. and they will pay you a share of the revenue into your paypal account each month.

You can find many revenue sharing web2 properties like this…. Docstoc shares revenue if you post little reports or articles on their site, xomba and many other websites share revenue with you like Squidoo does. Look around and find one that you enjoy working with.

But only do this if you have no computer and no internet of your own. If you have $30 a MONTH that you can invest into your own business, I insist that you immediately begin to create your own money making website.

And only do it with the website host I am about to tell you about. This is because I know that when you use this service you will not ever have to spend another cent or penny on your website to be able to make money with it. $30 a month and you are IN BUSINESS ONLINE. I guarantee that if you follow the instructions they give you to make your own web site you will make money. How much money is up to you and how much work you are prepared to do to make your own website, and to promote it. But it WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. Guaranteed.

Create your own website based around a niche subject that you like to work with, like a hobby or your area of expertise. The smaller the niche subject the better.

Don’t create a ‘HEALTH A to Z site’ … create one a micro niche like ingrown toenails, or dry hair, or diabetes diets… keep the niche very small and tight and your website will get all the traffic.

Make sure your website has a product or service of its own to sell. Don’t just ONLY promote other people’s products as an affiliate. Go buy a PLR book or mp3 recording to sell on your site and keep 100% of the profits. If you are making your own web site about a subject you know a lot about, then you can write a short 30 – 60 page ebook about it, as people will pay you to learn what you know about this subject!

Use a PayPal account to handle the product sales transaction for you. Once your customer has paid for the product Paypal will redirect the buyer to the download page on your site where they just click a button to get their product delivered to their computer. Totally hands-off for you. Just collect the money. Those daily emails from PayPal telling you “payment received from….” are a real pleasure to receive, and to wake up to every morning!

It sure beats ‘digging ditches’ for a living. And even if your job is a comfortable desk pilot job, you are still dependent on you being physically able to show up and perform your duties every working hour to be able to collect your salary. If you have a health crisis, or you need to stay home to help a family member… if ANYTHING happens to prevent you showing up to your comfortable job, you don’t get paid.

No matter how much you increase your ‘value to the marketplace’ so that you are in the top salary range, you still have absolutely no guarantee of being paid from year to year, as it depends on your ability to “show up and dig ditches” in return for a salary.

The smarter you are, the more you are aware of the need to have your options open, to have multiple streams of income. You need to make sure you have income coming to you from as many sources as possible… a job, or two jobs, 4-5 websites selling your own products, maybe trade some products on eBay, have a Consulting practice you run from home, be a distributor in an MLM business that sells products to a hungry marketplace (running a real home business also means you get good tax refunds from all the salary tax you have to pay out).

One thing I absolutely DO know about, that will make you money, and reward your time invested in it. Make your own web site, and you will make money, and you will enjoy the process. But don’t waste time and money on the Get Rich Quick nonsense you have thrown in your face all the time. Build a solid website, on a solid subject, and sell a solid good value product or ebook or service. Don’t cut corners, make a commitment to your own business.

Plan to make your own web site so good that it will pay you a reliable income for the next 40+ years. Rinse and Repeat. Build your own sites on many micro niche subjects, and sell products on them all.

Each website should have at least 5+ income streams from it like: Google adsense, advertising link-outs, your ebook (one or MORE), promote other products for Affiliate commissions, commission for selling website hosting – like your own site uses, sell classified ads in your ezine to subscribers, on and on, you have so many possible sources of income from each website its impossible to not make money, as long as you optimise your site properly.

A good hosting service will help you optimise your site with every page you build. It will train you how to make a website that people will want to visit and buy products from. It will help you to create pages that are keyword optimized so that the search engines will love your site and send thousands of visitors to it every month.

So how do you do all of this? Who is the hosting service that I personally use and say will help make all this happen for you too?

I recommend you get a SiteSell hosted website as the best all-inclusive hosting service in the www as once you use their service you don’t have to ever pay for anything else. EVERYTHING you need for your website business is provided in the annual or monthly hosting service. No kidding.

This site you are on now while reading my article, and all my biggest websites right now, are created with this hosting service, and they all make me money. And if you have a store-front or any other kind of business that you want more leads from people wanting to buy from you, the internet is the most incredible marketing tool in the world. Much better than Yellow Pages phone book, or any other way to market to your customer base, all while earning an income from around the world for the affiliate links you put in your site as a sideline income stream.

And as I said earlier, secure your financial income by learning how to make your own web site with SiteSell! It’s a lot easier to earn money on the internet, than trying to live hand to mouth and count pennies every day of every month – if you are one of my clients I’ll even help you

(c) Helene Malmsio

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